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  2. Anonymous says...

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  3. These are fantastic, and just what I was in the market for!

  4. Very cute!

    I’m sending your link to these lovelys to my bride-to-be, vintage-loving sister :).

  5. I love the last one! :) God I love it.

  6. Amazing! I wish my wife and I knew about this shop when we were getting married. We love stuff like this. I can’t get over the expanse of great stuff on Etsy.

  7. oh joanna they are lovely – thanks for sharing! Wishing you all a speedy recovery.

  8. oooh i love anything gatsby or art deco and those prices are soo reasonable!

  9. Yep, these are amazing. I love the first one. How romantic is the idea of a Gatsby wedding…

    I hope Toby perks up soon! Sending good health vibes.

  10. gorg!!!

  11. These are totally amazing!

    Poor little Toby . . . that’s heartbreaking to hear that you all are sicky.

  12. gatsby wedding: yes please!

    now i have to find a husband or at least a boyfriend……


  13. very original and beautiful! Hope you are feeling better. xx

  14. These are amazing! I am totally going to use these for my wedding!!

  15. been away for so long.didnt know you got married.

  16. Very cute! I love the variety!

  17. thanks for your notes; we’re still very cold-y but hanging in there! xoxo

  18. I’m loving this recent increase in art deco and old-fashioned stationary! Why not have a little more fun with invitations like these?


  19. LOVE these!

  20. Ooo – I think the darker colored background is very bold, but I love it! Can’t wait for more fun things to come today :) Hope you’re all feeling better!


  21. wow… super cute! perfect for all these vintage inspired weddings going on these days.

  22. Vintage style… I adore them
    How are you feeling today?

  23. i totally looked at these before doing my own save the dates! love the vintage style :)


  24. Those are very sweet:) How are you both doing? Little better today?
    I hope so!