Father + Son

Not to overdo it on family photos, but I adore these shots of my two men. Toby just stares at Alex. He is totally fascinated by him! It is the cutest thing ever. (In the last shot, Toby had just made some ominous noises, if you know what I mean:)

  1. The starring is hilariously cute.

  2. You have to frame those three photos in a collage – they are so cute. That’s two very good looking boys you have there! And the most divine photos – what a little man he is!

  3. Juliana from NC says...

    Priceless pictures… your son’s expression instantly reminded me of the main character, a little bird, in one of my son’s books, Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman. It’s about a baby bird searching for it’s mother. In your pictures it looks like your son is intuitively saying to your husband “you are my father”. Super cute!

  4. Such a lovely baby:)

    But I was a bit wicked and thought hummmm? what could the Caption be?

    “You got a few nits there Daddy!” “oh, and one behind the ear too”:)

    I do have a weird sense of humour.

    Dont you just love the way new babies always have that “O” mouth, do you know what I mean? its just so cute:)

    Well done to the Proud Mummy and Daddy.
    michelle x

  5. Anonymous says...

    my dad has the same expression as Alex’s on pic no. 3. when his grandson (my nephew) pulled his beard. he’d go uuuh..uh huu.. lol i just find it adorable =)

  6. Too adorable not to share.

  7. So sweet. I’m really, really nervous about having a baby (also a boy) and seeing photos like these brings me down to Earth a little. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Gina says...

    I can’t say it any better than anyone else so I’ll repeat: adorable, adorable, adorable!!! I love how teeny, tiny he looks next to Alex! And his little expressions! I don’t know how you keep your hands off of him long enough to take photos, but you simply cannot overdo it, that’s for sure! Keep ’em coming, and kiss that adorable little fella for all of us in his fan club.

  9. Oh my goodness, these are so cute. You should definitely frame them.

  10. Adorable!!!

  11. unbelievable! so, so, so beautiful.

  12. Ha! I’m smiling so much at these beautiful pictures.

  13. there are no words. i love how curious he looks all the time! and he seems to be fascinated with daddy’s hair! just wait till he moves on to chest hair! when peter grabs a good hand full doug almost cries! :)

  14. Anonymous says...

    Toby is just gorgeous. He has such a look of wonder and sweetness about him. You’ll be so glad you have these photos in the years to come.

    Please don’t leave photos on a disc or wearever else photos are stored. Frame them for all to see and enjoy.

  15. Toby is one cute baby! I love these photos!!

  16. I hope you’re framing those. Love how he’s looking at Daddy!

  17. dianabanana says...

    little toby is already picking his daddy’s brain for worldly wisdom! these are so cute.

  18. Anonymous says...

    Ah, so cute! In the second photo, they really look alike! :-)

  19. I love these!! After nine months of you and the baby being physically bonded, now he and your husband get to get to know each other. Cute!

  20. Tanusree says...

    The photographs are adorable. God bless you all !

  21. aw, those pics are beautiful and adorable.

  22. Beautiful post, it looks like he is growing so quickly!

    Keep on posting your pictures, we are enjoying them very much xxx

  23. you can never overdo it on the family photos! such cute pictures. the last pic is too funny.

  24. precious beyond words!! xo.

  25. These are so cute. Oh yes I know those noises. LOL


  26. How could you not love those photos!

  27. These are so sweet, Joanna :) You will treasure these photos, forever. I bet in 30 years, Toby will be looking at these adorable pictures of him and his Dad. Keep capturing these sweet moments.

  28. I think I leave the same comment every time but heck I’ll say it again! He’s so darling! Love these posts :)

  29. These photos KILL me!! So beautiful. I love them. Making me clucky all over again. LOVE!

  30. LOL… those are hilarious! Too cute…

  31. yay i love these!
    thankyou for the beautiful photos, these are amazing!

  32. cutest baby ever.

  33. So adorable little boy¡¡¡ I love your photographs.
    COngratulations for your blog.

  34. soo cute!

  35. He’s so very small & so cute. Can you imagine that he’s most likely going to look just like Alex one day. So crazy! Thanks for always sharing the family photos. I’m pretty sure we all enjoy them.

  36. He is the cutest little boy ever! I just made my husband come in the other room to see how precious Toby is!

  37. you are so in love with your baby that is so wonderful!
    I love Toby’s expression of wonderment: priceless

  38. Dix says...

    Toby is looking so fascinated that I see lots of mud and creepy crawlies in your future! I doubt he will ever lose that curiosity. A bright, bright little boy. It’s wonderful that with your camera you have captured a life long memory.

  39. sherala says...

    Such sweet photos! Keep them up (just throw a bicycle or dress in every now and again). I always treasured photos of me as a baby with my father and now that he is home…well they’re priceless. Thanks for sharing!

  40. oh my gosh these are priceless! somthing you would have picked up and posted here, but your very own life to treasure.

    these make me even more excited for the arrival of our Ever Elizabeth :))

  41. Joanna, these are SO cute!!!

  42. I’m sorry but could you have a more perfect family? Toby is the most beautiful and hansom little man I have ever seen. They’re keepers ;)

  43. oh johanna these are beyond adorable! the first two make me melt. i’m so happy for you both – toby is just beautiful. congratulations, congratulations.

  44. so sweet! they both seem completely mesmerized with each other.

  45. hehe these are just precious!!

  46. Catherine says...

    That is one cute baby you’ve got there! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

  47. so cute i could bust! he’s so little and amazing!

  48. JW says...

    Those photos are adorable!

  49. just found your blog through ninon.
    it’s great!

  50. remember when I told you nothin melts my heart more than a father with his child? yeah, my heart has just melted =) what a sweet baby!

  51. These are so sweet! I uncontrollably “awwwwed” just now.

  52. You cannot overdo it, Joanna. Love to see pictures of your little guy! I love how he looks at his dad! He looks like an intelligent little fellow.

  53. joanna, you have such a beautiful family!

  54. Sooo sweet and adorable! You have a wonderful family Joanna! xoxo!

  55. Oh, please keep the pics coming. Nothing brightens my day more!

  56. Ooh, he looks totally amazed! I love it. What a fantastic bond to build so young.

    And with a cute baby like that, it’s hard to overload on family photos!

  57. Joanna, Toby might just be the cutest baby I have ever seen. He’s got such a personality that can be captured through your pictures! Thanks for sharing them with all of us. I love all three of them. And it’s adorable that Toby loves to stare at Alex, that so cute. Congratulations on Toby and your family yet again!

  58. congratulations joanna! such happy pictures!! i’d love to send your little toby a small gift and if it’s ok with you, just send me your postal address :)

  59. Oh my goodness! That shot of the them looking at each other is incredibly adorable!! Such a beautiful family :)

  60. que hermosas imagenes, realmente adorable, tu pequeño!

  61. Ahh, look at Toby’s teensy little leg! So cute.

  62. *beautiful!*

  63. These are photo’s are sooo cute!

  64. i just gasped out loud! so so adorable.

  65. Wonderful photos. I love to see little ones staring at their parents. Seeing that kind of love is a beautiful thing. Don’t worry on the over doing it. It does the heart good seeing things like this.

  66. Faby says...

    You can NEVER overdo it on family photos! <3

  67. This is what perfection looks like!

  68. Joanna, no such thing as “overdoing” it on family photos. Toby is so expressive – he looks thoughtful, yet innocent, and so adorable! You have a beautiful family!

  69. and I thought that last photo was because Toby was tugging at Alex’s ear!

    what lovely photos.

  70. Awww those are the sweetest photos – what an adorable wee lad!

  71. these pictures are just too sweet. take tons of pictures darling, because little toby will grow super fast :)

  72. What perfect photos to wake up to.

    …you are definitely not ‘over-doing it’ :)

  73. Absolutely adorable!

  74. that look on toby’s face is priceless! you can tell how much he adores dad already. what a beautiful little guy you have, joanna!

    hope your fourth was wonderful!

  75. Aaaagggh! Cute overload!!!

  76. Anonymous says...

    What a gorgeous little mouth! (Toby, I mean… Ha Ha!)

  77. holy crapola. cutest. thing. ever.

  78. Soo sweet, Joanna! You are so lucky to have such a beautiful family!

  79. aw he is just ADORABLE ! the baby that is !

  80. Um, he is REALLY cute. Love everything about babies!

  81. That is the cutest thing ever!

  82. so cute!

  83. what a wonderfully sweet and animated face! cutie pie!

  84. So precious!! Toby does look completely fascinated…that’s really so adorable :) What cute boys you’ve got :)

  85. m says...

    simply adorable!

  86. Aw, the expressions on Toby’s face are adorable and just priceless!

  87. Those shots are just adorable!! And you can never overdo it on family photos!!

  88. BEYOND precious! Your family is lovely, just as expected. Keep the photos coming! Who doesn’t love to see a happy family? ;)

  89. OMG those are seriously TOO cute!!

  90. too precious. I love how Toby looks at Alex – heart melting…

  91. I’m pretty sure I speak for 99% of your readers when I say that we could never overload of seeing the three of you. =) Keep those pictures coming! Glad you had a relaxing holiday! xo

  92. Gah, look at his little facial expressions!! He looks like he’s so keen on taking in and figuring everything out. The second picture is just priceless. <3

  93. Hi Joanna! These photos are precious! They’re both so cute!I’m so glad you’re back! Jennifer:)

  94. Such gorgeous picks! Look at them! You must be so happy with your two gorgeous boys. Hope you’re enjoying every second. xx

  95. Precious. These are really nice shots. You have a great eye!

  96. Toby, such a sweetheart!

  97. So adorable!

    “Ominous noises” lmao

  98. Such a handsome little man!

  99. one could never overdo a shot such as this!

    my grandkids all do this with the parents… it’s so darling … like they KNOW you … because they DO

  100. aaah – this is SO CUTE! have a lovely day today! greetings from sunny germany, geisslein

  101. Just adorable and so funny.

  102. So adorable! I especially love that last shot! Priceless.

    Thanks for sharing!


  103. The father-son bond starts early!!!! I’ve got 2 sons and there’s nothing as fun as watching my husband play with them!!! These pictures are precious!!! Hope you’re getting a little sleep! Elizabeth

  104. Those are really great shots- so sweet!!

  105. he looks like such a tiny baby! I mean all babies look small and tiny, but I can’t get over how small he looks!

    (Plus he seems to really be liking the ear! :)

  106. These pictures are absolutely adorable!! Congrats!!

  107. These are such sweet pictures! Toby looks very awake – just think what it must be like when everything is new and exciting!

  108. Thanks for sharing these wonderful moments, awesome pictures! He is the cutest, sweetest baby ever…

  109. these are incredible!
    you should frame them:)

  110. OMG! So so cute!!!
    Great photos! And once again congrats on the beautiful family.

  111. hihi, these are really cute indeed :)

  112. so lovely
    lucky dad
    and lucky son:))

  113. Wow, your baby is so cute! How is it possible to have such a cute baby! Wow. I love every post you have put up of Toby and this is no exception. Love and Joy. Xxx.

  114. Happy, happy! Congrats you are one lucky woman. XX

  115. soooooo cute!!!
    viele grüsse, kristina

  116. What a completely heavenly baby – you are so lucky, and unbelievably, it just gets better and better and better.


  117. so cute! babies are so fotogenic ;)

  118. Anonymous says...

    finally a shot with alex! LOL i have been waiting. these three photograhs are wonderful, joanna.

  119. Just delightful…it’s a beautiful moment a father & son (or daughter) these photo’s should be treasured forever, as they change so quickly…

  120. These are so precious, Joanna! Husbands and sons together is just about the best thing ever.

    Happy 4th!

  121. These are absolutely adorable. He’s so alert already! Thanks for sharing these.

  122. Awww I know what you meant, Joanna! Isn’t this just the sweetest? I love these pictures, they’re so much fun! thank you for sharing! xoxox

  123. Aw, these are the cutest photos! Toby is looking beautiful as always. :)

  124. Hahahha…I know what you mean:) Ahhh how adorable:) Toby is so cute and the way he looks at his daddy…special:)
    Thank you,Joanna for sharing those….Happy Monday!
    Ps: You are such a great blogger!

  125. Joanna he really is a beautiful little boy- so inquisitive and yet innocent- congratulations again to you all