1. Rafe says...

    Oh my god, there’s so much useful material in this post!
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  3. Anonymous says...

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  6. oh… mahhhh… gaaahhhh. me wants the romper!!!


  7. I would so wear the first image with some cute skinny jeans and a nice blazer, it can be worn in any way possible

  8. Love the mobile, very cool!

  9. Romper = added to wish list

  10. that wooden mobile is really cute…would look great in a natural nursery!

  11. That mobile looks like something my parents had when I was a kid back in the 80s!

  12. That romper is hilarious!

  13. loooove that!! I adore the bright purple on the vivid white <3

  14. that romper is so cute! looks so comfy.

  15. I love your posts! I went to the etsy shop and fell in love with a few items.

  16. Susan says...

    Maybe Alex will notice the romper? I can’t help but think a hint now & again is a good thing:) You’d look great in it.

  17. The pretzel baguette looks SO delicious!

  18. i hadn’t even noticed that pretzel! you’re so right.

  19. What a great idea for the tote bag! my favorite items are the organic horseradish the Sicilian olive oil!

  20. oooh YES! That pretzel that 13bees noted — such a COOL shape… I’d have never thought to do that with something so “ordinary”. Makes it rather special. And, yes — the tomboy jammie’s – definitely sexy. That mobile takes me back to the 70s… “)

  21. i was flipping through nymag last night and couldn’t get over the avant garde shape of that pretzel.

  22. maggie says...

    the romper is adorbs!

    and my family does stockings mostly with food and it’s great. will check out the new york magazine article now. thak you for the tip!

  23. The tote bag full of goodies is fantastic. It would be perfect for someone I know and it reminds me that I need a new honey stick:)…So cute!

  24. that romper is so sexy!