Hair knot

Oh my goodness, is this woman’s hair simply tied in a knot? I don’t even think they used ponytail holders! So cool. I really want to try it out but know I’d end up with a serious rat’s nest.

(Photos by Hanneli, via Wit & Delight)

  1. This is lovely! I’m sure that my hair would tangle in about five seconds, but I’m going to try it, armed with combs and the like!

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  3. Such a cute look!

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  7. love this look! perfect for the beach as your hair is salty and it would add the texture to keep this style in place

  8. yeah my hair would never do that. I guess some are just lucky.

  9. E.Lefebvre says...

    I love this look, and happen to currently have long hair and mine is just too slippery! I can’t get it to stay for more than a second.

  10. effertless chic. LOVE.

  11. Very cool knot indeed no wonder I’ve seen it several times now around teh blogosphere. Someone was even expalining on how to do it – if I could only remember where I saw the tutorial. I want to try that look …


  12. lovely… I need to do something similar with my hair:)

  13. Looks pretty and casual…..took ages, didn’t it?

  14. I would love to try a hairstyle like this one. My hair is not long enough yet but I’m desperately trying to keep it healthy so it grows better. Love this photo!


  15. I do this all the time: Im lucky enough to have curly hair (so it doesn’t look that pretty) but it is handy and means no metal hair bands getting caught in the curls!

  16. I have really curly hair and if I don’t brush it and let it dry it will stay in a knot like this….if you can handle not brushing your hair :)

  17. I used to do this when I was young and that show Felicity was on… those were the days. Perhaps I will have to try this again. ;)

  18. I just did it!
    two knots, a few bobby pins, some spray!
    my hair was a bit shorter than the models, so i pinned the ends under the knot as they were sticking out a bit awkwardly. i can shake my head and it’s not falling out! I think this is to become a staple

  19. wow really cool hair…would like to know how it works^^love it soo casual

  20. me too…haha.

  21. haha you should try it joanna! i tie my hair like that sometimes – its perfectly simple.

  22. oh to have long hair again. i wore my hair in a (literal) knot for about a decade. *sigh*

  23. Looks great :)

  24. i do this often! it comes out very easily, and is super convenient when i’m out with my (almost) 1 yr old and i can’t seem to find a hair claw/tie.

  25. haha, what looks awesome might take weeks to comb out. it does look SO rad, would love to try it! i’ll let you know if i end up with a disaster…

  26. According to the stylist who did the hairstyle, it’s “simply” like tying shoe laces to get the double knotted look. :)

    P.S. Funny enough, when I saw this on Hanneli days ago, I thought, hmm, I bet 100% that Joanna is going to make a post about this. ;)

    Patricia Ann

  27. If I did that, it would be a permanent hair style. No way it would survive :)

  28. guess im on my own, i think she is borderline rat’s nest!

    :ducks and covers:


  29. Love this! I just know my hair would never hold that knot-dang!

  30. You and me both!

  31. Would love to do this with my hair…it’s just so darn straight that I know it would slip right out like silk. Have a great day Joanna!

    Julie xo

  32. The blog Love Notes and Polaroids ( also shared this the other day! Very neat idea!

  33. that’s super cute! but there must be bobby pins or something in there because hair would never just stay that way. it would fall out within 5 minutes.

  34. it would look like a total bird’s nest if i tried that. oh if only.

  35. beautiful!

  36. I’ve done this a few times, but my hair just slips aloose…a slip knot if you will! ^_^

  37. i do my hair in a knot all the time when i don’t have a ponytail holder!

  38. If you stick your hand in the hair is it easy to get it out?

  39. That is beautiful! Styles like these make me wish I still had long hair with which to make an attempt!

  40. How funny…I’ve actually started doing this when I can’t find a tie. I don’t use that exact knot though, in fact, that one’s way prettier haha.

    (Moon Face)

  41. I do this frequently. Combing out isn’t a problem, as long as you do a fat knot.

  42. lovely!
    …but… how about combing it then?!

  43. I clicked on Hanneli’s blog and a reader had left a comment linking to Styleist, that explained how to do it!

    All you do is split the hair into two sections in the back and then double knot like a shoelace! I think the key is making your hair super textured with product etc so that the knot stays. I definitely going to try this look. Thanks Joanna! xoxo

    Christine from

  44. love the way it looks, but mine would probably fall out….he he he!

  45. I sometimes do that to my hair, especially when I can’t find a hair pin, and it’s not that difficult!

  46. I’d bet the farm that she has some bobby pins hidden in there… somewhere…

  47. too bad I just cut my hair! so cute though.

  48. I think my hair is too thick to be tied in a knot…I’ve tried it many times and it just slips out.

  49. i’ve seen lots of women tie their hair in a knot….my daughter used to do it…….

  50. my very good friend ties her hair like this almost everday and it’s always so beautiful! i tried once and ended up with millions of little knots:)

  51. Marit says...

    Wow, that looks gorgeous and very chic! I’d love to try it, but my hair is super silky, thick and straight, it won’t even curl with a curling iron, so I’d have to use a ton of hairspray and lots of pins to keep it in place!

  52. Aw, it’s gorgeous! I wonder if my hair would stay like that… probably with a lot of bobby pins!

  53. Sophie says...

    It’s started as a braid & then pulled upside through like a knot. Oh I can’t explain but it does not look that great all day long. Truly. It looks like one does not care.

  54. This is lovely! I’m sure that my hair would tangle in about five seconds, but I’m going to try it, armed with combs and the like!

  55. There has to be something holding this together! lol.. I’ve tried this before but it just unravels on me… love the look though!

  56. Cute! I just stuff my long hair into a bun or french braid it everyday, so this would be a nice break from the routine.

    Lauren Stacks []

  57. So pretty, especially with her hair color. There must be a Bobby pin in there somewhere!

  58. go for it! (detangler in hand!)

  59. let me tell you – next time i get in front of a mirror – i’m trying this!!! – i don’t think it’ll work b/c my hair isn’t long enough – but i’m sure as heck gonna give it a try!

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    *kiss kiss*

  60. I would love to try this look..just have to wait till my hair is long enough:)
    Kisses, Joanna

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