1. Love this!

  2. what an awesome concept! and the photos and shirts look fantastic!
    love your blog Jo! keep it up :D

  3. Such a neat idea…I really love this, Jo!

  4. Much better on the girl.

  5. These are great!

  6. it’s so exciting that one of y’alls photos actually got used for a shirt! and it does make for an adorable shirt i might say

  7. Super cute tees.

  8. These are awesome! I just love these shirts.

    xo Marcie

  9. I’d love to match up some of the inspiring pics with the tees.

    There are pretty groovy!

  10. Anonymous says...

    I hope you got the ones based on your engagement photo too! You need to see if Max can do a onesie version of that one for Toby :)


  11. aww that is beautiful!

  12. almost got this one, but chose the pink balloons instead. can’t wait to wear it! also already have ‘fly away’. he is my inspiration and i adore his work!!

  13. fantastic, thanks for linking them!

  14. love it!

  15. oh my goodness. I want the giraffe one! I’m so excited that they are on sale. I’ve been eyeing it for awhile. I just might have to get it now :)

  16. The shirts are so cute! I especially love the one of your picture. I am also loving the giraffe one…I just may have to get one myself! Thanks for sharing :)


  17. These t-shirts are so great, I think the pink balloons are my fave.
    How cool is it that you’ve inspired a t-shirt? Awesome! I do hope you have your own!

  18. I love how you fuel my t shirt obsession. I love the concept of his designs. I bet the bride and groom are quite flattered.

  19. Wow, definitely just got distracted on Max’s site for far longer than I intended. I absolutely adore the dark grey with turquoise birds! I can totally make these work appropriate…;)


  20. Awww…how much I love those:)They give such a calming vibe:) If they have a baby size you should get it for Toby!!!

    Kisses, Joanna and Happy Monday!

  21. I also love the photo it was inspired by.
    It’s simple, but really, there’s a lot of simple shapes you could do with those twinkles.

  22. Very cool! I love the Stars!

    Art by Karena

  23. you+alex’s pink balloon photo is tough to beat…though these twinkling lights are so dreamy :) i am thanking my lucky stars max agreed to capture our april beach wedding! he is incredible.

    sylvie of silver lining

  24. so cute! i think making t-shirts would be so fun!

  25. they look very nice

  26. So cute. I especially love the giraffe one he did.

  27. these are so cute and such a great idea!

  28. I love this tee and the lights do seem to be twinkling:-).

  29. Very cute. I love the photo it is inspired by. Have a great week!