Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy (almost) Halloween! What are your plans for the weekend? We’re going out for Italian food with some friends tonight, so I’m saving my appetite for a giant piece of lasagna. And I’m excited for the Halloween parade this weekend! Toby’s going to be either a wolf or a tourist. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few great posts from around the web…

Pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies? Yes, please!

Alphabet bookcase.

Let’s go backyard camping.

Love this wedding dress.

Do you think this ponytail styling lotion really works? If so, that’s genius.

Awww, such a cute print.

Rethinking sweatpants.

What a lovely wintery shot.

Ooh, I want to go on a photography getaway.

40 clever advertisements.

This beautiful bride wore this beautiful gown!

Kate Spade’s adorable inspirations.

Have a good one! xo

(Photo from the new 3191 Quarterly)

  1. This blog is amazing! So many fun ideas!

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  3. I liked this blog because it gave a bunch of other topics linked to the idea of holiday and related interests!

    the backyard camping was such a good idea for families that i wrote a post about it.

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  4. i just have to say that i look forward to this round-up post every monday when i come in to work. :) thanks!!

  5. i am head over heels for that alphabet bookcase! i HAVE to get one or make something similar one day. . . happy halloween! i always look forward to your friday around the web posts!

  6. tvchiq :) says...

    Love your blog..especially the weekend posts b/c you introduce us to the coolest and craziest things..anyhoo–just wanted to tell you that my 3 year old was a tourist this weekend and I thought it was funny that it was one of your choices…can’t wait to see what you did…my son’s costume was great cause it didn’t cost a thing, it was really cute–especially his props of a camera, fanny pack and bucket hat–and he didn’t mind wearing it b/c he didn’t know it was a costume..perfect!!..hope your baby’s first Halloween came out fun.. :)

  7. Sounds like a lovely weekend!

    Hope you all stayed warm –


  8. I love your blog. Anything planned for this week end apart cook chocolate cakes and walks in forest with children and friends.

  9. Hello, Joanna! :)

    Your weekend sounds lovely. I am sure that Italian restaurant was scrumptious. Aww, I want to see pictures of Toby in his adorable costume (whichever you ended up choosing).

    Thanks for sharing these fantastic links! All of them are absolutely brilliant. I really love the design of that first wedding dress you showed.

    Happy Halloween, dear!


  10. happy halloween. great links. i love the advertisements :)

  11. amaising frames , im planing to buy for my new home i just bought . They give life to a house.

  12. Hi! I just came across your blog. I am glad I did! Lots of beautiful inspiration. Xoxo from Norway:)

  13. Yum! Lasagna, sounds like a great meal planned. We are going to carve some pumpkins and enjoy seeing all the trick or treaters. Hope you have a great weekend.

  14. Enjoy the holloween, officially starts here in Ireland in 30 minutes!

  15. Have a lovely week-end, Joanna, enjoy Halloween! And thank you for your link :)

  16. What wonderful links!
    P.S. I always adore the wedding shots you post. Such wonderful inspiration for our photography bizness.

  17. Anonymous says...

    Have a great weekend, too! We are having friends over for a dinner party tonight. Apple tart and ice cream!!!

  18. mmm suddenly i want lasagna! And to see Toby in a tourist costume! Or a wolf (Little Jacob!? hahah)


  19. ah, funniest ad EVER for the doggie dental treats!! hhahaha.
    ps. read your old blog about how Audrey Hepburn had a deer! how bizarre and endearing!

  20. Aw i love lasagna… enjoy your night.

  21. hope you have a great first Halloween with Toby! can’t wait to see photos of him in his costume!

  22. I always love perusing your weekend links. Imagine my surprise when I clicked through to the beautiful bride in the J. Crew dress and realized her groom was a classmate of mine from high school in South America! What a strange coincidence!

    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face and old memories to mind!

  23. Halloween party tomorrow. Going to be a Greek Goddess if I get my accessories right.

    And I’ve made those pumpkin cookies a few times. I LOVE them!

    Happy first halloween to Toby!

  24. I loooove this photo with the apples. It’s so delightfully fall.

    & crazy talk! I’m being a tourist this weekend, too! I’ll be posting my costume on starshine ( early next week ;)

  25. great links, as usual :) thanks for sharing!

  26. Love the link about backyard camping…If only I had a backyard…

  27. We’re spending the weekend in NYC and meeting up with old friends :) Yay!

    And I just love all things Kate Spade! I just bought the Clyde typewriter bag and I’m itching to buy the No Sleep Till Brooklyn bangle… problem is I don’t wear bangles because I have tiny wrists! Boo…

  28. lovely links! have a great weekend!

  29. Have a great weekend! Be sure to post photos of toby! xoxo

  30. Lasagna. Oh yes. I’ll be carving pumpkins with a twist. Enjoy your weekend.

  31. I saw that pony styling lotion at Sephora the other day and I was intrigued. guess we wen’t know until we try it, right?
    I say Toby should go as the baby from “The Hangover” haha
    Happy Trick-or-Treating!

  32. Happy Hallowe’en to Toby!


  33. I make pumpkin-chocolate chip whoopie pies, maybe I’ll try cookies, too! I’m working on popcorn balls, caramel apples and candied apples for my trick-or-treaters tonight, then finishing up my kids’ Halloween constumes. Have fun at dinner!

  34. I’m going to have some italian food too with my hubby tonight!

  35. that is crazy – i was married last sept. at that exact location (as the bride in the j.crew dress)! so funny to see the same place with a different theme!

  36. A wolf or a tourist!
    Made me laugh out loud.
    Happy Halloween to Toby! His first !

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  38. Mmm, lasagna!
    Have a lovely Halloween :)

  39. Hope we’ll get to see pictures of Toby in his little Halloween costume. A baby tourist? Sounds awesome! A little wolf? Sounds cute! Have fun!

  40. ha, a tourist. that’s genius.

    have a wonderful halloween!

  41. Lasagna sounds great for tonight! Have a fun time and wish you a Happy Halloween:)
    We are going to dress up too (a fairytale party) as Red Riding Hood and the Wolf..
    Kisses, Joanna and I cant wait to see Toby’s costume…haha