1. I am starving – that menu looks outstanding!

  2. Too flippin cute! Thanks for reminding me how cool a white pen can be.

  3. leila, soon! :) our friend just took photos xoxo

  4. love this idea. stylish and cost effective.

  5. Just darling! Would be great for other events as well, like a dinner party.

  6. Birth story, birth story, birth story!

  7. Leila says...

    Cute!! When do we get to see Toby’s nursery??? you did so many post about cute nurseries I’m dying to see Tobys!

  8. So simple and adorable. Love it!

  9. yep – this is perfectly portland. Simple and heartfelt.

  10. it reminds me of eating at a little bistro on the streets of italy. such a great idea even for a small gathering in my backyard or maybe a little girl’s tea party and do pink with white letters.

  11. this looks so cute! definitely bookmarking (even though i have no intentions on getting married any time soon..)

  12. Angela says...

    Hi Joanna! Those are CUTE paper goods. This is random, but I think you would love this blog if you haven’t see it yet. It’s a mommy who tries to think of what her baby is dreaming about and tries to capture those dreams: http://milasdaydreams.blogspot.com/

  13. Thanks, Joanna!!!! :)

  14. I love this idea. So simple and elegant! My mom does this type of stuff and I just absolutely love it!

  15. that is a great touch…julia would approve!

  16. i am currently obsessed with rubber stamps. what a great idea! this would work really well for a dinner party too!

  17. Anonymous says...

    I love simple and personal weddings!

  18. so many lovelies from chelsea.

  19. Everything means more when hand-written… Lovely!

  20. So simple and so French! And I love the paper bag around the plant. Too cute!

  21. WOnderful! I will be checking out the tips, my wedding is coming up now… only 5 more weeks…. My heart is rising!

  22. SO cute!!!

  23. Simple and pretty- most impressively a wonderful idea, thanks for sharing, hope your weekend has been fantastic!

  24. I saw this posted earlier today on her blog and fell in love instantly! There’s something about personal handwriting that gets me every time.

  25. I love this… so approachable, yet stylish.

  26. I love everything about “Do It For Yourself” for your wedding. I made my own placement cards and table numbers as well as favors.

    Creating certain things for my own wedding made me feel like the wedding was for me and my husband, us only…

    Such lovely creations!

  27. anything paper + awesome script related makes my heart giddy!

    i love this find!

    p.s. i am dying to read about your birth story.

  28. they always have the best ideas and diy over there! i love it. it gives me so much motivation and desire to be more creative and do things more unique!

  29. What a great idea, it looks fantastic. Any wedding is a long way off for me, but I am saving this as inspiration!

  30. Simple ideas are the best…Dont you think?
    That fork is really cool and what a great idea to use the white pen….Loving it…Thanks,Joanna ..I am going to have a look:)

    Have a lovely afternoon:)

  31. it looks so simple and classic, what a great idea!!

  32. too adorable!! simple slightly rustic perfection!

  33. So adorable! I love DIY wedding ideas – it makes the atmosphere so much warmer!

  34. Oooo – these totally remind me of chalk boards! Adorable! I’d love to use something similar for a dinner party.


  35. That is such a good idea. It looks so crisp and pulled together. Very pretty! Joanna, do you have any idea where that fork stamp is from, or where I could get utensil stamps? I could probably just google it… :) And your vacation last week sounded so fun, great pictures!

  36. Super cute. Wouldn’t want to hand write them for a large wedding though!