Have a happy weekend!

My darlings, what are you up to this weekend? The weather is supposed to be gorgeous! We’ll be taking long walks with Toby in the sling (he’s newly obsessed with taxis), and at night, Alex and I are planning to watch the original Thomas Crown Affair. (What is it about crooks?) Have a wonderful one, and meanwhile, here are a few great posts from around the web…

Mad Men photos.

Bike shelf for small spaces.

Is it a vase? No, it’s a necklace!

How to make NYC’s best cookies.

Cutest pregnancy outfits. (Of course she’s Swedish.)

Ten ways to spend a rainy day.

Playing with the moon.

Taxi booties!

And a random tip: My new favorite thing is French dry shampoo. You can skip a shower, and it makes you look beautiful and bedheady.

(Photos taken at this pretzel shop by our friend Kenan)

  1. You guys look so happy! What a sweet, sweet family.

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  3. You are such a beautiful family. Congrats to your little Mr Cutie Cute – HE is adorable!


  4. Hey Joanna! I hope this doesn’t sound creepy, but Saturday, my mom, sister and I were visiting NYC and were about to cross the street to the YOYA on Greenich Village, and I could have sworn I saw you coming out of the store! By the time we got there, you were out of sight or I would have tried to say hello! That store is beautiful! We loved looking around and dreaming of the baby I’m expecting in March!

  5. Those pics are so adorable!

  6. Oh my goodness, those Taxi Booties are painfully cute!

  7. Joanna – Hope you had a lovely weekend with the family (great new photos)! I’m super excited right now because I just completed my third Marathon in Chicago (and am equally as excited for a week of rest – I think I’m going to have to try those cookies). I think the Berlin Marathon is next on my list, so am definitely going to look to the time you and Alex spent there for tips and inspiration!


  8. So so adorable :)

    Hope you are doing well!!
    xoxo Laura

  9. Hi! :) So very beautiful your little Toby! :)) You write really well, so passionately! (I just found your blog and read your hospital/birth-story further down ;)).

    I wish you and your loved ones a nice week! :)

    Ann, The interior blog Glassveranda, Norway.

  10. Checked out the pretzel shop this weekend + it was amazing! Thanks for recommendation!

    Hope you + the fam enjoyed the gorgeous weather we are having in NYC.


  11. Gorgeoue baby photos – possibly the most photogenic age?

    My weekend consisted of a scruptious lunch at The Big Bang here in Oxford (bangers & mash, of course, of the v. fancy variety – I had wild venison sausages) and work, work, work. Getting the blog properly in order.

  12. Those photos are beautiful, especially the last one of you and Toby. Your blog always makes me so happy. xo

  13. I am Brazilian and I do not know how I got into your blog, I found it very interesting, his son is very beautiful. .
    all the best for you in NY (:
    – Excuse my spelling errors. rsrs ‘

  14. Aww, your boy is growing up to be such a handsome little guy! Sounds like a lovely weekend =)

  15. Love these photos and am a little jealous about the pretzels (yum!)

    also…thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I absolutely adore you and your blog and feel flattered that you visited mine, too!

  16. Did you ever imagine Toby would be so deliciously cute!?!

  17. Ahh, walks with babies are one of my favorite past-times. Those are such sweet photos. The three of you make such a beautiful family.

  18. toby is clearly a native new yorker with his taxi obsession! that’s hilarious.

    it’s canadian thanksgiving!! so eating turkey and eating heaps of pumpkin pie!


  19. ohhh that baby is a beauty.

  20. Great tip on the dry shampoo! I’ve been looking for one that will work without making my dark hair look gray.


  21. thank you! for the shout out, i appreciate it :-)

  22. You have a really cute son ! Greetings from Helsinki, Finland.

  23. Hi Joanna,
    How about that Thomas Crown Affair!
    A seriously a sexy film. Hope you all are enjoying a beautiful weekend. Wanted to stop by to mention that I just recently discovered Lisa Warninger and saw that you know of her too. She inspired me to stay up late and write about repose. Something that you both have a gift for.
    Aren’t little boys the best? He is just darling.

  24. Beautiful cute baby shots!!!! love them. You look so relax and happy too – great mum shots!!!!

  25. toby looks ADORABLE!

  26. So cute!

    Thank you very much for the links! I want to live in Mad Men’s closet please.. at least for a few days :)

  27. toby is so dang adorable! i love his little hat!

    and ive heard the original thomas crown is better than the newer version. enjoy!

  28. Toby is so adorable!! I want to squeeze his cheaks! And I’m definitely trying those NYC cookies.
    Have a nice weekend!

  29. meredith, thank you for the other recipe, i can’t wait to try them both! and haha, diana, that’s an awesome halloween costume idea. Ashlae, THANK YOU for the note about inhaling it — i’m going to use my bottle next to a window and then run to the other room! scary! and zoe, i’m so JEALOUS that you met liv’s baby!!!!!!!! i am aching to hold her in my arms!

  30. My Mother used to use dry shampoo back in the sixty when she had young children and she gave it to me for my first baby bag, theres nothing like a 2 day labour to ruin your hair-do! It only costs about £2 ($3.50) in chemist shops in the UK though!

  31. Look how big Toby is! He’s so bloomin’ lovely! Have an awesome weekend cc

  32. Great pictures – you look like such as happy little family:-)

    Love the moon pictures – I have to try and make some myself.

    Have a nice weekend Joanna & Co.

  33. Lovely pictures, what a beautiful family!

  34. I just saw the movie Popeye last night and thought of your family dressed up as Popeye, Olive Oyle, and Swee’ Pea for Halloween. I’m not sure what we’re going to be, but I’m collecting toilet paper rolls to make a white wig for my little girl. She could be a king. But which one?

  35. Dry shampoo sounds like a mommy’s best friend!

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  36. those are the most precious photos! what an adorable new family.

  37. Haaaapy weekend!
    Toby looks so cute in his little hat.

    Thanks for the MadMen photos.. perfect way to start a saturday.


  38. …..I am sure that you get a million comments a day about this, BUT…..your son is totally the CUTEST baby ever……and your blog is pretty great too!

  39. Just came across your blog, I really like it. its different from anything else, a little bit of everything!! very usefull, hope you have a great weekend, enjoy!

  40. Beautiful pictures. Have a great weekend!

  41. Joanna, I saw your lovely cousing and her beautiful tiny girl yesterday (we used to work together in Bath) and they are both looking fabulous! Hope you and Toby have a lovely weekend in the nice weather!

  42. Joanna if you’re in the movie-mood I really recommend the french thriller Espion(s) with Guillaume Canet.
    Saw it last night and it was so good!


  43. Just having some friends over for wine and laughs :)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  44. Ohhh those photos are adorable…Wish you a wonderful weekend and I am off to check out your links!

  45. I love dry shampoo! Have an awesome weekend. Your son is seriously way too adorable.

  46. Lovely pics. I like the dry shampoo..I’m about four weeks into the ‘no poo’ thing and my hair is so bad. It’s driving me loco. Talk of fancy shampoo is so appealing…

  47. if you like a good heist, the original ‘taking of pelham 123’ is great, and the soundtrack is fantastic. the downside is no steve mcqueen, but the upside is walter matthau. have a lovely weekend.

  48. Anonymous says...

    Beautiful photos! What kind of camera do you use?

  49. He is adorable…and growing so fast!

  50. O.M.G. toby is getting cuter every day. (and I thought he was cute the first picture of him i saw!)

  51. And PS – Toby is a total babe.

  52. The dry shampoo is great in theory – but that particular brand contains silica. Although natural, if inhaled, silica can cause serious complications (which is why there’s a warning on the bottle saying not to inhale, and to use in a well-ventilated area). Still, very scary! Sadly, I haven’t found a dry shampoo that I both like, and is safe.

  53. Sweet Jesus your kiddo is so cute.

    Thank you for the link to the dry shampoo. I am two years into motherhood and I am still struggling to find time to shower more than four times a week. My hair suffers so.

  54. thanks Joanna, it’s been a crazy day telling everyone and I just can’t believe I’m so lucky.

    and I’ve already emailed Max Wanger :) I just adore his work from your wedding.

  55. I love, love, love the original Thomas Crown Affair! Steve McQueen is so dreamy! I’m sure you will love it too!

  56. Very excited about this weekend, it’s Thanksgiving here (north of the border!) and it’s going to be gorgeous. Would love to take my babies for a walk in Central Park… enjoy!

  57. Such a pretty family:)

  58. Toby is such a cutie…enjoy the beautiful weather! We just found out we’re having a girl today so we’re going to spend the weekend celebrating the exciting news!

  59. Hello darling Joanna!

    So, this post is fantastic. And can I just say that you and Toby and your husband are all so sweet and that I just want to squeeze Toby’s chubby cheeks and give him a big kiss…he melts my heart all over the floor. :)

    So, these links are brilliant! I saved loads of photos from them. I love the bike rack-so adorable, and that awesome necklace, those cookies look DELICIOUS, and the pregnancy outfits are awesome…I love her dresses! Oh, and everything else is brilliant and as soon as I saw the taxi booties I was like, “AW!” They’re so precious.

    Have a fantastic weekend, dear.


  60. Oh my word! He is such a beautiful little boy! I’m so happy for you both. And enjoy Thomas Crown Affair (classic!).

  61. what sweet photos! Have a lovely weekend, Joanna!

  62. I love that last photo of you and your little one. So sweet.

    Thanks for the link to the cute pregnancy outfits. I’m 14 weeks pregnant and running out of options with what feels good around my big round belly :)

  63. Such a beautiful family! have a happy weekend! :)

  64. I’m laughing because I use the same shampoo…I didn’t click, just saw the code.

    You might want to take Toby by Strawberry Fields in Central Park, eh? Anyone who sees this, Imagine Peace is “collecting” tweets for John’s birthday tomorrow.


  65. Beautiful pictures Joanna! Hope you, Toby, and your husband have a nice relaxing weekend : )

  66. Toby is too cute.

    This weekend is my first official weekend as a fiance! so so excited. :) I don’t know what to do first!