Tuesday giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from Yokoo, an Atlanta-based etsy shop with fabulous scarves, sweaters and accessories. Her oversized scarves and giant pompoms look straight out of Alice in Wonderland! They would be so much fun to wear this winter.

She’s offering one lucky winner a $100 gift certificate. (I’d go for this, this or this.)  For a chance to win, please visit Yokoo’s shop and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! xo

Update: Caroline is our lucky winner. Thanks for playing. xo

  1. I’ve been a fan for such a long time. I’d love to win a chance at owning my very own yokoo creation!


  3. love these knits! i want them all!

  4. Oh pick me, pick me! I’ve been in LOVE (truly, deeply!) with the Soopa scarf for over a year.

  5. I LOVE these!! Her stuff is awesome, it would keep me so warm while I walk to class in Boston!

  6. her etsy shop is super fab! i think i’m partial to her chain necklaces, myself.

  7. This giveaway ROCKS! I love this etsy gal, and think she has some amazing talent. Thanks so much for the entry!

  8. Yokoo has been in my etsy favorites for quite a while now! Yeah!
    Julie CP

  9. i love her cowls!

  10. Pea Snap says...

    Love those scarves!

  11. I love all of her work! She’s such a talented knitting lady!

  12. These are adorable! Perfect for the upcoming season.

  13. I’ve been a fan of Yokoo for years! You can’t go wrong with warm, cozy pompoms.

  14. In the cold winter of Paris her giant scarves would be very beautiful and handy!

  15. priya says...

    her pieces are amazing!

  16. amazing scarves!

  17. i’m wearing one of my yokoo cowls right now! i love everything she make and would jump at the chance to get a little bit more!

  18. Oh! Her stuff’s so nice!

  19. Amber says...

    I love how exaggerated the pouf and the strings of the hat are. It looks super cozy.


  20. I could curl up and sleep in any of those cowls. Love.

  21. cutting edge knitting. i LOVE it. trish x

  22. I love these!! Hats, cowls, I’d love them all!

    Kate (kls2g[at]hotmail[dot]com

  23. I am loOvin’ the HUGE poppom craze!! YES, please.

  24. Love the huge pom pom hat and the crazy uniscarf!! Thanks for yet another great giveaway!

  25. Her stuff is amazing!

  26. Warm, cozy stuff ~ makes me feel ready for winter in the North!

  27. Oh, I love her stuff and I forgot to bookmark it, so thanks for that!

  28. These are amazing!!

  29. i love the cowls!

  30. The English Thompson. Hands down. Lovely!

  31. love this giveaway its cold outside!

  32. Oh man pleeeeeeease pick me!

  33. i love her stuff. The cowl and knitted bow combo have been on my christmas list since last year. its just the warm yet joyful thing to get through grey London winter!

  34. i love her stuff. The cowl and knitted bow combo have been on my christmas list since last year. its just the warm yet joyful thing to get through grey London winter!

  35. I love the fisherman hat!

  36. Yokoo has the best knitted items!!! all of them are original ideas and composition!!! I love the scarf with sleeves! Great for Western NC winter…

  37. kerry says...

    i love the new yorker scarf. it looks so warm and cozy – perfect for NE winters!

  38. Make me want a cup of hot chocolate and a warm fire!

  39. L-O-V-E Yokoo’s shop!

  40. Oh i love scarves so much!

  41. LOVEE Yokoo! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  42. I am a huge fan of hers. She has some amazing talent. Love the pompom hats! Too cute!

  43. what beautiful scarves and sweaters!!

  44. Oh my, I want!

  45. Oh geez!!! Is it too late to comment? Love love love!!!

  46. I would love anything with poms.

  47. LOVE the hat! hope my comment made it in on time :)

  48. Yokoo’s pieces honestly inspire me to be myself because she is being herself designing her amazing collection. She is doing what she loves and taking risks and I think more people in this world should. Yokoo thank you for sharing you gift to the world!!! your pembroke scarf is my favorite and I have never seen anything like it! I would be honored to wear anything you make just because I know it was made with AWESOMENESS! You are so FETCH (my mean girls line lol) .

  49. All the pieces look so warm!

  50. the vermont snuggler is SWEET.

  51. I have always wanted a Yokoo infinity scarf!


  52. Absolutely perfect! I love the hat with the huge pompom on top! But I love everything else too…

  53. 0o0o they are simply beautiful!!!

  54. Beautiful pieces! Love her funky looks!

  55. Love yokoo!

  56. Lina Chang says...

    DUUUDE!! I need me some of those fantastic scarves and sweaters….i’ve been surviving off of the clothes “stolen from my mom’s closet” because SOMEBODY…cough…my mom…cough cough won’t take me shopping ):

  57. I LOVE that hat! I’d feel kind of silly though, wearing it in Florida :]

  58. I would LOVE one of those cowls or warmers. Would be a great way to brave the cold wind in St Andrews!

  59. Im dreading the return to Ithaca, NY in december because itll be so cold! this would make it all the more bearable!!!

  60. I’m loving the cowls! And the weather has just turned bitter here, so winning something that snuggly would be very timely!

  61. i could literally look at this etsy site all day. obSESSED with the cowl. and that europa necklace is extraordinary.

  62. Love knittings!

  63. I just looove her!

  64. I am in love with Yokoo’s English Thompson hat…it’s practically perfect in every way. Fingers crossed!

  65. The black and cream sweater is gorgeous! And everything looks so soft!

  66. Kat C says...

    I hope I win so I can get the The English Thompson in Barley…fabulous!

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  67. I’ve been an admirer of yokoo’s work for a long time! gorgeous stuff!

  68. Super adorable, I would really love one of those hats for the upcoming months!

  69. Oh my!
    I adore everything, especially those pompoms on the hats! :)

  70. Tatiana says...

    So amazing! Makes me excited for the holiday season, cold weather and all.

  71. I love her work, it’s so orginal and stylish yet really cosy looking.


  72. everything looks so cozy!

  73. these are fanTAStic. love pompons.

  74. perfect for winter!

  75. London is suddenly super freezing, so these cuddly scarfs may be the way forward!!! Lorna xxx

  76. It’s already col out here.
    I just love her Floppy Hat in Barley and Vermont Snuggler in Charcoal.
    Want them :)

  77. Sasha says...

    These are just gorgeous.

  78. i love clothing that looks comfy & warm but still maintains a nice style : )

  79. Lauren J says...

    these are so great!

  80. Any of these lovely pieces wld come in handy up here in the great white norther.

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  83. This is the perfect pick me up for this dreary Portland weather we’ve been having!

  84. that hat is adorable! what a way to keep the ears warm. it has been getting so cold in vancouver lately!

  85. love the vintage classic holiday sweater!

  86. beautiful, i’m in :)

  87. cosy!

  88. Oh , this is perfect, it is so cold here in Estonia and there’s nothing to wear.
    But it seems that now my problem has been solved, such beatiful and warm things.
    Thank you for the opportunity,
    Love from Estonia,Sandra

  89. love!

  90. Ooh it’s been so cold this week, I could so use this!

  91. ML says...

    love it!! would LOVE that hat!

  92. I love the chain scarf! So unique!

  93. the hats are so adorable

  94. MELISSA373 says...

    love the cowl!!!!

  95. OOh so cozy!

  96. wow, these are amazing. great fisherman sweater. thanks.

  97. Mmm, these are deliciously adorable!

  98. Ohhh my goodness I’ve loved Yokoo for forever! My winter would be complete with one of her creations!

  99. B says...

    Beautiful, and so original!

  100. head over heels for that hat!!!

  101. loooove. want it all.

  102. ooooh! i’ve been dreaming of knit wear all year! <3

  103. Wow…her stuff is beautiful! I really like the cowl and warmer pieces.

  104. WHOA! That Europa necklace is to die for! Soooooooooooooo coool! I must have it! It will be mine! xo Sam
    Thanks for the chance Joanna!

  105. ! I’ve been following this seller ever since she was featured on NYT (written by your husband, I think?) I’m a little late but please throw me into the mix! Thanks for the fab giveaways!

  106. An East Coast girl’s dream! So what if I live in Los Angeles, now?! It get chilly here too! I absolutely adore these works of art.

  107. Ahh, Yokoo’s scarves have always been drool-worthy but too expensive for me :x Fingers crossed!

  108. That hat is amazing!

  109. I’d love to win! I agree that the pom pom hat is so fabulous! But, really, what isn’t from this shop. I’m glad you’re sharing the link. Winning would be a big bonus to that :)

    Ashleigh Smith

  110. oh bless my chicago winter cold heart

  111. I love these! They just ooze playful comfort.

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  113. Very cute.

  114. i want to wiin! :)

  115. Love all these pieces. I’d probably go with a hat or a cowl, classics.

  116. So unique and cute!

  117. Love the scarf with sleeves!!

  118. ah i’m such a fan of yokoo! i would love love love to own one of her amazing pieces!

  119. the natucket cowl is just plain simply COOL.