Toby’s nursery

Now I’d love to share a few photos of Toby‘s nursery! When I was pregnant, I felt a little overwhelmed by the prospect of putting together a nursery, so I was incredibly grateful to collaborate with Jenny Komenda, the designer behind Little Green Notebook (and mother of three). After discussing a few ideas and inspiration images, we rolled up our sleeves and got started…

One of my top priorities was a black-out shade, since the room gets very bright during the day. So Jenny found a basic white shade and hand-painted clouds onto it. Isn’t that amazing?! She also made the grey-and-white striped curtains herself.

We’d always loved Dwell’s chocolate-dot crib sheets, and Jenny made a yellow crib skirt to complement them. The white crib is from Walmart (they have a surprisingly nice selection).

My brother and sister gave us this sailboat mobile last Christmas, in anticipation of Toby’s arrival. They found it at The Ark in San Francisco, and then embroidered the blue boat with the numbers of our grandparents’ Wayfarer, which we sailed during childhood summers in Cornwall, England. (Thank you again, Lucy and Nick!)

Toby's Nursery

Although the room is small, we luckily were able to squeeze in a double bed, in which I’ve been sleeping since Toby was born. (As a new mom, I can’t handle being a hallway away quite yet!) To spruce up the bed, Jenny made the blue-and-white striped fabric headboard. Bonus: It’s really soft and comfy to lean against when I’m nursing Toby at 2a.m. (and 4a.m. and 6a.m….) (She also scouted the vintage bedside lamp and the cute yellow stool.)

Toby's Nursery

We’d also hoped to create a frame wall for the nursery, so Toby could be surrounded by photos of his loved ones. Jenny not only scouted all the frames (some new, some vintage), but also figured out the arrangement for hanging (one of the hardest parts of putting together a gallery wall!)

Toby's Nursery

Next to the bed, Jenny put a vintage dresser, which she had painted a soft grey. Three brass elephants live on top, along with our J. Schatz egg nightlight, which scatters stars around the room and makes Toby’s bedtime feel magical.

A huge thanks to Jenny for creating a warm and happy space for our little man. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. Readers, I’d highly recommend Jenny for any decor consulting you might need! xoxo

(Photos by our friend Karen Mordechai, who does Sunday Suppers, wedding photography, and baby/family portraits)

  1. oh, and I forgot to mention the shade! so fun and what a great idea to paint it yourself!

  2. it looks adorable! I adore everything about it, especially that mobile and those little brass elephants! I love that it is just sweet and simple, not overdone or overly themed. just perfect! kudos to you and Jenny!

  3. What a cute nursery and even more cute is little Toby – precious!

  4. I love Jenny’s blog…I’ve been a fan for many months and I check in frequently to see her cool styling choices. So great. And I have to look in to that Walmart crib…it’s exactly what I’ve been hoping to find! Thank you for sharing; Toby is a lucky lil guy. :)

  5. I just love how honest and personal the nursery is. The same goes for your living room. Everything is just lovely.

    Jenny did a great job, as did you communicating your vision!

  6. Its absolutely adorable! love Jenny and her work.

  7. Lovely room. The Dwell bedding is gorgeous. Love the little boats – we are off to Cornwall tomorrow and hope to do some little boat trips out and about.

  8. It’s perfect! I adore the mobile, the cloud shade, and the nightlight!

  9. I LOVE the boats!

    Such a great room. Toby is a lucky little guy.

  10. thanks joanna for the mention of highstreet market on etsy- am finding lots of items that i love!

  11. Jeanie Thompson says...

    Not walmart. sad face over their poor treatment of workers. When a walmart is opened in a town the number of people on government assistance rises (its been studied)due to their low work wages, poor benefits.

    I still heart you though!

  12. the nursery looks lovely. i love how the room has a grown up feel too. I can’t be away from the baby yet either and since her nursery is teeny tiny and doesn’t have room for a bed we got her a little (and very portable) bassinet…sometimes we sleep in the living room and other times when daddy doesn’t have to get up super early, in our bedroom. we also have sharon montrose in her room! we bought four small images:) so lovely for a nursery. toby’s deer is adorable. and we have an egg too but ours is aqua! :)

  13. hey joanna, where is a good place to find frames online?

  14. This is truly one of the most wonderful nurseries I’ve ever seen! The mobile really takes the cake- and what a special touch they added! What an amazing gift.

  15. The shade is genius – I love this idea! Gorgeous room.

  16. It’s perfect! Stylish yet still kid oriented, the blackout shades with the handpainted clouds are my favorite part!

  17. I love the boat mobile!

  18. What a great nursery! It’s so cute with all the little touches!

  19. Meredith says...

    It’s so whimsical! Haha I don’t use that word a lot, but it’s the perfect fit. Lovely lovely.

  20. Looks awesome! We have the same crib. I never would have thought of looking at Wal-mart for modern baby furniture but they had a great selection. LOVE the clouds on the shade!

  21. I must say, I think this is one of the loveliest nurseries I’ve ever seen! I always appreciate when it’s age appropriate yet not overly campy and cheesy, something the child can grow with. After all, I’m 19, and I wish I had clouds on my shades, and lovely little boats over my bed! :D


  22. Toby is a very lucky boy, I especially like the cloud blind. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Love the wit of your writings Jo, very English! Sending Toby love from sunny England!

    Very well done Jenny, simply classic.

  24. Great job! So many cute details, but my top 3 favorites is -the egg nightlight, -the deer photograph and -the shade with clouds

  25. love the mobile… and the rest…

  26. Beautiful, Jo!

    Thanks for sharing. I really love the blind!

  27. I love the room, especially the wall of frames and the deer photograph, I adore Sharon Montrose’s photos!

  28. x says...

    i especially like the frame wall, i am sure he will feel very protected and loved. :) *

  29. absolutely adorable! love everything. want a headboard like that. it’s so great you have a bed in his room.

  30. AJ says...

    It’s wonderful! Love the color scheme, simplicity, and personality of it all :)

  31. Your blog is unintentionally amusing.

  32. Steph says...

    Oh Joanna, what a nice place for little Toby. I think you should take some pictures of Toby in his room and show us!

  33. Thats a really cute room!! I love the Sail boat mobile!!


  34. aww, I love the little sailboat mobile. It’s so personal, and cute! And that deer picture is ADORABLE!

  35. That is the same crib the family has for who I babysit. Toby’s room is so adorable! :)

    I find nothing wrong with you wanting to sleep in the same room as him. I come from a background where the babies sleep in the same room for a year or two and then get their own!

  36. Joanna, what a lovely nursery you’ve created!! I love all the details — Toby is one lucky little guy to have such a sweet, caring Mom like you!

  37. Loooove it! Nice work!

  38. Oh Joanna, it’s lovely!

  39. la-la- loves! i love kids rooms that are cute, functional and dont have cartoon characters or that are overly matchy matchy! good job!

  40. it’s so cute that my ovaries hurt!

  41. Oh my gosh!!! It’s AMAZING! That sailor mobile kills me… amazing!
    xo tash

  42. his room is so gorgeous!
    i love the yacht mobile so cute :)
    much love.x

  43. Gorgeous nursery, love it. Cosy and inviting.

  44. Oh I love it!!! It’s so fresh and the colors are great: Blue, white, Yellow, red… everything is perfect!!! I love your frames in the wall… I like very much when there are different kind of frames with family pics…
    Very Pretty!!!!

  45. Love it. I’m working on my NYC nursery as we speak, but it’s a much smaller space which provides such an interesting challenge. But – I’m seeking the same sweet simplicity + clean aesthetic as you found & have been having so much fun doing it – you just have to me extra-mindful of every little detail.

  46. you had me at sailboat mobile.

  47. thanks for the look into your world! i’ve secretly always wondering what your place looked like! toby’s nursery is adorable. i love the subtle but bright colours…and that black-out shade is so fabulous!

  48. Can I come live with you guys? Your place looks amazing! great pics– thanks for sharing them with us.

  49. a quirky kind of cuteness that i would only expect from you, joanna! it’s just precious and so sweet without being saccharine. i adore it!

  50. thank you so much for all these sweet comments!!! jenny deserves all the praise, she’s the best. and…

    thanks for the co-sleeper recommendation, megan!

    oh yes, lucy, we spent a month every summer in Polruan, near Fowey, where my grandparents live. we’re actually taking Toby there in September to meet his great-grandmother, i can’t wait. :)

    thank you again, joya; jenny found the elephants at a a flea market, but you can find similar ones on etsy, at shops like High Street Market and Trampoline.

    carly, the shade is a black-out shade (even though it’s white) and blocks out the light COMPLETELY. it’s amazing. it makes the room totally dark, even on a sunny afternoon!

  51. The crumb will have one of those perfectly pink egg lights soon ~ the best!

  52. haha, yes, sam, we’re english. most of our relatives still live in england, and toby and i both have british and american citizenship. but i have a full-on american accent (veering toward midwestern:) xoxo

  53. haha, stacey, i agree! the walmart cribs look sort of like ouef cribs if you squint :) (and are so much less expensive)

  54. He’s a lucky little boy to be growing up surrounded by such beauty and such love. The boats are my favourite bit. xx

  55. Shirley says...

    What a great idea with the cloud curtain! Such a lovely home you have.

  56. Oh my goodness, job well done!! I’m pretty sure I would be happy in that room. I LOVE all of the personal touches from family!!

  57. I love those cloud curtains! How well do they block the light?

  58. So, so adorable, but not too over the top cutesy! LOVE the baby deer print, too sweet! I would love to try painting black-out shades, I wonder how hard it is? Just lovely!

  59. he is so damn lucky!! good for him :) he has such adorable parents ever!!


  60. A very sweet and calm space. I like the idea of putting a bed in there as well!

  61. One of the cutest nurseries I could imagine, and it even allows for an overnight guest, once you graduate from the twin back to your own room. Perfect!

  62. i love your nursery… or toby’s. ;) i am in the process of setting up our baby nursery right now and am kicking myself that i didn’t think to look at walmart cribs (who would know they had such a nice selection). we ended up spending more on a crib that i’d like to admit. anyhow, you did such a nice job of balancing baby with practicality. love it!

  63. SO sweet! the painted cloud shade is my favorite. what a simple, yet unique idea! xo

  64. i love that it’s not over-the-top “baby boy” everything! it’s a very mature yet whimsical nursery! fabulous job joanna and jenny!

  65. love the nursery and the color accents! esp LOVE the 3 brass elephants -where did you find those?

    also-looks like the joyababy set in french polynesian blue was a great color/print choice- it looks similar in style and aesthetic to this space! how cool is that? hope you are enjoying those items!


  66. The nursery is absolutely darling!! Very cute without being cutesy :)

  67. Love how bright and airy it feels, and love all the little colorful vintage touches!

    I especially love the union jacks peppered throughout your place :) very cozy and very chic.

  68. those picture frames above his bed are just the right touch.

    and THE BOAT MOBILE. drool!

    love it!

  69. love the screen and the baby sheets. you are really amazing at sharing yourself with your readers. we enjoy getting a peek into your world as a new mom!

  70. oh it is super cute. love the sailboat mobile. toby is lucky kid.

  71. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful, personal, stylish, and PERFECT nursery! I absolutely love everything about it! From the boat mobile, to the curtains, to the hand painted clouds. . . it’s wonderful! How about a Jenny Giveaway?! Haha! I’m in real need! Yesterday we picked out paints for some boring furniture we have and all I could think of was wanting my Mom or Jenny to come help!

  72. Love the pops of blue throughout the room… especially the blackout shade and that mobile! Simply precious!!

  73. That lil mobile of the ships is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!!! I love it!!

  74. Wow, I am in love with those cloud curtains! Honestly, this room is amazing. The mix of patterns work so great. Thanks for sharing!

  75. Adore, i think my favorite parts are the deer print and that sailboat mobile, such personal touches. I nursed my kiddo at those times for the whole year and our twin bed in his nursery turned out to be so handy for those moments and for changing! so smart!

  76. loving the posts of your home
    makes me want to move to the city

  77. Lovely elegant yet comfy home :)
    Love the fact that the nursery is cosy but also blends in with the rest of the house.

  78. Such a wonderful space you made for him! And it’s incredibly touching that your brother and sister embroidered personal details on that beautiful mobile! What a thoughtful gift.

  79. OMG it’s darling!

  80. Really lovely – it is hard to pick a favorite part of the nursery…but aside from Toby, the sailboat mobile is my favorite. So personal and absolutely CUTE!!!

  81. Just adorable. Especially love the little shade with the clouds on it. Ahhhhh…..
    ~ Elizabeth

  82. HOw CUTE! love the sail boats : )

  83. the nursery looks so nice!

  84. Toby’s room is put together better than my whole house!

  85. So beautiful! The sailboat mobile is just darling! Everything comes together really nice and I’m sure he loves having a cozy room to sleep in.

    I’m new to your blog and I love it more and more the more I read! Thanks for sharing!


  86. That is one cool nursery!
    the boat mobile the clouds shade.
    I would have loved to grow up in a nursery like that.

    Toby that one lucky kid ;)


  87. so sweet and wonderful that you have been able to share a room with him in these early weeks. We just recently put our little one in her crib and I miss her at night. But love my sleep!

  88. Anonymous says...

    You are so lucky to have a 2bdr in the Village.

    And it’s big!! Trust me I live in Chelsea ( 17th St) and MY apartment is so small.

    Anyway, you guys have an awesome place and I love how the nursery is just a nice room and not a themed nightmare, it feels very cozy and warm.
    Now more epics of Toby!
    < Marie

  89. Aww that little Sharon Montrose deer is Toby’s guardian angel, watching over him as he sleeps. And those sailboats are too cute. Weird fact: I developed a fascination with sailboats just this past weekend. Random!

  90. love, love the sailboat mobile! precious.

  91. Such a perfect space!! I love the photos on the walls!! :)

  92. Lucy Gregory says...

    Wow I cannot believe you spent your childhood summers in Cornwall…..because that is where I live!! I would have never imagined that you, from all across the sea in america, would have ever ventured anywhere near this tiny rural part of england where I come from! :) amazing! Love the room and all the photos.

    Lucy-From Cornwall, England.

  93. How sweet! I LOVE the sailboat mobile. What a warm, happy space. xo

  94. Yes, the mobile is cute, but the fact that your brother and sister embroidered the sail numbers of your grandparents’ boat propels it to absolutely wonderful.

  95. Jenny is very talented. Precious nursery!
    Teresa (Splendid Sass)

  96. Nerissa says...

    This nursery is just lovely. I am a fan of the “Little Green Notebook” as well. Lots of great ideas, especially the crib. Wal Mart–who knew?

    Thank you for sharing.

  97. Super adorable…and I love the cloud shade, I’ll have to remember that for someday;)

    The chatting last night was seriously so much fun too, I was laughing out loud at some of those very funny ladies, and sorry your internet cut out:(
    Thanks again Joanna!

    Julie xo

  98. Such a dream!!! Toby is one lucky little baby.

  99. the sailboat mobile is amazing..the room is soothing!

  100. awww it is so, so cute!! i love the little sailboats!!

  101. Seriously, that mobile is the cutest thing I’ve every seen. I want one (and I don’t even have a baby yet!) Gorgeous digs Toby. Such a lucky fellow.

  102. Yay!! By the way, I found having a co-sleeper an absolute lifesaver – it attaches to your bed (you can also roll it around like a bassinet, if need be) so that you can just roll over, grab the bambino and nurse in the middle of the night (versus sleeping in his room in a different bed). I didn’t have to get up! This is what we had and I thought it was great (recommended by several friends, too!):

    Love the shade. Too cute!

  103. I need to get one of those egg nightlights, haha! What an inspiring and cute little place to relax and sleep :)

  104. I am not savvy with the correct decorating lingo – but this is just gorgeous, cozy and perfect.

  105. I adore the nursery. The sailboat and the shade really bring it all together. How sweet!

  106. That is the most adorable mobile ever…makes me want to have a little boy just to decorate a room like this :)

  107. I just love taking a peek at your space. What a sweet nursery. I especially love the cloud painted window shade and the deer print.

  108. Wait a minute….. Does this mean you’re English?!? Or just have English relatives? Loving the blind.

  109. I have slept in that room myself (YAY!) and I can vouch for the fact that it is calming and cosy and, yes, magical when the night light is on. Jenny sounds wonderful! It is such a pretty room, Joanna. Love, Mom

  110. I LOVE the entire room, but the framed picture above the dresser, the sailboat mobile, and the clouds… they are my favorites:).

  111. G. says...

    a true little’s boy room, lovely

  112. Anonymous says...

    The nursery is so cheerful and lovely. We squeezed in a double bed into our nursery too. Love the shade!!!

  113. Just perfect. I especially love the egg nightlight :)

  114. I am in love with the sailboat mobile – want one for myself! What a thoughtful gift. The deer print is also quite nice. Lovely job to you both – lucky Toby!

  115. so adorable! I liked that it has a modern feel, I don’t like nurseries with cartoon characters or overly cute. I really like the gallery wall and the whole color palette.
    I bet Toby is really happy surrounded by pretty things and loving parents!

  116. Perfection! Such a sweet and magical space.

  117. I love this nursery! It’s calm and soothing and so simply elegant. Beautiful. I also got my crib from Walmart (Baby Mod line). That was as close as i got to the Ouef wthout spending $900.

  118. oh i love it! what a fun, unique, fresh and loving nursery! i especially am taken with the great photos :)

  119. That baby deer photo is perfect for nursery…I love the whole colour theme with happy yellow and calming blue…Its a great combination…Picture wall is great…I thinks it makes the whole space so warm and its a great thing for the baby to explore….:)

    Toby is one lucky little cutie….hahahah:)

    Kisses and hugs,Joanna

  120. It really looks amazing! I also love how you matted your photographs – I always end up leaving not enough white space, so it’s refreshing to see so well done.


  121. Adorable!
    I really love how it’s not a “cookie cutter” nursery. So personalized and unique yet still cute, cuddly and perfect for a baby boy.

  122. I love nursery’s that aren’t too cutesy and themey, (are those words?) Anyways you were right to have Jenny help you her style is amazing! This room is so darling and will transition so nicely as your baby grows up! It really is great!!

  123. Oh I love it all! So sweet and simple.

  124. oh, joanna, i love it! the cloud shade is adorable. i sort of want one for my own room :) jenny is so talented, especially to make/redo all of those pieces! toby’s so lucky to have such a great mom like you! xo

  125. The sailboat mobile is awesome! I also love the photo wall. I would really like to put one in my living room but I need help with spacing. You should watch the documentary ‘The High Cost of Low Prices.’ It’s about WalMart and can be streamed on Netflix!

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  126. maggie says...

    the shade is perfection!

  127. I love love love the mobile! The Nursery is so cute and simple and clean! It’s just awesome! :)

    And I love the baby deer too

  128. I love the shade and the mobile!! So cute!!