1. I completely agree with everything you have printed here.

  2. Thank you for the article, very worthwhile material.

  3. i usually am a cold weather person but this year the weather is killllinnggg me. this hammock is perfect and is making me nostalgic for any time of year that is above 40 degrees !!!!


  4. oh my oh my! so so dreamy! makes me want to trade in my bed for a hammock, lost-boy style! :)

  5. Thank you. Just what I needed at the beginning of the holidays hustle and bustle.

  6. Since we have two feet of snow in the backyard here in Salt Lake and it’s barely December I am counting the minutes until my trip to Mexico (sans kiddo!) in January. I feel sleepy just looking at the picture.

  7. that looks dreamy…i wish i had a backyard so that i could get a hammock :)

  8. one pear two pear — a living-room hammock would be amazing. you should totally do it. and haha, lollipopps. i always put “with a glass of wine” in the post! :)

  9. sigh..oh how i would love to be there right now. Maybe combined with a good book and good glass of wine.

  10. The funny thing is that I’ve been dreaming of one of these in our backyard for years! I’m thinking though it might be nice in our living room actually! We have those high wooden beams that could support one…. mmmmmmmm this might be a christmas list item for Dear Mr. Hubby.

  11. Exactly where I’d love to be! I’m snowed in at the moment!

  12. Ahhh, exactly what I need to forget that it’s finals week. Thank you for the much-needed break from reality.

  13. Let me know if you figure out that beaming trick. :)

  14. Very nice!…All yo need is a picnic basket and a kite for later. :-)

  15. I miss having a hammock :(

  16. Anonymous says...

    So inviting!

  17. i’d settle for a place to hang a hammock ;)

  18. SK says...

    I love that the hammock is hanging on one long bar as opposed to the typical two beams that are on each side.

    Living in Mexico I am so tempted to bring home all the colorful hammocks they have here!

  19. I’d like to be there right now too…I’m freezing!

    aka AudreyGardenLady

  20. SUMMER is what i wish i could beam myself too…sigh. vancouver is quite rainy these days, and you can’t well snuggle up in a hammock while being rained on!
    ha. can’t wait to do this for real.

  21. joanna,

    thanks so much for posting that picture. i was on the verge of tears at my desk but when i saw that i took a deep breath and now everything feels a lot easier to deal with.

  22. omg YES. we brought one back from Costa Rica and it’s such a perfect place to take a break from the world. I love how it hugs and rocks you, just like a mom :)

  23. thank you, your title made me REALLY breathe.
    i’ve been forgetting to do that lately.


  24. Thanks, Joanna! I needed this today!

  25. I feel a nap coming on…

  26. ooooh I want one! I just need the tree to hang it on :)

  27. Hammocks are a must on my list of things that will be part of my fantasy home in the country. I love being swayed- it’s so relaxing.

  28. This is beautiful photo! Thank you Jo :*

  29. Brittany says...

    Little beam of sunshine for getting up early for class this morning! So wish I could be in that hammock with a cold drink in hand and not a care in the world!!

  30. Delightful! If only that sun would move a little closer to warm it all up :D

  31. yeah
    it’s really pretty photo
    I like to rest in hammock on the nature… fresh air..singing of birds
    just a paradise

    thank you

  32. Oh dear! This gets me quite excited for my very first trip to Malibu next week! Have you ever been? I’m so anxious to escape this 30 degree weather!!

  33. Wish I could beam myself there too! How serene.

  34. can smell the fresh grass!today we had a break in the rain. it was nice to breathe some efresh air!

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  36. Hammock napping is the best! Thank you for adding some peace to the day.

  37. That would be lovely today as its freezing here…I can totally feel the warm breeze:)

  38. Oh how I long for Spring.

  39. amanda, you’re so lucky! i want to come too!

  40. that looks like heaven right about now. one of my all time favorite things, besides swimming in the ocean is swings. simple pleasures, right?

  41. Oh girl… I am SOOOO with you! Thank goodness we leave in two days for a vacay in FL. Will be a nice change from the frigid temps of Minnesota! :)

  42. That looks lovely! I wish I had a hammock and a backyard to put it in!