Cup-of-Jo Gift Guide Part #4: Your Best Friend Who Wears the Prettiest Lipsticks and Knows (and Keeps) All Your Secrets.

A cozy cardigan, $72. (I love this mustard yellow!)

A cute striped tote, $39.

Ponytail styling lotion for the perfect high pony, $22.

New York pencils to inspire her to visit, $11.

A morse code necklace that spells “friend,” $36.

A rad street-style memory game from Amsterdam, $13.

A pretty pink bralet that you know she’ll love, $36.

The world’s cutest coffee-table book, $31.50.

P.S. More gifts for best friends

  1. Anonymous says...

    The Morse code necklace in the picture actually spells ‘coeur’ (as much as a necklace with no spaces can be said to spell anything). I spent over a minute puzzling over it, trying to make it spell ‘friend’!

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  4. Do you have any suggestions for a best friend who lives 300 miles away, has her birthday ON Christmas day, was recently engaged, and has everything I had originally planned on getting her?!?!

  5. HI Jo, isn’t that dog a riot.. What a clever photogrpaher. Carla

  6. Anonymous says...

    Love the memory game!!

  7. lovely cardigan, we should have one in every color

  8. I love the striped tote- and Im intruiged about the ponytail lotion. Have you used this?

  9. Anonymous says...

    that memory game is just toooo stylish – love it!

  10. Loving the red and white stripe bag…perfect for the beach!!

  11. i am truly adoring that friend necklace.

  12. I absolutely need caramel marshmallow….what a wonder!!I love the cardigan too,very nice,in this period of the years I love everything is cozy and warm,if it’s fashion too,it sounds perfect!!

  13. Great gifts! Like them all and the carmel murshmallow I would eat with a great pleasure!!! :)


  14. BEST guide!

  15. great ideas, espeically love the morse code necklace. very special.

  16. “… Your Best Friend Who Wears the Prettiest Lipsticks and Knows (and Keeps) All Your Secrets.”

    We all need a BFF like this. Definitely. Anyway such fab ideas. Love ’em.

  17. ummm….who wants to be my best friend? Because I’ll totally take that beautiful cozy cardigan! Love it!

  18. This gift guide is so fabulous! The fact that I own some of these ideas make me hope… perhaps? perhaps? I could be the wonderful best friend of some wonderful person.

  19. I’m completely smitten with that sweater!

  20. These are such great ideas!! I love, love, love the morse code necklace. So unique!


    .but i like it.

  21. I think this was made for my best friend. Her favorite color is mustard!

    FYI I found some caaayute mustard-colored things at Target the other day!!!

  22. I cannot stop devouring your gorgeous gift guides. The mustard cardigan = perfection.


  23. I am in love with the color of that Cardigan as well! Mustard is the only shade of yellow I can actually pull off!

  24. What a fabulous color on the cardigan! I love the three pockets on it too. Will look great on any girl, especially for a best friend. Good pick.

  25. love love love love love love love love love. and love.
    the best gift I can ask from my best friend and or give her is time, she just had twins!

  26. i love that sweater! and the marshmallow toffee chocolate-y goodness looks incredible!

  27. Gotta love the best friends. Love this gift guide. Thanks JO!

  28. Ponytail lotion? I had no idea! I’m the queen of the ponytail (with occassional Bump-It). Love the striped tote.

  29. It appears we have the same best friend!! And I do agree she really does wear the prettiest lipstick. Seriously the ponytail styling lotion looks AWESOME!! I am always trying to get the perfect pony.. I am giving up and shifting to hats at the moment!
    -Mariah Lynn

  30. love the cardie!

  31. Anonymous says...

    Love the bra! (Can I be your best friend?)

  32. maggie says...


  33. Awesome sweater! Love the mustard color.

  34. Kate the Great says...

    I can personally attest that those caramel marshmallows are divine. My mom gets them for me every Christmas!

  35. These are very unique, creative gift ideas. I love that morse code necklace. So sweet!

  36. I also love mustard yellow, it’s made quite a comeback hasn’t it? And those caramel marshmallows are making my mouth water! Great finds ;)

  37. It was probably a bad idea to look closely at those caramel marshmallows while at work, because now I want to spend the next two hours looking up recipes to make my own. I am drooling over here.

  38. I can’t wait for my hair to grow out so I can use the ponytail styling creme!

  39. Like the cardi and the pencils, if only I could buy them in the uk (?) I spotted the street style game the other day and am trying to figure out who (apart from myself!) to buy it for.

  40. this is my favorite gift guide entry, by far!

  41. marshmallows!!!!!!!!!!

  42. I would LOVE every single thing on that list!!!

  43. aw that dog book is so adorable…adding to my wishlist now :)

  44. Love love love all of it… especially that cardi.

  45. My favorite one yet! XO Jill

  46. oh, kate, thanks for letting us know!! i think jcrew has a similar one, too…xoxo

  47. I am loving the gift-lists! You are so creative and always give cool tips! Thank you so much!

  48. Those marshmallows are calling my name. And I am currently in love with Her Cut for long layers. It doubles the amount of volume of my hair…honest!
    Great picks!

  49. i actually made my best friends and family morse code necklaces this year! they spell out their names. i loved them when you posted them the first time, but thought they were a bit expensive for what they were. i used a chain instead of cord and bought enough supplies to make one for every girl on my list for the price of one of those necklaces :)

  50. Awesome! My best friend would love that striped tote! & the price is great! :)

  51. I love mustard yellow but it looks awful on my pale skin!

  52. love the sweater! Also I have a tote just like that and love it.

  53. I bought that Madewell cardigan and didn’t like it. It was too short, and it’s not like I have a long torso or anything. (I’m 5’2.)

  54. Oh my, the cardigan! So pretty!

  55. That dog photo is the best! It always makes me smile.

  56. Love the mustard yellow sweater! really cute!

    • Where can I find the mustard cardigan?

  57. I so want that cozy cardi for myself and the morse code necklace truly special:) It will make a perfect friend gift! I really should get it for my best friend:)

  58. That dogs book just looks the best – and salty chocolate too! What great choices.

  59. love this gift guide, jo! esp the striped tote and bra. :-)

  60. mustard cardigans + silver & gold jewelry has been my favorite winter complement to the charcoal greys, blacks and navy pieces that i can’t live without!
    and a still life panting of napoleon, our funny welsh corgi, is exactly what our little home needs…i can’t wait :)
    sylvie of silver lining

  61. Um, caramel marshmallows with sea salt and toffee crumbles??? Can I buy these for myself?
    Great gift ideas!!

  62. Caramel marshmallows with sea salt and toffee crumbles? YUM! That’s a delicious gift idea.

  63. I’m in love with that striped tote!!!