1. wow..yummy cakes..I love pastries and these cakes are looking so yummy

  2. That’s really lovely! The color is amazing. It looks classic and Mediterranean

  3. Honestly, I have never tried any cheese cakes in my whole life! I don’t know why. But I would love to.

  4. Gosh!!! That’s a dream!!! Wonderful

  5. Anonymous says...

    Looks great. Any idea on price? My favorites run $10+ for just an inch or so wedge, let alone a couple of full wheels!

  6. LOVE the cheese cakes. I plan lots of events, and it seems that clients are asking for this more and more. It’s a great conversation piece and photographs really well too.

  7. Hmmmm!! I love this idea very much…yimmyyyyy!!! I can’t control my self

  8. One more thing – actually they really DON’T smell very much at all. The trick is just to avoid certain cheeses, then there’s no problem …

  9. love it. and planning my wedding.. !!

  10. Those are gorgeous! Wonder what they served for dessert.

  11. i stumbled into your blog from ‘Once Upon a Tea Time’ and just loved it…especially this post…delicious!

  12. i just fainted… this is one of the most incredible things i have ever seen. genius for us cheese hounds! xx

  13. dark_chocolate says...

    I like cheese, but how much cheese CAN you eat at one time? Even slice seems too much…unless you have like a billion guests, so you give everyone a tinie tiny slice..LOL

  14. I just went of the phone right now, ordering my wedding cake… although no stinky cheese from me…
    Tried some very sweet once all over town and ended up with a cake from Sabarsky/Wallse Chocolate with white (real) flowers…. and it will taste gooooood!
    Ever been to Cafe Sabarsky at the Neue Gallery? Best cakes in the city.. if not let me know the other place:)

  15. Hilarious…and totally delicious.

  16. as a lover of all things cheese, i’d die to have this! and i love that with the layers and flowers it actually looks like a wedding cake! how cool

  17. Fantastic. I wonder if Wallace & Gromit are available as optional wedding guests.

  18. They are really beautiful. How clever.

  19. I would love these!!! Mmmmm, give me some of that stinky cheese!

  20. Oh my goodness, my friend sent me these last week…6 weeks from the wedding I am super impressionable. Always in life I am obsessed with cheese. This might need to happen.

  21. add some good bread and this is my idea of perfection!

  22. cheese wedding cakes? loving it! though i’m not too keen bout the stinky cheese part…though i do love eating them. lol

  23. Be wary how you display your cheese cake though – my friend once accidentally cut the (cheese wheel) cake BEFORE THE BRIDE AND GROOM because he thought it was just a pile of cheese.
    The bride still isn’t talking to him, one year later!

  24. hi joanna! i’ve been a fan of your blog for a few months now but this is my first time commenting. these are my dream wedding cakes! haha

  25. oh great. now all i can think about is soft, lovely cheese… with bakery bread and sweet fruits.



  26. *gasps* Simply adorable and pretty wedding cakes!!!

  27. These are way too cool. I absolutely love cheese…

  28. oh YES…..this is what I LOVE about the internet….the infinite variety and [literal] smorgasbord of options…for just about ANYTHING…thanks

  29. Love – i’m forwarding this link to my partner in anticipation of us ever getting married! haha

  30. haha yumyum

  31. AMAZING! My husband is so amazed at my love for cheese that I’m sure this would have blown him away.

  32. sign me up! I want to throw myself an “I’m not getting married” party and have this be the “non-wedding cake”….

  33. My two favorite things, put together! Love it!

  34. That last one is beautiful…what a creative alternative to the traditional wedding cake!

  35. I LOVE stinky cheeses, and this takes the cake, literally!!

  36. SF says...


  37. Anonymous says...

    nonono. …oh those are terribly ugly.

  38. This is brilliant.

  39. brilliance!

  40. genius is at work here. genius.

  41. There’s a 100% chance that I won’t wait until my wedding to eat one of these… Mmmmm.

  42. Best idea ever! I’m actually glad I didn’t know about these before our wedding. I’m pretty sure my husband’s side of the family would have all fainted dead away at the sight of my glorious mountain of wedding cheese.

  43. Oh I posted about these on my blog awhile ago – love that you love them too! My mom makes her own cheese and she has decided to make these for my future wedding :) xo

  44. Oh yes please! I’m sure the aroma would be enough to question my new husband when he last washed his socks but how fabulous!
    xo tash

  45. Melliebay says...

    Brilliant! I love it :)

  46. Oh, how perfect! Joe would have loved this!! I am going to do something like this for his birthday next year…

    Thank you for the link on Friday, Joanna!


  47. be still my freakin heart!

  48. Anonymous says...

    I would love to dig into one of those cheese cakes right now!!! (with a little baguette on the side.)

  49. delicious!!!

    only problem is that someone would announce that the bride and groom were going tot cut the cheese.

    sorry, couldn’t resist.

  50. Uhm – wow. Had I known this existed, I totally would have done this instead of a real cake. I will take good cheese over good cake any day of the week.

  51. I am pretty sure I have had DREAMS of these cakes!!!

    When we got married, we said ‘no’ to cake, and did mini-tarts instead. We also had a delicious cheese platter at the same time. It was delightful.

    Thanks for your post!

  52. I’ll have to remember this when I plan my wedding. LOVE this idea!

  53. ahhhh, that’s awesome. so non-vegan, so totally not for me… but still awesome non-the-less!

  54. Anonymous says...

    my brother had a cheese cake at his wedding and it was literally the best thing ever. Everyone stood around the cheese cake munching on crackers and cheese and fruit. Yummy!

  55. My husband would have a ball with these! He loves cheese cake!

  56. Oh man! If I had known about these I probably would have had a bigger wedding just so I could get a big, big cake of cheese.

  57. They’re gorgeous but I’m thankful my husband didn’t know about these when we were planning our wedding because I’m pretty sure he’d want one hehe The man’s all about stinky cheese!

  58. I would be excited to go to a wedding for the cheese. Gorgeous!

  59. Oh my gosh, I think I’m in love!
    I just had cheese and crackers for dinner last night and refuse to believe it is not a healthy full balanced meal! This is fantastic!

  60. Oh my gosh! ha I have no idea how they would eat those, but I wouldn’t mind a piece of sharp sharp sharp parmesan

  61. YUM I think my husband would eat the whole THING!!!!

  62. PJ says...

    Though I hate cheese and would never eat those cakes, I will admit that it’s a clever idea.

  63. holy cow. i really cant decide which i like better- cheese or cake! would it be horribly lux to demand one of these and then a regular cake as well??

  64. Get out of town!!! This is ingenious.

  65. oh.my.goodness.
    i want one so badly it hurts!!
    too bad my boyfriend is lactose intolerant:(

  66. Ummmmmm…Now, if they were cheese-CAKE, then we would be talking!!! LOL

  67. I love this idea! I had much rather devour cheese and crackers than cake. Perfect.
    (Splendid Sass)

  68. Amazing!!!
    I make sweet foundant cakes for my folks, but now I’ll consider the cheese ones!! I’m just kidding – those are just awesome!!! Best greetings from Polish family :)

  69. Anonymous says...

    amazing. totally amazing.

    Joanna- what is your favorite kind of cheese?? Mine’s brie (wrapped in a pastry and served with jam of course)

  70. I don’t really like cheese and I don’t really like cheesecake, but these cheese cakes are pretty dang adorable! :)

  71. Oh my gosh! These are too funny (although the one food I can’t eat is blue cheese) – think you can still freeze the top layer for the 1 year anniversary with these sorts of cakes?


  72. Taking cheesecake to a whole new level! I also read about a wedding here in the UK a few years ago where the couple had an enormous pork-pie for their ‘cake’ – it was sort of like a croquembouche with lots of little pork pies. I thought it was such a hilarious idea, it made me chuckle :)

  73. My dream come true!

  74. Hahah…I love that:) Would be perfect for me as I love cheese but I am not too sure about the quests….The smell, huh?

    How was the picnic, Joanna? Did you and Toby have fun?


  75. As a gluten-free girl who adores cheese, this would have been perfect for me!