Bridge & Burn

I love these simple coats from Bridge & Burn, which are made in Portland and inspired by life in the northwest. They’d be perfect for hikes, bike rides, and adventures around town. I love these types of tomboy jackets that look like you borrowed them from your boyfriend. :)

P.S. The model has the perfect blush!

  1. Anonymous says...

    I have a few pieces from Bridge and Burn, they are functional and stylish and I get compliments every time I wear them.

  2. Anonymous says...

    Unfortunately, these are not actually made in Portland, they are made in China. I purchased one and had to return it because the quality wasn’t very good, especially given the price. I really wanted to love the coat and support locally made clothing (I live in Portland).

  3. They are sooo NW’ty! Love it. Vintage-practical-retro-outdoor stuff is really popular right now. :)

  4. Wow…I think I just found my dream girl :)

  5. Love the coats! Especially since they have hoodies… I just got a dark grey one with a hoodie… great for when the wind goes crazy.

  6. so funny you mentioned her blush – that’s one of the first things i liked about this look!

  7. Definitely on the wish list this year.

  8. I’ve been in love with these coats for way too long! I need one!

  9. love the green one!

  10. totally going to be a sister’s christmas present !

  11. Oh man, those are AWESOME.

    But I guess since I grew up in the Pacific Northwest I’m always drawn to stuff like this. It’s crazy how much my childhood now influences what I like to wear!

  12. Those are great! And love her blush!

  13. I so need a new coat (more want but really, I need a new one!) and I am searching for one with a hood…being in Vancouver, it can be neccessary! This would be perfect!

  14. Super-cute! I would definitely wear both of these…such great finds. Perfect for a walk in the woods OR a shopping adventure downtown.

  15. Love these–especially the second jacket. Great.

  16. She does indeed…and a swan-like neck (she must have some English in her!)

  17. I really love that first look. It’s totally something I would sport! I love dressing ultra-feminine, but sometimes, I really do enjoy the lumberjack look! :)

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  18. i especially love that second one! and her hair is cute too.

  19. i agree, her blush is perfect! she looks like she just finished a fun bike ride and has that pretty blush naturally.

    love the tomboy jackets, too.

  20. I love the simplicity of these coats!

    Most “outdoor/active wear” coats are pretty ugly. Who says you can’t look stylish even when you’re biking or hiking, right? Not that I’d know, personally.

  21. funnily enough, i swear my bf has a jacket identical to the bottom pic (except a boy version…). i love these!

  22. i love that look too. but the problem with jackets is they take up so much space, so I can’t collect them in the same way I do sequined tops or anything with leopard print.

  23. I was just looking at these yesterday! I love the herringbone one that’s on sale.

  24. these are the type of jackets you need when living in Colorado! I want one of each! thanks Joanna for finding these. I think I will put on my wish list..

  25. looks great! That green jacket would be a perfect on its own or looks slim enough to be a layering piece for deep winter to get that military look without going army-surplus-over-the-top.
    – Catherine at The Spring

  26. Really love the charcoal gray….my color this season!

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  27. totally agree with you on the blush guys. i try to get that look but i end up looking like the little girl that got into mommy’s makeup!

    these jackets don’t look too heavy and have the right thickness to keep you cosy!

  28. Great fit! I especially love the second one with the cute hood. Her blush makes her look like she was just running around in the woods .. Love :)

  29. Great slim fitting style. Always so many great things come out of Portland (one of my fav cities in the world).

  30. the second one is awesome! i also only wear tomboy jackets…seeing as how my bright green converse don’t go so well with pea coats :-)

  31. They make me want to go explore the woods! :)

  32. I really like how simple and comfy those look. I would love the second one..(the model is adorable too:)

  33. so rugged outdoorsy. love. have a good day!