1. Love the way she dress. amazing!

  2. I’m also excited to try out new fall styles! Check out BeautyXpose for some ideas for your transition into the cooler months.

  3. you don’t have to limit yourself to nursing tops just because you’re nursing!! Put a cami under any top…top comes up, cami neckline comes down, instant nursing top (& you don’t need a supermom cape to cover your goods ’cause the top serves that function)!!

  4. I love everything about this outfit! And, at least you have the cutest excuse ever to wear the same shirt a few days in a row… unfortunately I do not! Whoops!

  5. Lovely little ensemble. Just discovered your blog too…loving it.

  6. Anonymous says...

    LOVE this!

  7. i WISH it was cool enough to wear cardigans…. here in arizona it was 110 degrees today!

    when fall does finally decide to roll around i am definitely stocking up on stripes and cozy cardis :)

  8. I too love the cardi! I will never get over stripes.

  9. Love! so ready for fall to be here!!

  10. natalie says...

    such a cuuuuute cardigan! I love stripes, just recently bought a stripped piece from LEYENDECKER clothing

  11. Oh goodness me. Maybe being in Southern California I can stretch this cute fashion into winterwear as well (!)

  12. It’s a very cute outfit. I’ve never been really into stripes, but this picture makes me have second thoughts. ***

  13. it reminds me of this poem: “Lovers hold hands in never opened novels
    the page with a recipe for cucumber soup is missing
    A dead man write of his happy childhood on a farm
    of riding a balloon over lake Eerie”
    Charles Simic, Used Bookstore

  14. It’s been very much like fall the last two days here in CT so I’ve been wearing my cardis! Ridiculous how happy it makes me, but I love dressing for fall :)

  15. that outfit will still be great for nursing in! just lift up the shirt and you have the cardigan there to hide any skin!

  16. LOVE EVERYTHING about her OUTFIT! Seriously, I just wish someone would go shopping for me and pick out my outfits regularly!

  17. Oye, I remember being able to fit into my “normal” jeans after the kids. Pure heaven:)

  18. Super cute outfit. Love it as inspiration.

  19. Joanna, I found the most amazing fall jacket/wrap last night on Etsy…a total inspiration and I posted it today on my site! I’m sure you’ll love it too, and even better it doesn’t look like everything else in the stores!

    Julie xo

  20. very pretty! I just thrifted some pretty cardigans yesterday! Too bad it’s still too damned hot to wear them around here. It’s our thirteenth day with over 100 degree weather… yuck!

  21. Love the look! And curious about the boob tees — I visited their site, but the online shop was in a language I don’t do! ha — where did you get them here in the US?

  22. Definitely cute! I need more cute cardigans. :]

  23. so cute!! I love fall… the crisp cool air that calls for cardigans and tights. short skirts and little flats. very fun!

  24. I can’t wait for your birth story…It will be my first one to read:)So I am really looking forward to it!

  25. Joanna…That sounds even better…hahaha
    I’ve never had a salmon burger before… I bet its good:)
    Thanks so much for replying:)
    Really lovely of you:)

  26. i want that sweater immediately.

  27. diana, we ended up taking a bike ride, eating salmon burgers, and then lying around on a grassy pier on the Hudson River. it was so lazy and romantic. :) and the birth story is coming soon, it’s just so hard to find time to write it all! i would say maybe within the next two weeks :) thanks for being so patient! xoxo

  28. one of my all time favorite shots from scott. i keep that image clipped on my dresser mirror.

  29. i really really like that! good find!
    p.s is the birth story coming soon? :)

  30. Very cute cardi. We haven’t had much of a summer in Santa Monica, so I’ve been rocking cardis all summer long. Though the sun has finally decided to make an appearance last week and thus, it’s been 80 degrees and glorious….SO WELCOME, let me tell you!

  31. so excited about fall, too! travelling up north to Rovaniemi next monday for 5 days, and so excited because it’s even colder than here, it’s like +10C already and I get to wear my new boots, yey!

  32. Love the cardigan as well!

    And finally I can start dressing for fall, already bought myself a pair of nice boots! My favorite season as far as clothes go – by far :)

  33. Yes! Me and cardigans are best friends! And I love her headband and sunnies.

  34. awww! Soon you’ll be back into your classy attire! I like this girl’s outfit! She is a great motivator & inspiration!

  35. JCrew always has cute cardigans.. if you don’t have any luck with Target. :]

  36. I love this entire outfit. I’m on a mission to find a cardigan like hers now myself!

  37. I’m getting excited to start wearing fall clothes too. LOVE that cardigan!

  38. Adorable. Gotta give a girl props for pulling off that headband look — I wish I could!

  39. I know how hard it is to dress while nursing. You want to look nice when you go out with baby, but it’s especially important to have easy access when you’re not at home. Nursing in public is difficult enough! I’ve been making myself cute nursing tops for my next baby.


  40. Thats ok…No worry…If I find out I will let you know:)
    Btw: How was your date-afternoon? Did you go swimming with Alex?


  41. oooh, definitely try Target! What’s your favorite fall color for an outfit, Joanna?

    Also love that she’s browsing for books!

  42. already time for fall clothing?! summer flew, but fall styles are so fun!:)

  43. Fall clothing has totally been on my mind. Great pic for inspiration.

  44. That is one cute outfit….That cardi is amazing…I am still stripes crazy…hahaha…Do you know where is it from?…I adore the pockets….so cute!!!

    Happy Monday,Joanna

    Ps: I am so going to try out a tee-in look:)

  45. Loving this picture! Filing this away for fall inspiration as well =) Happy Monday!

  46. C says...

    Such a great nautical striped sweater, she looks comfortable but effortlessly chic!

  47. ps. aw, thanks, tanya :) i love the Boob brand of nursingwear, but i’m feeling decidedly unsexy in them!

  48. ooh Target, good call! am going to check their website right now xo

  49. I love the collegiate stripe cardigan. Target has them really cheap, by the way!


  50. I’m loving her striped cardigan! I think Breton stripes like that are absolutely timeless.


  51. I am super ready for Fall styles too, but I’m sure you look super cute in your nursing tees :)