Beach vacation?

Alex and I are already dreading the NYC winter, so we’re planning to take Toby on a little beach getaway this coming February. (He’ll be nine months old!) We’re thinking maybe Tulum, Mexico, or Sanibel Island, Florida, but I’d LOVE to ask: Do you have any recommendations of places you’ve liked? xo

(Photos by Nastya and Jacinta)

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  3. Donna Parsley says...

    Having a winter break is a lot of fun. In terms of vacation, I would recommend Panama City beach, FL. Condo rentals there are cheap and have a lot of good facilities that you and your family can enjoy. For the past 2 vacations, our family has been a regular visitor of Panama City beach, Fl vacation rentals and we never have a dull vacation there.

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  5. Joanna, since you enjoy houseswapping and staying in houses, consider this place on the beach in Panama,, which my friend rented for a song last winter for an R&R vacay with a baby smaller than yours will be in March. Re water quality (Panama, Mexico or anywhere else) you can avoid the issue entirely. If you’re nursing that takes care of the milk, but ready to feed formula bottles are great options for travel, and the standard evenflo nipples and collars are affordable to use as take n toss. Food: plum organic pouches, local fruit, puffs, mum-mums, and other ready to feed options will tide you over for the trip. Lots of take n toss options for feeding spoons and bowls that are cheap enough you can buy enough to cover all your meals. (Don’t have to actually toss them, just rinse and bring home to sterilize)

  6. Hi Jo! There’s a lot of interesting beach spots in the country. Families usually engage in different activities at a beach resort. Panama City was our destination last summer. The sea and the white sand are one of the reasons why we opted for Panama City Beach. Vacation rentals there also offer comfortable accommodations because of their homelike amenities.

    Hope you’d have a great trip ahead!

  7. St. Augustine, Florida is beautiful. I went to Jacksonville on vacation this past summer and we made the drive to St. Augustine for a day trip. Beautiful beaches, and they have an old historical area of town with great shops and restaurants, and a Ripley’s museum! :)

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  9. I’d stick with Sanibel seeing as you will have your peanut with you (it would be less stress than Mexico). I live in Florida and can tell you that the West Coast beaches here are beautiful! When Toby is older you and Alex can bring him back to Cedar Key for a little fishing. :)

    Whatever you choose, enjoy!

  10. Anonymous says...

    Sannibel with a baby…Mexico is too stressful. Playa del Carma is awesome for a couples get away!

  11. I second Jennifer’s recommendation of Akumal. You can snorkel the coral reef that comes right up to the beach – no need to get on a boat at all unless you want to – and there are crazy-cool places to explore like the cenotes, where deep, cold fresh rivers brush the warm salt ocean waters and interact with each other. I’ve never seen such wonderful and strange sights underwater.

  12. Bermuda! Just a short DIRECT plane ride away and very family friendly. In 1987, my parents brought their children ages 21,15,6, and 3 months and everyone had a great time. I just went in August with my husband and LOVED it.

  13. Somewhere much further. Come to Brazil…to Bahia, very nice weather, hot sea water. Very rustic place, Praia do Forte, and if you wanna some confort of resort you also got it there.

    In US, Hawaii for sure, Maui.

  14. Portugal. Do come.

  15. Just got home from Tulum on Friday…I’d recommend staying at La Zebra in one of their pool side cabanas…24 hr electricity and ceiling fans which are a MUST in tulum…I’d also recommend renting a car from hertz for the duration of your trip…we rented one for 15 dollars US a day, and drove into town for breakfast, lunch or dinner each day…For breakfast go to Pan del Carmen, the best bread shop i’ve ever been to…you can also use the car to take the quick drive to Coba and rent bikes there to pedal around to the ruins…so fun!

  16. Megan says...

    I say, do Florida… Our weather was been perfect as of lately & if I didn’t already live here then I would plan to get away here :)

  17. Joanna, I usually don’t let local strife or news stories deter my travel plans, but Mexico (especially the places many people have recommended) has been stricken with huge bouts of violence and kidnappings from drug cartels. A couple with the distraction of a young baby might be particularly targeted. Please reconsider Mexico (at least this year!).

  18. We are also planning on visiting Tulum in January with our 9 month old daughter (who will be just over a year then)! Looks like such an amazing place. We’ll be living and traveling around Mexico, Belize, and Guatamala for 3 months…..maybe more. I can’t wait to escape our cold Canadian winter!

  19. I loved Puerto Nuevo near Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Bucerias is a cute little town 10 minutes away with fun shopping and yummy authentic food. I think the Estancia hotel we stayed has a kids club too.

  20. Anonymous says...

    I wouldn’t go back to Mexico if it was a free vacation. And I didn’t get mugged or anything like that while I was there. My take: Dom rep they will Rob you while in Mexico they will slit your thoat. I’ve just heard too many horrific stories about Mexico. I worked on a cruise ship and been to over 60 countries and few of them bring shivers down my back like when I think of Mexico. They need some good pr. Pronto!!

  21. off of sanibel, there is an even smaller island called captiva. it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever stayed. if you have dinner at the end of the island, the marina always has manatees floating by and they also have a great shell museum nearby!

  22. I spent my recent honeymoon in Tulum. It was so gorgeous, and there are a ton of great all-inclusive + affordable resorts to pick from.

  23. Mexico city is amazing. Tulum would be an amazing vacation as well! Enjoy

  24. Antigua or Dubai :)

  25. being a Gulf Coast Florida girl, I’m a bit biased here. I love love love Sanibel, or anything in that area. it’s so beautiful! I spent practically every summer in Manasota Key, Boca Grande, Don Pedro, Cabbage Key, Captiva Island… so many good memories. if you need any tips or recommendations, don’t hesitate to ask!!!

  26. I second Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica. It was a fabulous adventure but I’m not sure how kid friendly it would be as it took us a three hour very bumpy and queasy bus ride to get there. Florida is definitely a more laid back beach vacation. If I were in your shoes, I’d take a leisurely weekend and head to Watercolor or Seaside Florida. All the little pastel colored beach houses up against the white sands are just precious. Just watch the hurricanes a comin’.

  27. Sanibel Island is amazing. What’s more New York than going to FL in the winter? ;) Or Go to Key West…I promise to tell you all of the local hauntsand great places to eat: my husband’s family goes back five generations there and we’re down there all the time.

  28. H.Marie says...

    Mexico was by far my favorite beach vacation. I went to a resort in Cancun during the offseason, and it was nothing like what watching many years of MTV Spring Break had made me think. It was gorgeous and rejuvenating.

    I’d suggest renting a car and driving to Tulum and Chichen Itza–it was nice to avoid feeling rushed and hustled like the many tour bus style excursions. I also would suggest taking a water taxi to Isla Mujeres. It is a pretty little island just off the coast.

    Where ever you choose will be a nice break from the winter weather. Happy travels–I love your blog :)

  29. Sumi says...

    We went to Cozumel, an island on the Caribbean sea and did a day trip to Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Clear blue waters, amazing Maya ruins and some very nice hotels. Best holiday to date!

  30. My husband and I travelled Virgin Gorda last February and loved it! It’s a small island and very relaxed. Oftentimes, it felt like we had the whole island to ourselves. We’re going back this winter!

  31. I just went to Playa del Carmen Mexico in May and it was beautiful!

  32. the first picture i think i saw it before on the movie of Driver

  33. Gladys says...

    I loved Tulum and Sanibel, but my favorite is Zihuatanejo! We honeymooned there – I recommend Playa La Ropa for kids and in general. As far as concerns about the water, you can usually trust the water from most decent resorts and buy bottled water for drinking. I’ve never been sick, and we go at least a couple times a year. And I agree with inoakpark, Ixtapa does suck.

  34. Yes yes yes…my boyfriend and I went to Tulum a few years ago and stayed at Mezzanine. HIGHLY recommend. So beautiful. Just don’t stay there on a Friday, as they have an all-night DJ (not baby friendly).

    Tulum is small and has a European feel, it’s a nice alternative to the mega-resorts near Playa del Carmen/Cancun. And it’s quiet, with ruins to check out within walking distance.

    If you do end up going there, I also recommend renting a car rather than using the bus to get from Cancun.

  35. I would try one of the many beautiful beaches of Costa Rica! Seriously, CR is so much prettier, safer, and cleaner than Mexico AND cheaper. Plus, you feel like you are actually traveling abroad too and experiencing a different culture.

  36. I’d suggest Montelimar resort in Nicaragua. It’s a bit of a hike but, trust me, it’s worth it. Very inexpensive, gorgeous beach, warm water, hammocks everywhere, numerous pools, massages, and watermelon juice at the buffet! I went there during a study abroad and I will be going back as soon as I’m out of school!

  37. Joanna, you raise a very valid point, about the water, I have never been to the resorts in Mexico so can’t say what the water quality is like, BUT I traveled to Chihuahua and ended up getting sick and at the hospital (not a fun way to spend xmas,,and the worst part is I’m Mexican I thought I was immune to those sort of things.LOL and third point, with all these drug cartels I don’t know if I would feel safe!

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