Cup-of-Jo Gift Guide Part #5: Your Awesome Dad Who Makes the Best Family Lunches and Always Has a Good Book Recommendation.

A classic record to listen to (and display on the bookshelf), $5 to $30.

A genius handmade iPod dock that naturally amplifies sound, simply because it’s made of solid wood, $85. (So smart.)

Lobel’s Meat Bible because you love his home-cooked meals, $27.

A print of his beloved Iceland (or New York City or all sorts of rad things…), $20.

Manly shower gel that relaxes muscles and leaves skin smooth, $18.

Dave’s Insanity Sauce, $7.99, and a dare. (P.S. This is so hot that it was banned from the National Fiery Food Show.)

Literary Lites bathroom matchboxes, since you know he’d laugh.

P.S. More gifts for dads

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  4. amazing finds! i just bought the hot sauce for my hot sauce-obsessed husband. :) thanks! xo

  5. those matchboxes are the best. i just bought them for my boyfriend! we are moving in together and thought he could use them. haha!


  6. love the prints!

  7. These are great dad ideas! My husband and I always try to find great vinyl’s, but there aren’t very many to hot spots in Hawaii. Maybe the good places are still hiding. . .

  8. such great ideas! loving the meat bible. I’m getting my dad one of those personalized meat branders from williams sonoma and this will be the perfect addition.

    thanks!! xx

  9. haha, fruit juice? that is awesome, hedonista :)

  10. That iPod stand is so pretty…love the color of that wood!

  11. Not only a great list for a dad – I’m totally getting the calendar for my mom, who asked for “simple things, like fruit juice.” ARGH, haha!

  12. Manliness if often judged in my family by the level of sauce hotness one has in his spice cupboard (And yes, you have to have a cupboard dedicated to spices & sauces to even be considered for admittance to the manly contest). I think this Insanity Sauce might be just what my Pops needs to beat my undefeated brother. Thanks for the tip!

  13. My dad always says he doesn’t want anything for Christmas but I always force gifts upon him. I am already halfway through personalising a calendar with photos of my brother and I through the years. Thanks for posting this!

  14. Lots of these would be good for my dad too… who makes the best toasted sandwiches in the world and warms up your car for you on frosty mornings.

  15. that ipod dock is the coolest!

  16. Jules says...

    My dad’s name is Dave and he loves hot sauce so much I am not sure if he still has taste buds — I’m sure he will love some Insanity Sauce (or at least get a kick out of the label)! Thanks for the recommend :)

  17. the meat bible would have been such a great idea for my dad, but if you look at Amazon, it got terrible reviews.

  18. joanna, where is the horse print from? it is so beautiful, reminds me of my grandma. i don’t know if its just me, but i didn’t see the link???

  19. Love these gift ideas – my dad’s always the easiest to shop for. :) Simon & Garfunkel are amazing, and what a good dock for an iPod!

  20. these are all excellent ideas!

  21. sara, i want to hear your husband’s story :)

  22. sarah, warn your friend! :) you can only have like the teeniest drop on the end of a fork (no joke). my friends did a contest once where they each had to have a tiny tiny bit on the end of a fork and then see who could wait longest before reaching for a glass of water. they lasted like 30 seconds. it’s that insane! :)

  23. I love this post! Such a cute and great idea. You included so many cute, affordable, and unique ideas! I totally love the personalized calendar. My grandfather just passed away a year ago and I think my father would really love to look at vintage pictures of his family. Very cool! <3

  24. Oh, my God, that iPod dock is insane!

  25. it says something when I want some of the stuff on this list… thinkin’ about linkin’ this to my hubby!

  26. Hmmm…my husband isn’t a dad quite yet, but he’d love this list too! Except the hot sauce…he had a Dave’s Insanity Sauce accident once.

  27. I just ordered the insanity hot sauce for a friend of mine! He puts hot sauce on everything so this will be a perfect gift. Thanks for the idea :)

  28. is the link for the pony print missing? I think that print is lovely.

  29. Would you believe it? My Dad puts ‘Dave’s Insanity Sauce’ on everything! He’s a true hot sauce addict. Great suggestion!

  30. The meat bible is perfect for my new husband too! He will think this is a hoot.


  31. Ahhhh hahaha I LOVE the matches! I have such a good idea for those suckers. Thanks for that Joanna!

  32. Oh my dad is sooo hard to shop for. Thanks for the ideas, so much better than “here’s another book on golf, dad.”

  33. You are so genius with these gift guides :)

  34. Much needed gift guide! Thanks for the recommendations!!

  35. Your Gift Guides are great : ) Love it!

  36. Those litery lites are awesome! And that iPod dock is genius. I’m sold.

  37. The Meat Bible is beyond perfect for the hubs! What a great guide…xo

  38. haha those are great ides. love gasby matchbox

  39. These are such great ideas! I especially love the personalized calendar and the iPod dock-that’s genius! Your gift guides are the best.

    Lindsey Soup

  40. I know this sounds funny, but every year I just fall in love with your family when you describe them in these gift guides. You have an amazing family for sure.

  41. I seriously grinned to myself when I saw another of your lovely gift guides in my feed!

  42. sadly, no grandpa guide…hmmm a grandpa in denmark? maybe gloves :)

  43. Banned hot sauce?!!?! WOW!!!

    Great list – love the matches. :)

  44. Lovely! Will there be a grandpa guide too? I have no ideas for my sweet grandpa in Denmark.

  45. perfect recs! i laughed out loud at the last one. ;-)