1. I agree with you. I guess this dress is a great idea for a wedding gown. Especially if it’s a beach wedding.

  2. Is buying a wedding dress smaller than what I wear a mistake?
    I found a wedding dress that I absolutely love. However it is a size 10 and I currently am a size16. My wedding is over 18 months away, and I do want to loose the weight; but is 3-4 dress sizes too much?

  3. Oh man! Is it me, or have wedding dresses became more incredible every year. I’ve seen a million dresses I like better than mine since I got married! Ack!

  4. Ooohhh… I love, love it! I wish I could get married all over again.

  5. Flawless, I love it!!

  6. So pretty and romantic!

  7. Anonymous says...

    I like the dress, but not as a wedding dress. It does resemble a nightgown and is not fitted enough for my taste. Also, you have to be fairly flat-chested to pull off this style, which is not my case.

  8. Anonymous says...

    Just imagining how the dress flow and flutter in the breeze.
    Simply romantic.

  9. Perfection! I’m looking for a dress for our renewal of wedding vows next summer. It will have a hippie theme, so this dress would be perfect. Bare feet wedding.

  10. Awesome idea! I wish I’d discovered your blog before I planned my wedding. This dress with a thin, elegant belt would’ve made my day so much lovelier! Oh, well… can’t complain too much when you marry the man of your dreams :-)

  11. I know it is a gorgeous gown and I adore the way it flows but I . would. so . love . to .wear. it . to . bed.!!!

  12. o my word!
    ha. i’m single, but this dress would be SO very lovely as a wedding gown. sigh. o to dream.

  13. Joanna, I have to say I agree with you whole heartedly. This dress is so fresh. Nothing stuffy or overdone about it. (and I think it would also be great for a ‘shotgun wedding’. It would downplay anyone starting to show, with out loosing an ounce of glamor.)

  14. maggie says...

    love this!

  15. Lovely. I’d wear in all summer given half the chance. Gorgeous.

  16. Anonymous says...

    I love the flow, but it looks a little like a night gown.

  17. uau, I love it. probably wouldn’t work for me, I’m not that tall to pull it of. not that i’m getting married any time soon :)

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  19. It’s a pretty dress, but I think that shape only works on very specific body types, you really have to be tall and very slender with no or very very slight boobs/butt so that it looks elegant and ethereal. Otherwise it would just look like maternity pajamas!

  20. What a stunning idea. Plus, the top knot is absolute perfection! P.S. Happy billionth second, darling! xo

  21. This is so wonderful and luxurious! I love it. :) Thanks for sharing, Joanna. :)

    I love the material as well! Fantastic.

    XOXO, darling

  22. Gorgeous, and think of how great you’d feel all day in that! Thanks for sharing! :)

  23. it totally reminds me of wendy’s nightgown from peterpan! so comfy!


  24. Reminds me of a tropical island wedding. I do love it!

  25. This is absolutely gorgeous. :)

  26. Agreed, Jo! A relaxed and elegant bridal look! Lovely. :)

  27. It looks so comfortable, I think I’d want to wear it to bed! :-)

  28. Gorgeous and comfortable!! One really can’t ask more from a wedding gown. It makes me want to get married all over again!

  29. That dress is flawless <3

  30. yes, monkey and squirrel, you could actually eat the wedding dinner!

  31. so very adorable and looks like it would be super comf too!

  32. This would be perfect for a beach wedding especially =)

  33. I could construct an entire wedding off of this beautiful dress! Sometimes I want a wedding do-over- same man but different everything.

  34. Ooo – I’m intrigued. I think with some sort of gold belt too it would be so lovely and grecian.


  35. Indeed pure delight… I just loved it!!! What an amazing dress… so romantic and simple… I would get married in this one… and I am a girl that says she doesn’t want to get married! :) Hugs, Twiggs

  36. I bet it feels so light too..I love the bun..The whole look is very romantic…Such a great dress…and perfect for the reception as well:)…(you can eat as much as you want in that baby) hahah

  37. this dress is gorgeous!

  38. Ooh – I can just see it at a wedding on the beach, or in a gorgeous English garden.