1. oh wow!
    I have never seen anything like that before!
    So Neat!


  2. maggie says...

    brilliant idea!

  3. maggie says...

    brilliant idea!

  4. Love these, would not mind the ‘have a good night’ in my bedroom :)

  5. GENIUS!


  7. totally genius. i need “good morning” to be glow in the dark too since the days are so short!

  8. Ha! That’s so clever and pretty.

  9. that is genius. yet another fabulous joanna discovery!

  10. that is so darling!

  11. Anonymous says...

    What a great idea!!!!

  12. fun fun fun! kiddies would love that poster!

  13. whooa!!! that’s so cool!

  14. i didn’t even think of it doubling as a night light, but that’s a great point. would be so great for a child’s room.

  15. this has to be one of the most ingenious things i’ve ever seen! best night light ever. i agree with everyone about it’s “cool” quotient. thanks for posting!

  16. How cute. That would be great for a nursery or children’s room.

  17. absolutely fantastic!

  18. that is SOOOO cool!!

  19. adorable. better than star stickers!

  20. ah, so clever!!

  21. Ooo what an awesome night light that could make!


  22. Another “why didn’t I think of that?” moment. Guess I’ll leave the genius-ing to the geniuses. So cool.

  23. oh so adorbs!!

  24. Hahhaa..what a sweet poster!
    It really is genius:)
    Kisses, Joanna

  25. It’s like the sophisticated version of those glowing star stickers I used to cover my ceiling with.

  26. That’s adorable.