Home Inspiration: Hanging family photos

One of the coolest things is when people blow up everyday family photos into enormous pieces of art. The new issue of Lonny Magazine has a house tour of Lulu de Kwiatkowski‘s fabulous Los Angeles home. I LOVE the photo of the man and child swimming. Doesn’t it make you want to hang some huge family snapshots?

(Update: Lulu says the photo–of her husband and his nephew–was taken underwater with a disposable Kodak camera and blown up onto Plexi glass by Duggal Photo in New York City. Good to know!)

  1. This is so awesome! Duggal is amazing. I have printed up work for shows with them as well as work for clients. The plexiglass prints are spectacular! I love working with them bc the are so professional and so helpful! I love the look of this photo in a living room as a focal piece.

    I hope that you and your little family are all feeling better! I actually have a cold myself and I hope I don’t give it to Lucia…
    I totally hear you btw that it takes 100x longer to do anything when you’re a new mama…

  2. I love this idea. Now I just have to choose a photo!

  3. oops, sorry about the last post! ehem, I was just going to say – I love this idea – but it’s so impossible to choose the best picture out of the hundreds I take =) I’ve been waiting for an answer to come to me for awhile!

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  6. Awesome idea! And on plexi glass. Never would have thought of that.

  7. Brilliant.

  8. I think this is such a wonderful way to decorate AND show family pictures in a tasteful way.

    Thanks for the post!

  9. Love this. Much better than a Warhol-like print of the family. Now to narrow down the choices…

  10. Yes, yes, yes! I love this. What a fantastic idea. I love the whole room, to be honest. :)


  11. adore that painting. so pretty!
    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly
    New post with mystery guest revealed for Tea Time Tuesdays!

  12. i love this too and am in the process of doing the same (one kings lane had a great deal for a few weeks ago so we’re picking out photos from our travels now — and i just made my mom a big black and white of my niece sitting by a pond as a birthday present)… love lonny too!

  13. that is amazing, i love it!! what a beautiful, personal way to decorate a home :)

  14. that photo was one of the number one things that stood out in the magazine to me, too! i love it!

  15. That’s great. I love family photos that are appreciated in that way.

  16. Maryam of My Marrakech has millions of framed family photographs on the stairs of her home in Marrakech and it’s something I have meant to get onto for ages – my husband and I have about 5000 photographs taken since we met (!!!!) and many are worth framing and putting up – it’s just a matter of gathering the will to do so…

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    Oh, my! Let me check my album and find one to blow it up.

  18. how fun! i love using disposable cameras and have been wanting to try out the underwater ones. now i will for sure!

  19. great idea! Also, on page 220 of the same issue, there are 2 over sized pictures above the girls’ beds. It looks awesome. I’ll definitely look for a good picture and do the same thing!

  20. You almost can’t tell if it’s a family photo or an expensive piece from an art gallery!!

  21. LOVE this! I was just looking at the new issue of Lonny and loved Lulu’s house. Isn’t that photo so much fun!It takes family photos to a whole new level.

  22. I’ve always thought that our den walls – especially the area above the fireplace – was the grown-up equivalent of our dresser top from childhood. When you were a kid, you would proudly display the things you were most proud of on your dresser – a trophy, a signed baseball, a collectible..etc.
    As adults, the things we are often the most proud of is our family – so displaying their images proudly above the fireplace makes perfect sense.

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    Just a note!
    I’ve used disposable under water cameras before, and unless you have a LOT of light they don’t turn out! So use them on a sunny day in an outdoor pool only!

  24. First of all, thanks for turning me on to Lonny Mag. We’re moving and I need some decorating inspiration. Second, love the large family photo idea and agree with the person who posted that it is a refreshing change over canvases.
    We recently had two photos (one fine art and one family-ish) mounted by ArtiPlaq (google it) and they look amazing. It seems that with the plexi there is glare. This has no glare. We ordered it through our lab in Michigan called Lake Effect Digital.

  25. I just think it’s hilarious that they put that in their living room. Especially when said living room looks fairly modern and chic. It’s just hilarious.

  26. I completely agree… this looks so cool and modern.

  27. i’m eating up lonny mag page by page, as usual it’s fab. and i’m with you, those large family/people portraits are beautiful. such an added point of interest in the space.

  28. What a wonderful way to surround yourself with love.

  29. I’ve always been a huge fan of this, especially now that i’m a new mom. I was actually looking at these just last night at the Lonny site!

  30. How cool – I’ve seen this done a lot lately….I must do this in my own home!!! i love Lonny!

  31. What a wonderful idea…the plexi glass! I love displaying family photos, although I always wonder if people think I am obsessed with my children due to all the pictures and photo albums!!


  32. It’s a great idea! I love underwater photos :)

  33. i love this idea…it’s so playful and so much more meaningful!

  34. I really like that idea. I might do that in our living room.

  35. So great! What is it about kids underwater that is extra extra cute?

  36. A refreshing change from the canvas emlargements.

    Love it.

  37. Great to know the details!

    I always loved it on 9 By Design when they would do similar pieces. It really makes for a special space.

  38. I agree. I’m ordering my husband a painting for our 3 year anv…they make such great conversation pieces and just think, it’s one of a kind art that you created!

  39. i totally prefer big candid shots to family portraits. (unless, of course, they are an oil painted family portrait…) one of my dreams. haha : )

  40. Agreed!! Love that pic, it makes a picture unique that no one else have…I am so doing this!

  41. I love it! The love of the family really shines through! :)

  42. I agree! That photo is wonderful.

  43. whoa, brittany, that’s amazing! thanks!

  44. Such a beautiful inspiration!! Thanks for sharing :)
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  45. Oh Joanna, I thought the same thing!!

  46. This is a great print.
    We have large canvas prints of the kiddos on our walls and I love to see their smiling faces so big.

  47. Nice!! I love blowing up regular shots…not of me though! Nobody wants to see my head that big! ^_^ But I love the one in your post and can think of some of my family that I’d like to enlarge. :-)

  48. I love spontaneous photos! And that one looks great!

  49. totally agree. when you get an awesome candid like that, why not show it off?

  50. Family, photography, art…it’s all the same and all wondeful on the wall!

  51. Absolutely!

  52. love love this idea! I have always wanted to do this.

  53. Oh, and thanks for the enlargement tip, Brittany – that is a great deal!!!

  54. Brilliant idea! So personal and way better than purchasing a piece of Ikea art that everyone can have in their homes. Now I just need a baby to take photos of!

  55. oh my goodness, what a clever {and charming} idea! i have a few friends who did the same thing via shutterfly – they enlarged some of their favorite photos and had it printed on canvas – it looked amazing!

    thanks for inspiring, joanna!
    sylvie of silver lining

  56. You kinda can’t stop staring at it. It is mesmerizing!!! Time to scour the hard drives….

  57. I used to never print anything because I thought it would be too expensive, but I found this company that can blow up a picture 20×30 for about $25. I’ve used them a lot and they are very good. Check it out!


  58. Yes, definitely. My mother did this when we were leetle & I’m trying to pry some out of her hands. They’re packed away & I’m sending this to her to get a little guilt going her way (for once!). The other thing is that I must actually be nearing 100 years old…I remember reading about Lulu when she was teeny. Oh gawd. Off to exfoliate (or something). xo

  59. I LOVE THIS! the rest of her art in the story is fab as well.

  60. I so agree!!! When Balazs and I have a baby (one day) we are planning to make and hang a few baby and family huge photos around our home:) I love that photo:)

  61. totally agreed!!! there is no piece of art that can top a pic of a loved one :)