The Smiths

When Alex and I first started dating, I’d go over to his Brooklyn apartment and we’d drink wine and order dinner. (I remember always getting insane butterflies when I walked up the stairs to apartment! He would lean over the banister to say hello, and I would get all heart-pound-y.) Anyway, he’d usually put on music by The Zombies, Love and The Smiths, so I thought he might appreciate these clever limited-edition prints.

(Via Mixed Plate)

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  6. These are pretty darn phenomenal.
    I saw Morrissey play live once (even after a friend warned me that the show would, inevitably, be cut short for some reason or another), but after 42 minutes a guy jumped on stage to hug him and Morrissey promptly curled up like a baby- his forty three body guards came rushing out with blankets and carried him crying off stage. Wish I was lucky enough to have seen The Smiths play back in the day instead. Maybe he was a little tougher then.

    But these prints… wonderful.

  7. you and alex are so cute! i love reminising about the begining stages of courting and marriage! those memories seem like they’re in some other era.

  8. I love those butterflies!


  9. Whitney says...

    One of my friends has a birthday coming up, and she LOVES the smiths!! score! now i’ve got her present!! thanks.


  10. Heart-pound-y – great new word :)

    Love these prints.

  11. How cool are those!?! Cute story about the butterflies! Music plays such a big part in my marital history…and The Smith’s were part of ours too! :)

  12. my husband would love these. I must show him!


  13. I love the description of going over to Alex’s apartment at the beginning of your relationship… that’s what dreams are made of.

  14. Love this – it’s a rainy day here today – perfect to have The Smiths playing

  15. I actually put The Smiths on after seeing your post. Thanks for making my day :)

  16. My poor overworked husband is going away tomorrow and so to brighten him up a little I caved in and gave him a small Christmas gift early (the Carnivores and Destructors fanzine). These posters look like a fab replacement to go under the tree! Thanks

  17. I love The Smiths! I used to listen to them a lot in my early 20’s!
    These posters are so so pretty!!

  18. Love the smiths!
    Was a period in my life where I would listen to nothing but the Smiths and the Cure :)

  19. oh goodness. i need one of these posters! i love love love the smiths <3

  20. 1] Aw, I love that heart poundy feeling

    2] I sooo dig The Smiths. Sheer musical amazingness.

    3] Wicked-awesome posters!

  21. #1 thats so precious
    i remember those feelings with my husband when we first started dating…and i still get them sometimes!!! that’ll never go away i think ;-)
    #2 love love love the prints

  22. Alina V. says...

    It’s so funny you posted this now, because I was on a “Smiths” kick this weekend!

  23. that is adorable. i love your all’s amazingly movie perfect love story!

  24. sigh, the smiths and the mozzer, my faves as always. i can’t believe there was a time when i thought all moz’s music sounded the same. how naive i was!

    i have a great print combining my love of books and the smiths that i got from etsy.

    thanks so much for sharing these!

  25. These are so great! Thanks for posting!! I love the How soon is now print..

  26. Oh, I hope to have that butterfly feeling in my stomach over a guy someday! I mean, other than over a guy who doesn’t reciprocate it ;)

    The Smiths are the real deal!

  27. you have posted about my favoritest band of all time *swoon*

  28. How fantastic! These prints and your story are brilliant!

  29. my boyfriend sebastian is a big smiths fan and he was the one who totally introduced me to them. Early on I snagged his smiths tee shirt, which is a tad oversized, and I wear it with skinny black jeans all the time. I love it, especially because it makes me think of him when I wear it.

  30. Ooooooh lordy. I cannot even say how much I LOVE The Smiths.

    Joanna, I had no idea. We could’ve been bonding over The Smiths all this time ;)

  31. Very cool (and good taste in music, too). :)

  32. Omygoodness, our men would be friends. My guy is obsessed with the Smiths too. They are the nostalgia from his youth. Thanks for sharing these :) xo

    Oh, and happy birthday Alex!!

  33. Ju says...

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  34. Awe, your memories are so darling. Love the butterflies and lads who cook for their ladies.

    Cheers to you two (well, three now!).

  35. i love this post, i love your butterflies, i love that feeling and i love this music :)

  36. that is so cute. i love the heart-poundy-ness :D

  37. ugh. love.

  38. So sweet! I just recently really got into The Smiths. I have the movie, “500 Days of Summer” to thank for that. : )

  39. Awwww, this is a cute post ♥

  40. Jo says...

    My boyfriend loves the Smiths and classic Penguin covers–I can’t afford the set of three, so how do I choose?

  41. awesome! love the smiths and these posters…also love the “say anthing” poster too :)

  42. Anonymous says...

    These are amazing posters!!!!!!

  43. That is such a sweet story! My husband is an avid Zombies fan. He absolutely loves 1960’s pop and he would love these posters also!

  44. How sweet. Yes, the beginnings of relationships are wonderful, but it’s probably practical that the relationship changes with time. I’m not sure it would be either healthy or possible to be in that whirlwind of emotion all the time. You would never get anything done:-D

    But oh the memories….

  45. Great prints!

    I was recently stopped seeing a guy because I wasn’t getting those feelings. They’re SO important!

  46. I love these prints, especially “idle hands!” Gosh, I was obsessed with the Smiths! Isn’t it funny how music is so intrinsically tied to our memories? The Smiths always remind me of my brother.

    Bren @ Chasing Beauty

  47. butterflies, the best feeling in the world! oh, love the smiths, too!

  48. That is so sweet. It’s true too – the drama is intense in the beginning! It’s all worth it, though :)

  49. Oh that’s cute. And, I LOVE The Smiths.

  50. If you love the Smiths, you should check out the Sons & Heirs (they are performing on Halloween in Brooklyn!) They totally rock and the lead singer looks like Morrissey. Pretty cool. The Radio Head Tribute band that’s playing with them is great too!

  51. Oh my, as a book lover and smiths fan I NEED this.

  52. I still get butterflies around my husband. He gets so mad when we argue or fight because I just start smiling and laughing. I can’t help it, I just am so excited to be around him.

    Have you heard the “She and Him” version of “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want….” Awesome.

  53. hmm! nice and creepy. Love it! (the prints, not the um, start of your relationship!)

  54. the beginning of a relationship is so intense and magical…i love thinking about the early dating years with my husband and all of those heart pound-y moments :)

    p.s. LOVE The Smiths!

  55. love these prints – the smiths were a big part of my college years! :)

  56. the smiths is my favourite band everr! i named my cat morrissey in honor of well Morrissey. also, it’s so and i quote “isn’t it funny that you think that every little thing you say might make them either fall in love with you or fall out of love with you?:

  57. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

    (from a fellow Smiths lover.)

  58. haha, amber, i know! isn’t it funny that you think that every little thing you say might make them either fall in love with you or fall out of love with you? it’s all so dramatic at the beginning!

  59. Those prints are beautiful and I also love Smiths. That is such a sweet post…I remember getting the exact same feeling when Balazs and I first started dating…awww…Great reminder

  60. Love the green one :) So cool!

  61. this are amazing! i love the smiths. thanks for sharing!!

  62. Oh my goodness! I remember heading over to Rob’s apartment when we were first dating with butterflies in my stomach, and he’d open the door and my heart would start pounding and I’d get dizzy.

    Occasionally, I still do.

    Thanks for the reminder!

    p.s. These prints are gorgeous.