Have a fun summer weekend!

My lovely readers, what are you doing this weekend? My dad has been visiting this week, and we’ve taken Toby on neighborhood walks and to a delicious long lunch at Cafe Cluny. My dad has helped me realize how portable little babies are! Hope you have a wonderful, sunshine-y weekend, and here are some great posts from around the web…

A bike basket for minimalists.

This engagement session makes me want to give camping a second chance.

What a fab swimsuit from the 80’s.

A quirky notepad.

Photo enthusiasts: A Teen Vogue editor gave camera straps a makeover!

Cheery mobiles.

Wouldn’t you love to romp around in this romper this summer?

Thumbs up for these cute yellow business cards.

Plus, three Cup of Jo posts you may have missed:
* Piano stairs
* Dorky glasses
* Car, bus or bike?

(Yummy photo by Vic)

  1. So, as I said, I’m getting caught up on my blog reading and I’m just reading this post. I saw the link regarding you wanting to give camping a second chance. We love camping, but it’s definitely a ‘learned’ skill to master if you will…to learn how to strike a balance between roughing it and ‘fancying’ it up a little bit. I don’t normally ask other bloggers to read my blog, but if you have a chance, you should look at my recent post!! May influence your desire to give camping another try!!

  2. i love Cafe Cluny! they have the best breakfast. your baby is adorable! hope you had a nice weekend with your family.

  3. loving your blog! thanks for all the great posts.

  4. Summer BBQs are the best! Especially on a Monday. xx

  5. okay, i’m hungry now.

  6. This weekend I am ALONE WITH THE BABY in Oxford, while my husband skites off to Cambridge with all his friends to punt, swim and generally carouse in a Brideshead Revisted (Cambridge style) manner.

    That is completely okay with me. Baby is in a good humour, the weather is divine and I’m buying bronze Birkenstocks this afternoon.

  7. That notepad is simply awesome, I mean, who would have thought to turn ordinary pieces of writing paper into geometric lines. I wish they sold stuff like that at the stationery stores around town..

  8. Yuck! I can’t take those camera straps seriously! LOL!
    The jumper is cute except…the print pattern is a bit drab and the inseam needs to be longer. Can’t have it riding up behind, like it is on the model.
    The business cards are great! Not stuffy like most, but not over the top at all.
    The basket…I like bike baskets, but the jury is still out on that one.
    Love the engagement photos. Especially the ones at the cabin!

  9. yummm BBQ pictures!

    We are just starting our 2 week roadtrip from Toronto Ontario to Montreal, to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, then finally P.E.I

    Right now we are in Montreal about to go to a big beach roast and bbq and will be driving out tomorrow to continue the adventure! Can’t wait to come back with stories and pictures for my blog too!

  10. Great pictures! I love that swimming suit! Bright and totally 80’s. Suits need to be more fun again!
    Lila Ferraro

  11. JW says...

    I love this blog too. There are always such cute pictures!

  12. Great weekend links. Hehe – want to go on a picnic in a lovely location with my love. And I’d like to bring a camera with way cool straps : ). Enjoy your weekend with your family.

  13. Nyc’s Bastille Day Fest is tomorrow, I’ll be celebrating my heritage and eating way too many pastries!

  14. loving the camera straps makeover!

  15. but camping is NOTHING like those wonderful photos, joanna! just sayin’. =)

    and yes take toby everywhere while you can… i’ll be visiting cafe cluny next week. can’t wait. have a great weekend.

  16. Have a great weekend! I’ll be enjoying the Seattle sun with my boyfriend and fam before I leave for Japan on Monday!

  17. It was such a pleasure meeting you, Toby, and your Dad today! You looked so great for just having Toby – hope you enjoyed the rest of your day! :)

  18. Anonymous says...

    Cafe Cluny looks delicious!!!!!

  19. Wow. I love those engagement photos and the notebook! I think I will have to use that for all my college notes here on out.

  20. I love your blog!…I have been on here all evening…I think my husband misses me…gotta…Have a great weekend!

  21. i just came across your site & i love it ! its so cute – love the pics! DEF following you ♡
    love the concept !
    id love for you to check out my blog. I constantly host giveaways and interact with my readers.
    My next giveaway will be hosted in a week or so!

    xo elena

  22. Oh yes, it’s nice when you can get out with little ones! I (sort of)miss the days when my girl would fall asleep at a restaurant ;)
    ps – I always found a scarf, henley and nursing tank to be a winning combo! but harder when it’s hot out…

  23. Love Cafe Cluny! Have a great weekend:)
    It is all about designing details on our beach house here:)

  24. I don’t like camping either! I am flying home back to my hubby after being away for two weeks. Happy day!

  25. Kim (long time reader, first time commenter) says...

    I love Cafe Cluny! My cousin took me there when I visited with my boyfriend in March. Unfortunately, I’m now back home in Australia and much farther away from NYC than I was when I was living in Boston! Toby is gorgeous!

  26. I love those engagement pics! Although it still doesn’t make me want to go camping hehe

    The hubs and I will be staying cool indoors… I’ll be catching up on work and he’ll watch DVDs :)

  27. The camping engagement session is ADORABLE! You should reconsider camping, it can be a lot of fun. And now that you’re a mama to a little boy, your girlieness is outnumbered in your house :) That means you have to start preparing for toads, slingshots, and rowdiness. A camping trip with your two boys would be so sweet.

    PS. My word verification was POONE.

  28. The engagement photos are so…so…sweet! Wishing you a fabulous weekend too!

  29. cafe cluny–ive gotta go there! im spending my weekend trying not to melt in this ridiculous heat. sheesh.

  30. I’m spending my weekend trying to figure out how I can rise above wearing floral patterns. They’re everywhere and I feel so unoriginal; I’m not sure if you agree. I have a resolution in my new posting! I think you’ll like it! Have fun with the little one…adorable. -Valerie

  31. Glad you get to have some lovely family time with your dad! These are wonderful little thises and thats, as always.
    I really like those camera straps! Have you seen these recycled camera straps made from seatbelts? We have a couple of them for our fancy cammies, and they’re really fab.

  32. My Dad is coming over this weekend and I’m taking him to a Yankees/Mariners game. It is great to have time to chill with Dad.

  33. great links, as always!

    i cannot wait to be out in the sun this weekend, it just arrived to vancouver so i will be soaking it all up!

  34. So glad you got to spend time with your father, and that he got to spend time with his grandson! Happy weekend!! xoxo

  35. Yes, new babies are so easy to tote around. You will have so much fun with Grandpa there!

    Have a fabulous weekend. ~Natalie

  36. oh! cafe cluny is one of my manhattan gems. it sounds like toby is having a ball exploring the colorful city…i’m looking forward to more precious pics of the lil’ guy :)

    wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    sylvie of silver lining

  37. That bike basket is perfect. So cool! Have a fab weekend:)

  38. How fun…I bet he is a very proud Grandpa:)…Sounds like you guys had a fantastic time:) Wish you a lovely weekend and I am off to check the links….
    Ps: It’s amazing how babies adapt….dont you think?

  39. i love your blog! i’m kind of new to the blogging world and yours was one of the first i discovered! i just gave birth to my first child, hazel bee, 10 wks ago so we are trying to get out and about more but with the sun and heat, it’s kind of hard. she has beautifully pale skin and i don’t want her to get burned! i’m glad you are getting more comfortable with feeding in public! at least you can breastfeed! my milk never quite came in so i have to bottle feed… i hate doing it in public.. always feeling like people are judging me for NOT breastfeeding! i just want to tell them my damn milk never came in! :) but i don’t! anyway, have a great weekend!

  40. I saw those camera straps over at refinery earlier this week and i thought i could so use one of these! Lovely links as usual! Happy weekend to you and the fam:-).