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  4. I love it! I always feel like a nerd for my bike helmet, but I’m not a risk to fall without it. Glad to see the girls are rocking style helmet.

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  5. What a loving photos of Milanese models in their Vespa helmets! These are look so cute.I really adore this idea.Thanks for the excellent contribution to the discussion.

  6. not *quite* the same… but in the outfit photo i posted today, i’m holding my scooter helmet, and it looks a little like a handbag. :)

  7. Safety and style all at once. Smart girls.

  8. Love it! I always feel like such a nerd with my bike helmet on, but I’m not risking a fall without one. Glad to see some gals are rocking the helmet in style.

  9. Denise says...

    Can anyone identify the bag in the third photo? This is a long shot but I’d love to know. :) Cheers!

  10. I look like a lollipop any time I wear a helmet! So jealous of these lovelies; they actually make them look good!

  11. All I can think about when I see these pictures is Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days putting on Matthew McConaughey’s vespa and saying “This won’t look goofy on me!” Love that movie! Vespas are so cute but I think they would in fact look goofy on me :)

  12. I’m currently digging doing some sort of braid to combat helmet hair – it keeps me glam (after keeping me safe!)


  13. love vespas, love helmets, so cool.

  14. my problem isn’t looking cute in a helmet. the problem is still looking cute when you take the helmet off. sweaty helmet hair is so nasty. someone needs t make a helmet that breathes.


  15. Adorable girls. Photos like this are the reason my husband and I are getting a Vespa instead of a second car. Beach living, baby! Vespas trump cars!

  16. Lovely! My city doesn’t have many vespas, but our cyclists rarely wear helmets, even in crazy rush hour traffic.

  17. I would love to look this cute wearing a helmet. Maybe one day. When I own a Vespa. :)


  18. K says...

    I’ve been toggling between smart car,or vespa. One more point for vespas. ;)

  19. haha, who knew it was possible to look this cute posing with a big, doofy helmet on??? wow, i’m impressed! leave it to milan. :)

  20. C says...

    Its a Model Must now! But then those leggy beauties can pull of anything, even helmut hair!

  21. There is only a couple of brands that both are stylish and measures up to safety standards. My two personal favourites are 
    the British –
    Truly great helmets with leather lining and truly vibrant colors and patterns. Litterary saved my life more than once!
    and the French –
    Great colors and models and a really nice matte finish and in a strange combination of both retro and future design.

  22. ..I want a vespa!

    and I want to drive it in Milan!

    there. new life goal.

  23. so i ALWAYS wanted a custom bike – Dad always said “not till ur 30” – well i’m 30! – i think my bike is waiting for me SOMEWHRE – oh where oh where r youuuu..

    Ps – spreading the LOVE about my GIVE-AWAY – $45 worth of goodness!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  24. very chic, especially the first girl with her balenciaga mini ‘biker’ bag – also it’s great to see lovely young models smiling and not waifer-thin! :)

  25. Very stylish young helmet wearers! The sound of mopeds just makes me want to move to Europe, and I mean it!

  26. Cute pictures!

    It wasweird to see that the pictures was taken one finnish woman :)

  27. I always want to scold the drivers that don’t wear helmets. Yes, we know it’s carefree and wonderful but I shudder when I think of the “what ifs” without a helmet…

  28. Yeah, I kinda think when you’re a Milanese model, you look cute in *anything*!

  29. If I could only find an excuse to wear a helmut all the time so I wouldn’t have to do my hair…

  30. They all look so cute! I’d look like a total dork in a helmet lol

  31. wish i looked that cute in a helmet! (also really wish i owned a vespa!)

  32. A bit Alien like huh?…..smiles

  33. They’d look good in anything, though! I have a motorcycle helmet – I just ride along – but I certainly don’t look as fab as they do! Obviously what I need is a VESPA helmet, that makes all the difference!

  34. Oh wow! They have the cutest bike helmets for sale at Urban Outfitters at the moment – really frunky and fresh. Definitely thinking of buying one to add some colour to the morning bike ride to school!
    Much love,
    Hannie xxx

  35. I like! I need to get a bicycle helmet so bad. I hate not having one!

  36. If only I could look that cute while biking to class… with that helmet I’d be one step closer!!

  37. my husband collects vespas, so i learned to ride about a year ago. i’m constantly worrying about how stupid my hair looks after taking off my helmet. ho hum.

  38. gotta protect those pretty heads!

  39. I’m pretty sure that it’s easier to pull off a helmut when you’re a tall slim model. Still they look so cute, definitely another reason to get a vespa!

  40. when i studied for a semester in rome, i was always amazed at how fabulous italian women looked… they would get off their scooters, take off their helmet, shake out their hair, and walk away in their gorgeous tall boots like it was no big thing!

    i think you need to be italian to really pull it off :-)

  41. Oh, WOW, so cute!!!
    Milanese woman can make ANYTHING look adorable. These models are all so cute!! :)
    I always wanted a Vespa…but now I’d get one just for the helmets :)

  42. YES.
    i love vespas.
    been wanting one forever.
    they’re efficient and cute and gosh those helmets are perfect.
    so euro

  43. i’m always looking for new ways to look cute while riding my scoot, but as someone whose skull has been saved by a helmet on two different occasions, it’s hard to let style trump safety. these little helmets wouldn’t do much if you were in a crash. i want a cute full-face!

  44. Ohh how chic and fun:)
    I always wanted to have a vespa…but I am a really bad driver so my Balazs always says that its better if I dont have one…hahah..and use the bus:)
    I totally love that look:)

  45. who would have thought that helmets could look cute and sophisticated!? not me! now i do. xo!

  46. How adorable do these girls look ? Somehow it doesn’t quite translate as well on me. Hmmm maybe because I could be their mother ? :) Cute post !

  47. Anonymous says...

    those helmets weigh more than those women.

  48. I ADORE Vespas and when my mister and I get one, we’ll wear helmets for sure.

  49. I wish someone would make full-face helmets that cute! These are adorable but the thought of a broken jaw is too scary.