1. You are all awesome! Thank God I came to this page somehow. My soul just thawed a bit. Endless thanks! Wrinkles

  2. wow his images are amazing. i love how much white space and non “main people in the photo” space there is. such a wonderful way of looking at life.

  3. He’s such an amazing photographer. You’re a lucky lady to have had him shoot your wedding day! I wish him heaps of success with his new shop.

  4. He is quite the genius! I really do love his work!

  5. I love hime! Have to check his new website right away.

  6. loving the new layout! and you look beautiful in your balloon photo! :)

  7. I love his work! He is such an inspiration to me! And his new site’s just perfect :)

  8. lovely photos!

  9. I love his work. Lucky ducky that he did your photos!

  10. he is just so crazy talented, i’m always in awe of his work!

  11. he’s work is soo inspiring. i could look at all his images for hours.

  12. Love the Moop bag! Congratulations, Max!

  13. I love the photo of the two by the sea… he takes incredible photographs! Also, your wedding photos are lovely…


  14. ya! let’s do the we love max dance! are you doin it? i am!


  15. Anonymous says...

    he is an incredible artist.

  16. that max gets me every single time! he takes the most beautiful photos… i love the pretty golden light in the second picture.

  17. awesome. i was just wondering to get my husband for Christmas…and i think one of his shirts would be fantastic!

  18. Love the idea of photography on tshirts!

  19. Oh, Max is my dream wedding photographer. I absolutely adore his work. He is so very talented. Lucky you that he shot your engagement and wedding photos! xo

  20. yes, how lucky you were to be a bride photographed by him! the wedding with the gal with her pink flower headband has been my fave for ages. love it all.

  21. obsessed with him. i sincerely hope i can have a wedding photographed by him one day!

  22. Max + Moop is pretty dang genius! Thanks for the heads-up! xo.

  23. He is totally genius and I cant wait to check out his new web! Btw: the girl in the 6th photo looks bit like you:) Kisses

  24. he’s such a genius!

  25. I love the pic of the bride and groom blowing the tickets out of their hands. Too cute :)