Tuesday giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from Yokoo, an Atlanta-based etsy shop with fabulous scarves, sweaters and accessories. Her oversized scarves and giant pompoms look straight out of Alice in Wonderland! They would be so much fun to wear this winter.

She’s offering one lucky winner a $100 gift certificate. (I’d go for this, this or this.)  For a chance to win, please visit Yokoo’s shop and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! xo

Update: Caroline is our lucky winner. Thanks for playing. xo

  1. hello i like a lot your blog, has very good information. thanks by sharing this information

  2. I totally match with everything you’ve written.

  3. i’ve been a fan of hers for a while. so creative and bold!

  4. Oh I love how cozy all of her pieces look! Perfect for a winter walk. Lovely.

  5. These warm hats would be great for a European winter!

  6. Beautiful colours—love the pony grey. These would be perfect for Christmas.

  7. ahh just what this California native needs to survive a new york winter!

  8. ahhh! thank you so much! this made my day.

  9. I really want to win this time! Yokoo is fantastic.

  10. Anonymous says...

    I love love love this woman’s work! I want a big giant cowl for this winter!

  11. Hope I’m not too late. I love her work!

  12. Danielle MC says...

    This scarf is perfect for the raging winter we are about to incur in OKC! AND our Governor has declared today Winter Preparedness Day! It was meant to be! ;)

  13. Me me me!:)

  14. Just added to my favorites list! These items actually get me excited for winter!

  15. oh everything is all so massively fantastic!

  16. Gah!! Favorite etsy seller!!!! Oh, do pick me!

  17. So cute! thanks for the opportunity :)

  18. Dayna says...

    I bought a cowl from Yokoo last winter and LOVE it! Amazing work.

  19. this looks amazing! I would definitely make me dread winter a little less this year :)

  20. love the scarf-sleeve combo!

  21. i’m lusting over some of Yokoo’s pieces!

  22. I like to imagine that her studio is filled with giant balls of yarn, with her sitting on top of one, knitting away!

  23. if it’s not too late, i want to enter!

  24. That hat is amazing! I’m definitely a huge fan.

  25. definitely the yokoo uniscarf in barley. i’d wear that to death! what a neat site, thanks for sharing ;)

  26. Just discovered her stuff and i’m in LOVE! ahh!! LOVE-LY! lovely!!


  27. Just discovered her stuff and i’m in LOVE! ahh!! LOVE-LY! lovely!!


  28. Fabulous knits! My favorite etsy site!

  29. Yokoo winter accessories are definitely on my Christmas list.

  30. Beautiful!

  31. love her woolies

  32. WOW! Over 1,300 replied. I am just going to hope for the best, lol.

  33. amazing! this girl’s a legend. i’ve been looking for something like the Uniscarf for AGES. yes, please. :)

  34. Love the scarves! Perfect for a cold, blustery day!

  35. please please please please please please please

  36. I would buy a beautiful cable knit scarf for my cousin in Norway, Martina. We are pen pals and we both love knitting and have promised to make scarves for each other. However, I am in law school and have no time to pick up the needles so this way I wouldn’t feel so guilty!

  37. AMAZING shop! Woooow ♥

  38. eeks i LOVE those!!!!! thanks joanna:)

  39. Would love to win!

  40. Cute!!! I love pom poms

  41. Ooohhhh, nice. I’m always smitten with a great scarf or sweather this time of year.

  42. I love, love, love her scarves(and bags, too).
    Pick me!

  43. big beautiful cowl!

  44. Please Pick me!!! Winter is right around the corner!

  45. Rebecca Toman says...

    I specifically requested oversized comfy scarfs for christmas! My Grandma is a fabulous knitter and I hope to learn someday so I can always be so cozy!

  46. I’ve been seeing her creations in blogosphere forever. Love the pieces and her vision. Just that slight shift from the familiar and I’m both uncomfortable and comfortable. Its a good thing.

  47. whooo hope im not too late to enter! that hat is to die for! so cozy! xo

  48. oh… and it was my birthday on sunday (turned 30!!!!!)… maybe a belated birthday present!

  49. love the volume of these pieces!

  50. The wrapper’s delight is so fabulous, I can’t stand it.

  51. very awesome, I like the cowl

  52. Am I too late to be considered for this givaway?…… please say no! :)

    I LOVE Yokoo’s creations so much! I have been following her (uh… that sounds creepy). But she truely is very talented! And i would LOVE something from her shop!

  53. I need that hat from the first pic to keep my ears nice and warm.

  54. AA says...

    Love the scarves!!

  55. Love the White Lightning combo. So comfy and I’m sucker for bows!

  56. Joelle says...

    I love, love, love them. I’m imagining myself wrapped up in one on a snowy winter day!

  57. The warmer is lovely! Perfect for the chill that is setting in……

  58. wow, here scarves look so cozy and comfy you would never want to take them off.

  59. the Yokoo Vintage Black and Cream Sweater is the PERFECT winter sweater!! all i want to do is bundle up on the couch on a snowy day with a warm coffee, a book and fire wearing this cozy sweater!

  60. I Vant!

  61. I love Yokoo! Her work is A-Mazing! I would totally love the new granny scarf and the vintage black and cream sweater!

  62. Gloria says...

    her work is amazing…such talent!

  63. Christine A. says...

    Ooh I love the warmers/cowls, and the ‘boys pee pee when they see me’ is cute/funny. These are all perfect for fall and winter!

  64. I just moved to Canada.(from the SOUTH!) This is exactly what I need to deal with winter.


  65. Oh me, oh my! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the white hat and the chain scarf… Too cute! Thanks so much for the chance to win! :)

  66. What gorgeous things! My fingers are crossed.

  67. love the warmer! great stuff.

  68. I want it to snow just so I can wear cute things like this!