Sky scarves

To help prevent the winter blues, Mav came up with the most amazing project: She photographed the Maine sky each afternoon and printed the photos directly onto silk scarves. So, even during the darkest months, you can “feel the light all around you,” she says. “Wear the light!”

Oh my goodness, I’m swooning. Find them all here.

  1. It’s 5.5 years later and I can’t stop thinking about these scarves! Any ideas how I can track one down? Pretty pretty please!

  2. great post! It’s something I have never thought about, really, but it makes a whole lot of sense. Thanks for sharing

  3. These are beautiful – what a great idea!

  4. Wow! These are absolutely amazing! I wish she wasn’t sold out, I want one!

  5. stunning. love this concept.

    was just at barneys and their retail display on the 6th fl is a wall made up of gridded papers that when viewed from afar make up a sky scene…very similar. great feature :)

  6. How magical. I think I would like to pin them somewhere so you could see the full effect!

  7. These are GORGEOUS

  8. this is TOO creative! I love it! – Allison

  9. Those are so terribly, terribly gorgeous! I saw one on your This & That post (yep, catching up on some reading…) and loved it, then these beauties just sealed it for me. They’d be a little like wearing a polaroid. So subtle and so very different. They remind me a little of the prints an Australian designed, Josh Goot, uses, but more natural and earthy rather than graphic. Love it!

  10. Anonymous says...

    These are gorgeous!

  11. Oh, those are gorgeous! I love the first photograph with all the colors….

  12. AMAZING! I want one!

  13. holy mackerel. why can’t i be genius like this?! i adore them!!

  14. These are the most amazing things ever. I only wish they weren’t so expensive!

  15. SK says...

    these are beautiful! i have a friend who takes photos of clouds almost every day… how lovely would it be to have it around my neck every day!

  16. oOOPS sorry! not a giveaway. Too bad for my friend karen :)

  17. Fun! If I win I’m giving it to my friend Karen!

  18. What a brilliant idea!

  19. oh my! they are beautiful!!

  20. lovely! We need some blue skies here in germany right now. :-(
    Laura in Ludwigsburg

  21. woah!!!!!!!! I’d love one in a good sunset =) So special to make something out of a moment, and experience — flipping love it!

    Jenn @ Pes & Crayons

  22. I love this idea! Think of how many beautiful other photos you could “drape yourself” with!

  23. she is so brilliant. i LOVE these!


  24. poetically beautiful…”wear the light” sigh…

  25. Awesome scarves!!! Thanks for posting. : )

  26. Stunning! Such a good idea – and I’m glad it’s not just me who seems to hate this time of year! x

  27. I love clouds! They have been just brilliant in San Francisco lately so i’ve taken to photographing them – check em out at as a side not when I first wrote the cloud post I accidentally titled the post coulds and have started calling them that lately..

  28. what a beautiful find!

  29. Wow – I love Mav – she’s so creative and everything she posts is so beautiful and inspiring! She’s a quality over quantity girl and I think that’s sooo great!

  30. that is such an amazing idea; love how abstract the results are!!

  31. Oh to shop and dream away… lovely! Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  32. How beautiful! This is such a neat idea!

  33. the miracle of the world around us is more beautiful than anything we can create on our own. these scarves are to die for!

  34. what an original idea.

  35. Stunning! My gosh, I want one of each …

  36. Wow – those are beautiful!

  37. i LOVE these!!! what a find for a cold snowy day…..

  38. aren’t these incredible!?

  39. so amazing! I think I need one– these dark days are starting to get to me :)
    xx fallon

  40. whoa these are gorgeous!

  41. So beautiful! I always had a fascination with sky and clouds:)

  42. What a cool idea!!

  43. Wow. I’d love to hang that in a sunny window instead of a curtain.