Cup-of-Jo Gift Guide Part #1: Your Beautiful Mom Who Gives Pitch-Perfect Advice and Has a Secret Crush on Niles from Frasier.

A lovely print for her bedroom, $15. (Update: Good news, she added more to the shop!)

Compost cookies with pretzels, chocolate, oats, coffee and potato chips (holla!), $10 for six. (They also have blueberry and cream cookies, yum.)

The newly restored dvd of Breathless, $31.96, wrapped in a French striped shirt.

A handmade cutting board from the Hudson Valley, $38, along with three stinky cheeses.

Pretty triangle earrings that she can wear with everything, $30.

A vintage scarf, $55, that she can wear around her neck or wrap around her head like Audrey Hepburn. (Bonus: It looks like modern art!)

You Are Beautiful pencils, because it’s true. $10 for six.

A bundle of dried lavender to make her desk feel like the English countryside, $10.


P.S. More gifts for moms, and the complete Cup of Jo gift guides from the past three years.

  1. these are great ideas Jo! thanks for sharing!

  2. There’s a US-based company that does a sleek, less ornate version of the Glug Glug Jug, called the Gurgle Pot. Consider buying from them instead for all your Gurgling/Glugging container needs :)

    (It’s an old co-worker of mine’s family business — that’s the reason for the plug!)

  3. Niles was my fave! I still watch Frazier when I can….
    Beautiful selections here

  4. ooh, your gift guides are my favorite!! these are all great! a vintage Vera scarfis such a good idea!

  5. Uh-oh. Am I already momish if I love all these gift ideas?!

  6. y says...

    yeah,yeah,yeah! finally its back. thank u so muchness:)

  7. I share your mum’s crush. Wrong?!

  8. Love this gift guide so much! So beautiful to see something different and so unique! Just fabulous!
    Sophie x

  9. WOW. I had never seen one of your gift guides before, and I just went through the archives and got ideas for about 10 people on my list! Thanks for posting these, I love them – they are really creative and real and useful, as opposed to those “30 under $30” crap lists that magazines come up with. I also really like your advice about making a list of what people love and going from there when thinking of gift ideas – so true!
    xo and happy holidays!

  10. So many great gift ideas! And the triangle earrings remind me of these pyramid studs (which I bought from my shop and wear practically every single day):

  11. Thank you, Joanna, for including so many truly affordable gifts this year! I am really excited about so many of these and thankful that the price is so within reach! Thank you!!

  12. So you totally know my mom! :)

  13. Why thank you! So nice to see our Footed Platte up there! A friend alerted me to it. I had no idea. Glad you like it!

  14. Amazing list, those cookies look scrumptious!

  15. Mo says...

    My mom is a high school teacher and the idea of dried lavender on her desk just warms my heart. Also, I would love to give those “you are beautiful” pencils as a gift to my future daughter. Would make her smile every time she writes in school.

    Great gift guide Jo!

  16. Really lovely gift ideas! I especially like the scarves, but the collection of gift ideas together works quite well!

  17. I love the scarf-especially because I have a vintage one that looks just like it, and love to wear it on my head.

  18. Girl! You are the best ever!!! We all love your wiriting in my house!!!! Have a wonderful December!!!! greetings from Venezuela!

  19. I love this guide! So many wonderful things =]
    Looking forward to the rest of them!

  20. these are all great ideas!

  21. Oh my. I love that jug.

  22. haha, sarah, mothers in law are always so tough!! do you think she would like a decoupage plate or paperweight from John Derian? those are so lovely. and everyone likes pretty soaps — has BEAUTIFUL soaps. or, finally, you could get her a great bottle of wine and wrap it in a pretty tea towel, like the ones from Taska or etsy. hope that helps!!!

  23. Maybe this year you could include a guide for “Your Mother-in-Law: Who has EVERYTHING!” It would truly save my life.

  24. Compost Cookies!! incredible. Jo, I have a gift guide ( but yours is better, of course. Love the Glug Glug jar and the earrings. thanks for the help!


  25. Uhhmm…those compost cookies, I might have to get for myself! lol

    (Moon Face)

  26. I love your gift guides. I am so tempted to get some of these items for myself (ah, Christmas time…one for them, one for me)

  27. I love these, Joanna! (Almost as much as I love Niles… especially after seeing him host Steven Sondheim’s birthday party on PBS!)

  28. Love that print but it doesn’t seem like it’s in the shop anymore :(

  29. That print is gorgeous, the scarf so perfect and who doesn’t love a bundle of lavender… I would love to find these things under my tree.

  30. I have one of those gurgle jugs! They’re so fun. Great ideas!

  31. joanna, i bought a glug glug jug in holland, michigan! i use it for my flowers. it’s deep purple, of course :)

  32. Wow…so many great gift ideas. Thanks. Now i definitely won’t be short of ideas.

    “…Your Beautiful Mom Who Gives Pitch-Perfect Advice and Has a Secret Crush on Niles from Frasier.”

    This made me laugh as i definitely know someone who fits that description. Hehe.

    Thanks for sharing.

  33. Jo says...

    These are absolute gems, Joanna! Your gift guides never fail me, ever! :o) :o) :o) Thank you!

  34. Can’t go wrong with a Mom that loves Frasier :). Those compost cookies sound interesting.

  35. i love the scarf! excited for more gift guides :) xoxo jcd

  36. Those little tiny earrings are so sweet…My mom would love them for sure! What a great guide:) Thanks and kisses

  37. For those of you in the U.S., Shreve Crump and Low in Boston sells the glug glug jugs (called “gurgling cods” at the store but they are the same exact thing). Thought I’d throw that out there for those that don’t want to do international shipping :-)

  38. These are great, Joanna! The print is beautiful.

    Happy December!

  39. Actually, I’ve always been the one with the crush on Niles while my Mum prefers Frasier but she’s still beautiful and would like all of these things. The glug glug jug might rather be something for my pint loving brother – it’s so British! I’ve been following your blog for quite a while but this is my first comment. You always find the most fabulous stuff.

  40. p.s. The spelling is Frasier…my mom and i have seen every episode at least 20 times. a bit of an obsession.

  41. I’m not a mom, but I have a HUGE crush on Niles!!!

  42. I so look forward to these every YEAR! Thank you for sharing your ideas and goods every year!
    Happy Dec 1st!

  43. Reading you from Vancouver ,BC…and i see an old friend modeling for chance on your fantastic!

  44. that jug is so cool!!!!!!

  45. Joanna,
    I think I just might have to order those pencils for all the women in my life! Love vintage scarves, especially hand-me-downs.
    Such a great list. I just added you to my blog column at TLPC of stylish gift-giving gals like you!
    Kiss the baby.

  46. I am pretty sure I need to order those cookies (and the blueberries & cream ones) for myself this holiday. :)

  47. Ooh that scarf looks like something the mom in me would love.

  48. Great list! Love the print :)

  49. The pencils are great! oh, and the lavender

  50. I love that print but I don’t see it in the etsy shop. :/

    Cute scarf as well!

  51. What fun ideas! I think my favorite is the jug. I love those too! Oh and the earings – simple and sweet.

    The Cheeky Cafe

  52. These are all lovely choices! I want every item for myself.

  53. fantastic ideas!!

    i gave my SIL a lovely vintage vera scarf last year with some pretty pretty antique earrings.

    your gift guides are rad, joanna! xoxo.

  54. The glug glug jug is fantastic! The girl print is absolutely wonderful; Tali does amazing work. Can’t wait to see more!

  55. I love love love your gift guides! It inspires me a lot! Can’t wait for the ones for you boyfriend/husband ;-)! Thanks!

  56. thanks, roxy! and the characters are actually my real family members; i just describe them as they are. :)

  57. Bookmarked this post. Lovely items. Especially loved the dvd wrapped in a crisp, clean shirt. And the dried lavender….

  58. I’m new to blogging this year and can’t wait for your gift guide after having seen some from year’s past! You always find the most unique items and dream up the funniest characters!I guess it’s appropriate to say Happy Holidays :)

  59. Em says...

    Love these :)
    Oh what I would give to have a bundle of lavender on my work desk right now!

  60. Love! Especially the simple triangle earrings. I have many simple gold studs in a variety of shapes and I love them!

  61. Someone just said I had to come back & confess my crush on Niles, as well. So I did. xo


  62. All of these are wonderful. I am laughing though because I have that Vera scarf…& a friend tried to get me to “dump” it last summer. I think she secretly wanted it.

    Excellent choices, Joanna.