1. Oh my god, there is really much useful information here!

  2. I love this 60’s look too!
    got long hair, not so dfficult to build them up!

  3. i love this look! unfortunately, i could never pull it off. not only is it just not my style BUT my hair could NEVER have that much volume. now, the flat and lifeless look, my hair is great at that … never disappoints :)

  4. gorgeous!! im thinking of doing a ‘mad men’ themed for my upcoming40th birthday bash…this is a style that would be perfect for my hairdo!

  5. adorable! I won’t be trying it out, though, as I just had my own hair bobbed for fall.

  6. oh yes that looks fantastic!!!

  7. I LOVE that hair. So sixties/Bardot. If only I wasn’t cursed with curly hair.

  8. hah! i would totally try it if my hair were a bit longer…like ten inches or so longer….
    it’s pretty!

  9. totally jersey-licious!!!

  10. It would be so fun to try, but I can’t even curl my own hair so I know I couldn’t handle that.

  11. I like her hair… but without the beehive on the back. I love the tousled pony tale look… not so much the beehive for me.

  12. Anonymous says...

    If I looked like her, then yes I would try it lol

  13. I’ve been wearing my hair like this forever so it’s always been in style for me! :)

  14. Love the beehive. This just makes me wanna grow my hair out again!
    Thanks for sharing!

  15. believe it or not, i wore my hair kind of like this the other day! maybe not so poufy on top, but if my hair is on the dirty side – this is such an easy style to pull off. i love it, and i think you would look fabulous – totally try it! :)

  16. Anonymous says...

    No! It looks like hay…
    natural soft glowing like yours is a keeper trend :-)

  17. oh i love it! i think i’ll give it a try and channel my inner Mad Men. something has got to work with this unruly mane, so my hope is on this look.

  18. I love it! Do you watch Mad Men, Joanna? Oh how I love that show. =)

  19. This makes me wish I had long hair.

  20. I love the beehive look and totally plan on doing the look.

  21. This look is so flattering. . .I can’t wait until my hair is long enough to pull up again!

  22. Anonymous says...

    Alright so NY Times thinks it’s making a comeback, but visit most smaller mid-west cities and it will be apparent that those with unconventional “good taste” have been rocking this doo for a long time. They also seem to don overly tanned skin and low-rise jeans. just sayin’.

  23. I love beehives! I actually wear them all the time for special events. (I’m into all kinds of retro hairstyles–victory rolls, the flip, etc.) I kind of wish it WEREN’T coming back in style…I dont’ want everyone else looking like me! ;)

  24. I actually really really DONT like this look. I won’t be sporting it.

  25. It’s such a sexy retro look. Yes! Of course I’d try it! The only problem is I don’t know how to do it :O(

  26. i love it. always have. always will. but i don’t think i could do it to this extreme.

  27. I saw a girl rocking this look on my way to class this morning and surprisingly loved it.

  28. I’m loving every fall trend thus far! Only, it’s sort of hard to follow any trend here in Hawaii. If only running around in your swimsuit with salted curly locks could be a trend!

  29. I do the bee hive all the time! I even went so far as to getting those Bump-Its (they don’t work). Teasing is the only way to go :) xo

  30. I wear a modified bee-hive most days to work (in a pastry shop!), a little smaller, but still soft, and I tie it off with a droopy bow :D

  31. Unfortunately I think Snookie has forever ruined any type of bee hive…cute or not. Aw Snookie – What. What. What are you doing with that bump-it!

  32. I’m wearing this on the 16th & 17th to events. Going to have it done first by hairdresser because the last time I did it, you want to talk about a rat’s nest?

    To those who think it smacks of snookiness,etc….think of a little,eentsy lower version & Julie Christie. That’s why my hairdresser brought it up when I had the Times in my lap & she saw the pix.

    If you don’t dress in “costume” & don’t shriek nonsense at people, it can be very cool.


  33. Can’t wait to try this with the 60s style dress I just purchased.

  34. HUGE fan of this. I’m wearing it a lot lately! Along with a messy bun- flawless!

  35. Unfortunately, for me it’s a resounding no! I’m going to leave the beehive look to elvira, the B52’s and more recently snookie! haha

    xo tash

  36. i love this look! it is refreshing for fall!

  37. Anonymous says...

    I love this! She looks beautiful!

  38. joanna, if you try it, do post photos!! :)

  39. I don’t think it ever went OUT of style! It’s really adorable.

  40. I’ve been rocking the beehive for months, and feel no shame in that, (at least not at present).

  41. I would love to don this! I’ll have to give it many practice runs as I fear it could easily turn the Snookie route…eeks

  42. I’m not sure about this. There are some people who could rock this look, but if I tried it I’m sure I would end up looking like Snookie.

  43. I totally would if I didn’t have curly hair haha…hey maybe it would work anyways…?

  44. Yet another hair trick I’ll try (probably unsuccessfully) to master…

  45. I am so into the bee hive. I have been doing a lot of posts on big hair, but I have yet to try a real bee hive look! I think I need to!

  46. mad men dixit! adorable.

  47. i get so inspired by the 60’s.. here’s a blog I found to get some style ideas!



  49. i love the bee hive!!! angelina jolie pulls it off so well!!! thanks for sharing!!!

    kisses from the philippines xxx


  50. I like it! Not sure if I’d be able to pull it off though. Maybe a moderated version… thanks for sharing the “how to”!

  51. I love love the hair and make up from the 60’s – would love to give it a try!

  52. Yikes! I’d like to say yes, because if I could do big afros in the 70s I should be able to do this! But truthfully….No. I’ll leave this one for people more adventurous than me! ^_^

  53. This look is all over Sept Vogue – love it, as it reminds me of pictures of my mother in high school and when I was a little girl. Not sure I’ll try it though…

  54. Love that hair – I’m growing mine so I can have a beehive, though I’ll probably end up looking like some sad old sixties throw-back!

  55. I’m loving this look – it makes me feel very Bridgitte Bardot!


  56. im always so worried about teasing my color treated locks :/ im gonna try it though maybe just not as big? or heavily teased


  57. I do this now…i LOVE my hair like this…retro is awesome..my mom rocked it back in the 60’s and I’m grateful i inherited her crazy thick hair..perfect for teasing.
    that was a great how to link as well.

  58. LOVE it! Though I’m from Texas where big hair is always in style :)

  59. I adore this look. And I think it would look amazing on a bride!

  60. My girl friend can pull off this look beautifully…I am really bad when it comes to making my hair all pretty and nice but I am so going to give it a try:)…There is always a first time,right?

  61. love it! so relaxed and romantic.

  62. yes yes yes. i absolutely would try it! its so french. so bardot. oh i love it.

  63. when I was about 5 I saw a photo of my mom with a beehive and asked her how she did that to her hair. She spent the next 3 hours setting, teasing and spraying my hair into a perfect beehive and it was awesome!

    Well, awesome and kinda itchy.

    the updated version looks fab.

  64. i would try it if my hair was longer than six inches :(

  65. Would love to try this look– think it’s the next step, now that bump-its have been embraced by more than just Amy Winehouse and Flo in the Progressive commercials?

    I actually love just about any retro look, except my hair is way too short to pull something like this off. Sad.

  66. oh totally. i love the poof (just not too guidette).

  67. I have always loved this look. I have crazy short hair so it’s a no go for me but hope you all give it a go!

  68. I love it. But I’m not sure I would look as good as this girl:-D

  69. I love big hair! Using my Bump It makes it even easier. Love this look!

  70. Love, love, love this trend. There is another great 60’s up-do in the new Stella Artois print ads.

  71. Just found my “updo” for the wedding I am in this weekend. Thank you!! :)

  72. Absolutely yes. Love this.

  73. Definitely digging the new take on it!
    So sweet — I think I’d give it a go!

  74. I’ll have to revise this one for short hair… but you know what they say- “the bigger the hair, the closer to God”! {I’m from a small southern town… at least that’s what they say}

  75. So pretty- I’ve always liked the way this style looks. So romantic :)
    Now I can check how to make it- thank you!

  76. Lady! It’ just too fab!! I’ve been trying to grow my hair out so we can accomplish this :)

  77. I love this look! Thanks for the how-to!


  78. i LOVE it. i’m terrible at styling my hair but i might try it just to see :)

  79. I love it. If my red hair were long enough, I’d definitely try it!

  80. If I looked as good as her then heck ya I’d try it! Gorgeous.

  81. I would love to but not sure it would look so good on my. Oh heck why not!

  82. Gonna try this one…Love it!

  83. Seen the girl at wishwishwish done it and it looks very cute on her! Not for me though, and I don’t have long enough hair for it either :)

  84. i LOVE this look!!! bring back anything a little retro and i’m happy as a clam…


  85. Very sweet.