Gift Guide Part #7: Your Beloved Husband Who Makes Peppery Eggs, Plays The Rolling Stones for Your Baby and Can Always Make You Laugh.

This red hat, $58, because every guy looks cuter in a watch cap.

A cactus, about $10, for his desk, since it’s the manliest plant around.

Dude No. 1 Beard Oil to keep his skin soft and make his beard smell spicy and woody, $65.

An awesome Beatles print, $59.99. (Can you spot Yoko?:)

A bike bag, $55, for afternoon adventures together. (You could fit in a hammock!)

A beautiful and timeless book, since he’s now the family photographer. Used from $20.

Pendleton travel mug, $18, to perk up his morning commute.

Lasagna edge pan, $47.95, since you both like the crunchy edges (and what fun for a dinner party!).

A giddy and romantic sunset sail on a schooner in New York City, $50/person. And a kiss.

P.S. More gifts for husbands

(Book photo, cropped, by The Sartorialist)

  1. the cactus is SO adorable!

  2. My husband is the most impossible person but that Beatles print is PERFECT! Thank you for sharing that amazing find. It’s already being shipped to our house and I’ve never been more proud of a gift I picked :)

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  4. Love all of your gift guides! I included them as a part of my Guide to Holiday Gift Guides. Let me know if you want anything taken down, otherwise check it out! I love your blog.

  5. I love the Beattles print, it´s really nice!!

  6. Joanna, I love your gift guides.

    Over Thanksgiving I was reading the New York Times Holiday Gift Guide. I was flipping savagely through it thinking, “I hate gift guides! I am just not a gift guide person!” Not that it was really that bad or anything, but.

    But then I found your gift guide and it’s SO GREAT.

    I think what makes it so good is that it’s individual/quirky. It has personality!

  7. Your blog is so upbeat. It’s a fun read.

  8. Anonymous says...

    I’m dying to get that The Beatles print! And also the cactus is so manly plant:) that beard oil is just awesome! Never found it before.. Last, that genius lasagna pan! You made a great gift guide, Joanna.. I love it :))


  9. I just ordered that Beatles print for my boyfriend. He’s hard to buy for but I’m hoping this is the perfect gift for him, completely something he’s not expecting but also something he’ll love. Thanks for the suggestion!!

  10. The Beatles print and lasagna pan are totally wicked!!!

  11. the link on the beatles print didn’t work for me. I googled Mr. Dalton and none seem to be active. Any ideas? I’m just dying for this as a gift now!!!

  12. that book looks fabulous- but at a closer look it’s not $9.94…more like $99.00- kind of a big difference!

  13. Probably could have reconsidered the title of the book.
    (“How to shoot your kids”)

  14. What a great idea that sunset sail is! My husband certainly doesn’t need more stuff, but he’d love an evening on a boat with me. I am so excited about making this happen!

  15. I’ll take the Beatles print for myself! But hubby can have the lasagna pan! LOVE IT!

  16. A says...

    Speaking as the husband in question, I LOVE this!

  17. Paola, that is so cute :) and Leigha, thank you so much!! xo

  18. Beard oil?? I had not idea such a thing existed! My husband IS quite fond of his beard, though… I’m sure he’d like to be able to pamper it a bit. ;-)

  19. i love these husband gifts! i too am looking for ways to give the boyfriend things that he can actually use along with some whimsical items too…p.s. is it bad of me to wish that yoko wasn’t in the print? i mean, she split up the band! :) no offense yoko, if you’re reading this.

  20. The lasanga pan is cool- love those crispy edges!

  21. Haha, that Lasagna Edge Pan is amazing! Everyone wants the crunchy edges :-) !

    And ofcourse Yoko who wants to be on the poster as well, hilarious. ;-)



  22. That Beatles print is great. Maxim Dalton is such a great artist.

  23. Awesome gifts! We could use that lasagna pan in this house because the hubs and I are always fighting over the edges hehe

  24. great ideas, i love that bike bag!

  25. I love the bike bag and the coffee cup! I also love how your guides are so perfectly tailored to the recipient…

  26. I’m dying over that Beatles print! How amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

  27. your gift guides are brilliant!

  28. oooh, i’m in love with the last idea… maybe next time we’re are in NY my love and I should give that a try, i know he’ll love it :)

  29. Lasagna pan! What’s funny is that I’ve been buying that same pan as a brownie pan — for family members that strictly like the brownie ends. Too funny.


  30. great list. i took the hubs on the nyc sailing adventure for his bday. it was awesome!

  31. I’d love to have that Beatles print. I have the biggest crush on Beatles-age Paul, and he’s… oh… over 50 years my senior. :) Thanks for a great find, Joanna.

  32. Hah! I bought that St. James hat for my hubby for his birthday in November and he doesn’t go anywhere without it anymore. So cute!

  33. LOVE the lasagna pan!! Brilliant!

  34. love it!!! especially the beateles (but here I guess it’s almost obvious :)) and the cup! Great!

  35. Thank goodness you posted this! I having been scouring the holiday gift guides and haven’t found the perfect something something! I should have known to just wait for this gem of a post! Merry Christmas! And BIG thank you!

  36. i bought a similar red cap from asos for £6. nice and small

  37. My husband would love that Beatles print….and I would love the lasagne pan! Have been enjoying your gift lists :)

  38. Oh I LOVE this Beatles print, so so cool (and I found Yoko too). I should get it for myself as a souvenir of all my teenage years when I used to have the biggest crush on young Paul McCartney (a bit weird because he was already probably 45 when I was 15 but anyway) xx

  39. Anonymous says...

    You’ve got to get Alex that photography book!

  40. Anonymous says...

    I love that beatles poster!!!! Great list. Would love to take a romantic sail.

  41. Oh your lovely blog never ceases to inspire me! xo

  42. Another great guide – I’ll take the lasagna pan for myself :)

  43. You did such a great job describing each gift that I want to buy them all for my hubby!

    I especially like the lasagna pan and the dude beard oil!

  44. I’m in love with that beatles print!!!

  45. what a cute guide! you always pick the best gifts. i just bought the beard oil for my bf. love the “dude” name, and can’t wait to smell it :)

  46. haha, jenny, alex wants to start a cactus collection (right as we start babyproofing the apartment, of course) so that was the inspiration :)

  47. that cactus is….definitely manly. ;)

  48. Amazing! Thanks for the tips…my dad is going to LOVE the Beatles poster!

  49. i want to marry alex ;-)

  50. There’s some great suggestions here :) Love that Beatles poster (and I spotted Yoko…) and the bike bag :)

  51. haha, hannie, you are cute :) and thank you so much, G :)

  52. Love that dapper bike bag and the Arthur Elgort books is wonderful – I own it!!

  53. This is my favorite gift guide yet. Men (and women who like men’s things) are so hard to buy for!

  54. *romantic sail – oh my, where is my head?!


  55. G. says...

    What a great selection! Anddd I just have to say, the way you write about Alex is so cute! You’re obviously such a great pair, and with a sweet little boy too! It makes me smile to see such a happy little family!

  56. My goodness–Aron would love all of these!

  57. Love this collection, Joanna! Esp. the Beatles print and Camera Ready. Thank you.

  58. That Beatles print is fantastic! My Balazs would totally love it and the lasagna pan is really cool:) Perfect for parties:) Have a great afternoon, Joanna

  59. That Beatles print is awesome!! xoxo