1. Anonymous says...

    happy anniversary !!

  2. Congratulations Joanna and Alex!

  3. honeymoon babies rock! congrats to you and your loves.

  4. that is so sweet! this is a fabulous picture!


  5. Congrats! Wow, you’ve had quite a year!

  6. I love that there are no words needed :)

  7. Happy Anniversary!! Your photographer captured a very sweet moment. Awwww.

  8. YAY :) My how that first year flies! (and time in general)

  9. Congrats! And what a lovely picture of you both… :)

  10. Lucky girl, you deserve happiness!!

  11. Such a beautiful photograph – congratulations! I can’t believe it has been a year already.

  12. congrats!

  13. Happy Anniversary. That pic makes me weepy.

  14. Anonymous says...

    Happy anniversary!!!

  15. Congratulations! How your life changed in such a short time! Happy anniversary!

  16. x says...

    happy aniversary! it must be an amazing feeling- *

  17. Happy anniversary!! Such a cute picture and now you have a happy little family! :)

  18. Life has changed SO much for you in such beautiful ways in one small year. Enjoy all the moments. Congratulations. xoxo

    p.s. darling darling photograph of you!

  19. this is such a sweet post… happy anniversary!

  20. Congratulations! And what a year you have had! All the best to you and yours.

  21. What a beautiful photo. So full of emotion.

    Happy Anniversary! What a life changing year it’s been for you!

  22. Happy Anniversary! What a precious photo!

  23. congrats!…

  24. so perfect & beautiful. Cheers to Love.

  25. happy anniversary joanna + alex! I wish you all the best in the world.

  26. Congratulations! You are such a beautiful couple :)

  27. aww just beautiful! congratulations!! make sure to celebrate!!!

  28. happy 1 year anniversary!!!! time really flies doesn’t it?!?!

  29. Oh! Joanna Happy Happy anniversary to you and Alex :D

    This is so great.I remember when you were posting about all the arrangements for the wedding and the photos and stuff.Seems not that long ago.

    Happy 1 year!!


  30. happy anniversary!!! what a difference a year makes!

  31. congratulations to you and alex! what a year it’s been!

  32. All the best for you from Poland:) Happy Anniversary!!

  33. Anonymous says...

    aww.. so sweet
    happy first year

  34. Joanna, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! You were lucky to get two miracles (your wedding and toby) within one year!!

    Here’s to many more miracles for you and your family!!

  35. Wow. That picture made me cry…
    Happy anniversary!
    “Hail, hail the lucky ones, I refer to those in love!” ;)

  36. Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!!!! :)

  37. Happy Anniversary Joanna! Such a beautiful photo.

  38. Many happy more years together, all the very best on this Anniversary

  39. Happy Anniversary! :)

    you guys are so cute together!

  40. joyeux anniversaire de mariage! you were such a beautiful bride and your love and happiness are just so heartwarming.

  41. Ah. It’s so nice to read about a couple so happy together. Can’t wait for the birth story :) ~ Emma

  42. Congratulation!
    This pic ist so amazing wonderful. I am reading your blog every day – thank you for the nice things that you show us and always those wonderful photos.
    Until the 14th of september you can win many things in my blog.
    Just have a look ;-) Everyone can win.. only post a comment ;-)

    Hugs AnneSvea.de

  43. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you a lifetime filled with love, happiness and a lot of laughs!

    Julie xo

  44. Happy Anniversary Jo and before you know it it will be 35 years like us in January. Amazing how time flies when you’re having fun.

  45. Happy anniversary!! I think I started to follow your blog around the time you were getting married and I can’t believe it’s been a year!! You had a baby during this year…what did I do?? Is time liquid??

  46. so lovely!!!

  47. How lovely.

  48. Happy anniversary!!

  49. “Each moment of a happy lover’s hour is worth an age of dull and common life”

    Happy Anniversary! Hope to find what you have some day! xo

  50. A day late but not a dollar short. Happy Anniversay!!!

  51. Congratulations!

    Your posts are so honest it’s beautiful!

    They are true and real emotion, and that is what we feel when we look at them…



  52. Congratulations! Such a sweet picture. It doesn’t seem like a year ago!

  53. Congratulations! You make me believe in couply love, that it’s possible to be happily married…

  54. Happy Anniversary!!! You’ve had a rocketed first year, haven’t you!! :-) Here’s wishing you many, many more!!! ^_^ In honor of you I think I’ll share my poem about 1st anniversaries on my blog today!! I hope you do something fabulous!

  55. Happy Anniversary!! All the best to you and your lovely growing family :))

  56. Happy Anniversary!

  57. So beautiful. Happy Anniversary!

  58. auguri! and what a beautiful way to celebrate with a little bundle of joy. xx

  59. Awww…Happy Anniversary, Joanna and Alex. Wish you both a wonderful and romantic evening…
    You had an amazing year…I am so happy for you both!


  60. Happy anniversary, Joanna and Alex. Thanks for sharing all of your pictures and anecdotes with all of us on your beautiful blog. You’re such a lovely person! And of course, congratulations on the little man, he’s just adorable!

  61. Naaw, you two are too cute :)
    Happy Anniversary!

  62. happy anniversary! what a beautiful picture!

  63. Ooo what a beautiful moment to have captured in that photo. Happy anniversary love birds!

  64. You guys are the cutest. I love your love story so much.

    ps – did you know you share a wedding anniversary w/ Rachel Zoe and her hubby? :)

  65. WOW! has it already been a year, it seems like just yesterday i was reading about your wedding, and the guest posts while you were on your honey moon! I hope the year was fabulous!! and Adorable picture too!
    LOVE your blog :)


  66. What a darling photo! Congratulations on your anniversary!

  67. Happy anniversary!!! Ain’t love grand :)

  68. Happy anniversary! You look beautiful as a bride!

  69. Happy Anniversary!

  70. Has it been a year already? Goodness! I remember when you got married on Glamour and everything. My, what time does fly by. Congrats on a very inspiring marriage.

  71. a lovely moment in this photo…and the beginning to an amazing life together…here’s to many dozens more!

  72. congrats!

  73. Happy Anniversary! What a year!

  74. What a wonderful moment. Happy Anniversay, Joanna.

  75. so, so sweet. wishing you two a lifetime of happiness.

  76. happy anniversary joanna! the last year has gone by SO fast, hasn’t it?!

  77. A very Happy 1st Anniversary to you and Alex! One year ago you two became one, and now you have become three in the best way :)

  78. such a perfect shot here!! :))


  79. happy anniversary. i love this photo.

  80. happy anniversary!! what a beautiful family you two have made. :)

  81. I feel like you just posted about your wedding yesterday! Happy Anniversary!

  82. I was just thinking of this…happy anniversary to Joanna & Alex. Tiny Toby–you are one lucky little dude. (So are they:)


  83. No way! It seems like just yesterday I was drooling over your gorgeous pics! Congratulations, I’m so happy for you and all of your bliss!

  84. Congrats! What a beautiful photo too :)

  85. Beautiful…
    Happy Anniversary..!!

  86. Happy Beautiful Anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been a year for you already! Doesn’t it feel like yesterday, but like you’ve been together your entire life?! I love this picture!

  87. kaela d. says...

    happy anniversary….your love for your husband and your family is truly an inspiration. thank you for sharing your greatness with us : ) and only the best wishes for more years of happiness*

  88. Congrats to you guys!

  89. what a sweet photo, joanna — it makes my heart melt. :) happy anniversary!

  90. We were also married one year ago today! Marriage is so sweet, isn’t it?

  91. that just made my heart sing. happy happy happy anniversary!

  92. wow – has it really been a year already?! happy anniversary!

  93. KMad124 says...

    oooh congrats! we share the same anniversary, same year..but from the other side of the world! our “winter” wedding quickly turned into the spring wedding i’d hoped for as the temperatures were 31 degrees C that day! best wishes..

  94. Congrats and happy anniversary!! =)

  95. This is so cute. Congrats!

  96. Oh congratulations Joanna!! and Alex! That is such a beautiful and emotion filled picture and it makes me so full of love! Happy Anniversary! I hope you’ve done something fabulous to celebrate!

  97. Anonymous says...

    I love how each word links to a special memory. Hapy Anniversary!

  98. Happy Anniversary!

  99. Congratulations! Everything seems so perfect for you both- happy couple, happy baby, happy people like me reading your happy blog- and I’m loving the photos of Greece as well!

  100. Happy anniversary! I love getting to know your family, in a small way, through your blog. I hope you have a fantastic day!

  101. Happy anniversary! This is a darling post.

  102. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! The picture is just perfect!

  103. So sweet. I absolutely adore this picture. Brings tears to my eyes. Happy anniversary. :)

  104. Happy Anniversary!!! We met briefly today. Thanks for being so kind to my friend’s daughter and letting her get a look at Toby. What a small world we live in. It was great to randomly bump into you.

  105. Happy Anniversary!!!

  106. april says...

    much anniversary love! mine is also today (7 years, what?!) so this date is especially dear. first comment on your blog, but have been following for a few months… can’t wait to see what’s in store for you, alex and baby toby! all the best.

  107. Happy Anniversary Guys…time flies huh? Hubby and I have been married 3 years now and it only seems like a year ago we got married…but we have a cute little two year old who reminds us that ..nop…its been longer! lol…have a great time celebrating xo

  108. Awww, happy anniversary! I celebrated mine last Monday too. Marriage is a beautiful thing:-).

  109. Happy Anniversary!! And thank you for your inspiring blog :)

  110. That was a fast year. I can’t even imagine how it must have felt to you. What a year. It has been a joy to follow along and so nice that you share these glimpses here. Awesome.

  111. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I are also celebrating our 2nd anniversary today :) Love your blog.

  112. Happy marriage Joanna and Alex! May you live happily forever after! <3

  113. such a touching photo…Happy Anniversary! Wishing you eternal happiness with each other.

  114. Happy Anniversary – and to many, many more Anniversaries to come!

    PS – the Tobster is A DOLL. Totally drool-worthy.

  115. Happy Anniversary Joanna and wishing you both many more to come! Should we all be so lucky as to find a love like yours and Alexs’.


  116. Happy Anniversary. We just celebrated ours. It is a really special time. Enjoy!

  117. simply beautiful. i love the photo. what a very busy year you have had :)

  118. oh my~ just so touch to see this picture. STAY HAPPILY EVER AFTER JO!

  119. What a sweet photo. Best wishes on your 1 year anniversary :)

  120. so very special.

  121. i know! it seems like yesterday…and like a thousand years ago at the same time.

  122. Fantastic! Happy Anniversary!

    Bubbs :)

  123. Happy Anniversary! What a fast year!

  124. Oh my goodness! I can’t even believe it’s been a year! Happy anniversary. :) (Geez, I’m gonna turn around and Toby will be 1. Eek!)

  125. Happy Anniversary – what a year you have had! Enjoy! xxoo :)

  126. Meredith says...

    So lovely. All the best to both of you! What a beautiful photo.

  127. thanks for these sweet comments!! xoxo what a difference a year makes :)

  128. happy anniversary! this photo makes my heart want to burst!

  129. Anonymous says...

    Haha how old is Toby now??

  130. aww so lovely!
    and now you have a family!
    cant wait for the birth story yay!

  131. Happy Anniversary and Happy Marriage! We wish you all the happiness in the world!