1. so, so very pretty

  2. I am in love with this hairstyle! I’m still in the process of growing mine out, but maybe with some torture and bobby pins, I’ll make it work (yes, I am channeling Tim Gunn).

    Great post!
    I reblogged. :)

  3. Wow…you have us all set up to look gorgeous for the holidays!

  4. I love it!

  5. this is so beautiful. it’s the dark colours that get me, i think.

  6. So pretty! I want to try this.

  7. Gorgeous! I love the colors here :D

  8. Love the side look! I did a similar look for a wedding & it looked so elegant.

  9. When I see hair like this I wish I wouldn’t have cut my long locks 2 years ago. Or at least would have let them grow back. Stunning!

  10. I really adore Kater’s blog! She has the loveliest hair and I envy her porcelain skin:)


  11. i love this! LOVE.

  12. It looks very cute but more like a “wedding look” in this picture. Maybe because she’s standing in front of a church, LoL

  13. @kater – About how long is your hair? I’m wondering if my hair is actually too long for this to work. Too much leftover…

  14. I loved the first tutorial post and wanted to try. Now seeing it IRL, I’m going to try this for an event this weekend. Wish me luck!

  15. Wonderful! All these hair posts are making me wish that I hadn’t chopped most of mine off!

  16. I tried this my first day of school this year (I’m a teacher) and received so many compliments. I love it! So beautiful. Can’t wait to try it again!

  17. very pretty and I like the cotton dress pulled in with the rest of the outfit. looks great. I hope to pull that off with my hair!

  18. her whole outfit is from j.crew. the jacket, the dress, and the tights. i know jcrew when i see one. hehe

  19. I love the hair! So pretty! Looks gorgeous with the red lip!

  20. i LOVE kater’s blog! :) she is one of the sweetest people ever. :)

  21. That side chignon looks amazing with her red lip!!!


  22. very pretty, kinda retro, and all-around elegant.

  23. Hello, HOT MOMMA! I totally love it. She looks grreat!!I could never pull that look off. I’m hopeless when it comes to my hair.

  24. love it! i really want some red lipstick now!

  25. Oh my word! I am so excited about this! Thank you so much for posting! Ahh!

    I did this twice–again the next day for a marathon reading to To Kill a Mockingbord event, and it came out much better on the second try!

    For everyone who asked, the coat is the stadium cloth elements coat from J. Crew. I live in Upstate, NY, so this picture is actually from Saratoga :D

    Thank you so, so much Joanna for posting me! I’m so thrilled, your’s is one of my absolute favorite blogs!

  26. Can I just say I love where you live?

  27. Love that side chignon for my wedding in June! Thanks!

  28. Looks so pretty! I will definitely need to purchase some more bobby pins before trying this though!

  29. I tried and meet with my friends. One of the guy told me he was in love with me! :) (sorry for my English)

  30. She was brave to try it!! I loveee it but it is intimidating me!!

  31. Wow! It looks so good! Maybe I’ll have to give it a whirl, too!

  32. haha, em, i’m just impressed that you tried :) i’m going to give it a shot sometime this week, fingers crossed.

  33. Well if that isn’t elegant and fabulous I don’t really know what is. Totally copying this for the holidays. xo

  34. Le Sigh … I wish I was as cute as her!

  35. the coat is from jcrew!

  36. I love the hair posts you’ve done recently, I have a wedding in two weeks and thinking I’m going to try one!!
    Thanks for the constant inspiration xo


  37. I love this, but have yet to figure out the step of “shape into curls” – has anyone figured any tips here?


  38. I was so impressed when I saw this photo over the weekend, I still haven’t gotten mine to look the way I want it! I need more practice, but I’m not giving up, it is too cute not to wear for at least one event this season.

    p.s. Thanks so much for the link love on Friday!! Totally made my day!

  39. I love it! And I seriously want to be wherever she is. So gorgeous! Must be in England with her Hunter boots and Alabaster skin.

  40. i love it, really. can’t describe how beautiful this is <3 xx

  41. I tried it too!! Mine didn’t come out nearly that pretty (not quite enough hair) but I still loved it.

  42. maggie says...

    yes good for her, those howtos can be tricky. she looks great!!

  43. It looks great on her!! I wish my hair was longer because I would definitely give it a try.

  44. oh so pretty- xoxo avs

  45. what a cutie! that whole look is just lovely.

  46. bravo is right!

  47. The side chignon looks adorable and so stylish:)
    I am so going to give it a try!
    I also love her red lips…Perfect for this hair-style:)