1. Oh this is one of my favorite posts!
    I love comparing Art on the Streets!
    Amazing pics!


  2. This is absolutely amazing!!


  3. amazing post !

  4. Absolutely beautiful. To take vintage art and mix it up with vintage clothes…Miss Moss is speaking my language!
    Flawless execution and fantastic color matching. Where is the subscribe button? Thanks for sharing.

  5. These are such cute comparisons and what a great idea! It’d be a cute fashion challenge to try and dress like in famous paintings (like “inspired by…” posts). Great post, thanks for sharing!


  6. She is brilliant! Classic example of art imitating life in the most visually stimulating, inspiring way! I especially Love the english garden photography comparisons. xo Samantha

  7. amazing! i love the full length green skirt.

  8. The time it must have took to put something like this together is quite impressive!! The comparisons are spot on as well. Great feature :)

  9. I love love love miss moss!!!

  10. What a unique way to look at fashion style and complementing it with this unique painting and photographs. Very Inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

  11. These are incredible images! I am completely inspired. Thanks so much for posting!

  12. W0o0W, interesting…

  13. These are great!

  14. These are fantastic. Considering we live in a world that is constantly putting images in front of us, these are beautiful and inspirational while presented in a truly unique way!

  15. love looking at this but does it not look like the top girl is pregnant with a cigarette in her hand ?? yikes

  16. I love the old advertising in your post. thank you and a Happy New year 2011. juergen

  17. CK says...

    Aw, these pictures and matches really are a great idea!


  18. fantastic idea, how amazing they look!

  19. oh wow – that is gorgeous! I love all the rest of the series also. What a creative idea. :)

  20. That is sooo cool! Love each and every single one! Thanks for sharing, viele Gruesse,

  21. these are so fabulous!! i think i like the 5th one the best. so creative!

  22. This is brilliant, I love the last one with the soft pink sweater and cream pants. I would totally rock that outfit!

  23. A very creative idea!
    I like #3 & #4 the best. Especially #3 – the look and way the person is dressed in the photograph has the same vintage/European vibe as the artwork.
    Always cool to see innovative fashion/photography sites!


  24. I love how the outfits seem to be stollen fragments of the artists images… brilliant idea.

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    We LOVE this post! How clever and gorgeous.

    We are looking forward to following your blog this year now that we have gladly found you.

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  26. WOW! This is amazing and awesome.

  27. Oh my, I absolutely LOVE this, so inspiring! Thank you for sharing :)

  28. Oh, wow, I love these juxtapositions! This is a lot like what I do on my blog, each outfit has an inspirational artwork. Thanks for sharing!

  29. This is a pretty nice collection.
    Well thought out and very chic!

  30. That beret is the height of chic!

  31. Brilliant! Such a neat idea! Happy New Year!

  32. Great idea!
    looks amazing…
    xx Lea

  33. oh wow, these are awesome! and double wow! Miss Moss is from my home town! love her blog :)


  34. thank you so much for posting this joanna! such a great celebration of the then + now!

  35. Very direct fashion imitating art. Great photos!

  36. This is breathtakingly wonderful! I love when people see stuff like this in every day life! This really is a great art find!

  37. How cool! It’s nice to compare and contrast the outfit and work of art she matches together.

  38. Oh wow..this is a pretty special find. I love how much art can fit into everyday life. I just ordered my copy of The Sartorialist from Amazon. Can’t wait!

  39. i think if i put on that fuzzy pink sweater i’d float into the sky and instantly know how to speak french.

    snazzy post!


  40. Now, that’s someone who really has a great eye and took the time to make something lovely for us to enjoy. thanks so much.

  41. Ohhh my goodness that’s the neatest thing EVER.

  42. Wow! I love these comparisons… so very interesting and beautiful!

  43. Very cool, but then dressing like that is a fine art..

  44. Anonymous says...

    This is lovely!

  45. très spunky

  46. uuuu really lovely post! impressive! :)

  47. these are incredible! thanks for posting!

  48. Thanks for sharing! This is so clever!

  49. how pretty and clever!

  50. Wow. I am blown away by this! I find something different and wonderful about it everytime I go back and look at it. How original!

  51. oh I LOVE this!! xx

  52. these are so well done!

  53. Oh yeah that’s fab! Love the Atonement one

  54. Happy New Year!

    This looks fun.

  55. A–mazing! Love.

  56. Naomi Goodman says...

    You do know this is the best, right? I mean you should go treat yourself to some kind of decadent little something.

  57. GASP! I don’t know what else to say!

  58. wow what a beautiful posts! so well put together! FAN!

    xoxo Haleigh in Paris @ Making Magique your big new fan :-)

  59. Very visually pleasing! I really like the playing with color and outfits. They really do echo each other but in a strange way.

  60. That’s so cool… I’ve only ever seen it done with matching a room to an outfit.

  61. Wow! This is right up my alley! So cool

  62. Oh I love Miss Moss! This is truly brilliant and visually pleasing!

  63. Ooh, I adore this!
    I wonder who I would be paired with? Hopefully not Dali. Or Botero!! Shudder~~~

  64. How clever are they? What a great find – I went straight over to Miss Moss’s blog to drool at some more.

    I love the one of the green skirt next to the Toulouse-Lautrec. Amazing colours!

  65. Nice pairings….very clever.

  66. It is like they should be carrying that art with them as they stroll.

    Just beautiful.

  67. Very cool!

    p.s. glad you got the “bug” out of yer blog!

  68. Wow! This is fabulous!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  69. I love this!!

  70. those are absolutely incredible. what a beautiful find. here’s to a year filled with color and creativity!

  71. miss moss has such a beautiful blog! I’m a big fan.

  72. What a neat idea, and very well executed!

  73. Massively cool!

  74. lurve it.

  75. What a brilliant comparison!!

  76. wow so pretty! i love the color match-ups. i love seeing fine art next to daily expressions art of fashion. thanks :)

  77. Good stuff! It is a fabulous idea, very original!
    Thanks for sharing!=)


  78. Hi there, I am a british style blogger, new here and obsessed by beautiful colours and the recent fashion for richer tones brought about by the fabulous Mad Men series which has made me soo happy!These mini montages are wonderful and have inspired me to keep squirrelling away as many design’s as I can in these colours! Sharon

  79. Well this is awesome! I love when people can see seemingly unrelated correlations like this. Beautiful!

  80. this is great! very inspiring and love the looks. happy new year, joanna! xo

  81. This is great. Have you heard of Amateur Couture? She does something similar, it’s amaaaazing.

  82. I love this! This is absolutely wonderful. xo

  83. That’s so clever! I love the first three….


  84. Wow! those are amazing…The 3rd one is my favourite. Happy New Year, Joanna:)

  85. Ooh fabulous find! I adore the comparison of Wes Anderson. xo Lola