1. My pregnant heart is all mushed up now :)

  2. So freakin tiny and cute! My son was not a sleeper. He still isn’t. I couldn’t imagine him being put on his tummy and then going to sleep….

  3. Hope things are going well.
    Your latest production is a real doll baby!
    I found your site while researching “vegetables (shaped as) candles,” of which you have an example on the “A Cup of Jo” blog.
    With all that you have to do, if possible, could you please e-mail a source for these little beauties? Reason: I’m a florist in need of a cool “prop” for “Farm to Fork,” a NJ fresh veggie co-op program for local area restaurants.
    I hope to hear from you.
    Michael Bruce Florist
    (For fun, try an ‘image search.”)
    Collingswood NJ

  4. absolutely precious.
    WAY to be on leave, to just enjoy that little boy. in every way.

  5. he already looks like both of you! so sweet. xo

  6. How lucky you are! Congratulations – what a blessing. That picture is better than anything I’ve ever seen.

  7. Oh, good heavens. He is just too too!! Such pure joy, Joanna. Well done.

  8. love that picture!!!

  9. Alana says...

    Oh my gosh Joanna your son is SO adorable! I wasn’t entirely sure on having children but he is so incredibly cute, I’m converted.

  10. Anonymous says...

    What an adorable cutie pie!!! You must be in heaven! I just went to a “Motherhood Consortium” gathering which consists of specialists who work with pregnancy, birthing and post-partum practioners of different sorts and the topic that particular day was the importance of tummy time! Everyone seemed to have already known that, but it was news to me & made me wish I had known when my guys were wee. It has so much benefit for the baby. I had not known that! Beautiful little guy Jo! Congrats! Will you be using cotton diapers? They are AWESOME! We did (w/ a service) and it was the best decision. We loved them (they are easy too!). Don’t be put-off if you think they will be hard. They aren’t at all and they are oh so softie!!

  11. i can’t wait for my own in six months! he’s so beautiful :)

  12. utterly adorable!

  13. This is awfully sweet.
    Congratulations to you!

  14. he is adorable!!!
    congradulations joanna!
    i remember how much you longed for him when we were doing the rexona blog.
    enjoy the little bundle of love
    lots of love

  15. so so so beautiful,congrats again.x

  16. Anonymous says...

    Adorable! He is just perfect!

  17. congrats Joanna! He is absolutely perfect! I love the name too!! I could stare at this picture all day.. its making me want a little boy! hope you are getting some sleep :]

  18. Gorgeous. Look how big his nappy is! Too cute!

    Hope the three of your are fabulous. xxx

  19. He is so so so precious!!! So happy for you :)

  20. Oh my, oh my! I want one of my own SO badly!!

    He is so precious. Cheers to more favorite photos… I am sure there will be plenty to come!


  21. You make me want to have more babies. That is just adorable. AHHH!

  22. oh heavens, he is so precious. sweet little guy!

  23. OH MY . . . he just snuggled into my heart. How very sweet and lovely.

  24. Anonymous says...

    This is adorable and such a contrast from my niece who *hated* tummy time. The second she realized she was on her stomach, she would bawl until we picked her up. Then she would pair her after-cry snivel with a look that said, “Why did you do that awful thing to me?” I wish your son could have shown her how to relax and enjoy tummy time. :)

  25. oh my goodness, he is so precious! you must be so head over heels in love with him!

  26. Anonymous says...

    Dude! He is so sweet! OK – now I’m going to get all preachy and annoying – if you can (if you feel like it, if you’re not against it), try cloth diapers like bumgenius or g-diapers (we use g-diapers because we don’t have a washer in our apt – also, I don’t think we used them right away because they didn’t fit!:)). I love the g. OK, enough with being annoying, now back to cute, cute, cute!!! –Megan

  27. Ohhhh I love that picture – Joanna he is precious!

  28. He is too sweet for words!! Thanks for sharing!

  29. How precious… still so tiny! makes me remember my sweeties at that age. So loud but sooooo sweet.

  30. He’s so lovely. My heart is mealting.

  31. Anonymous says...


  32. Good job, mama. You made a perfect little angel!

  33. how is it that you have one of the cutest babies in the world? i think he is competely darling. so are you….

  34. Yup, it’s official: I’ve now seen the cutest thing in the world.

  35. too, too much!!!

  36. Such a sweet little guy:) Awww:)

  37. jennyl says...

    Aww… maybe one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! Congrats! :)

  38. My ovaries just panged. Wow. I think I might need to get me one of these pretty soon :)

  39. GOD does make spectacular doesn’t HE! My sons are both adults but I remember and cherish these moments…Jennifer jennsthreegraces with the very best of wishes

  40. Oh my goodness I think I just had a cute attack!

  41. oh my gosh! i squeeled at that cuteness- who could resist! he is simply precious!


  42. He is such a sweet little niblet!

  43. He is SOOO precious!! My baby is due in November and I can hardly wait!

  44. what a perfect depiction of a perfect baby! he is so presh. ♥

  45. AH! He is the sweetest little peanut!

  46. Joanna, he is without a doubt the most precious baby boy I have EVER seen!!!! Congratulations :) :) :)

  47. Anonymous says...


  48. ahhhh, you have the cutest baby, i want to tickle and bite his little legs!!

  49. oh my gosh, i think i just fell in love!

  50. Adorable! I used to just love watching my babies sleep – they are so peaceful! xxoo :)

  51. This is about the most precious baby pic I have ever seen! Heartbreakingly precious!!

  52. He is the cutest little boy,Jo!


    I’m really happy for you guys.

    xxx from Brazil!

  53. Totally adorable. Tummy time is so great. And to tell you a little secret, all three of my little ones would fall asleep in that position and I would let them rest that way!
    He is just lovely. I know you guys must be thrilled. !

  54. Oh my, how sweet!

  55. oh, he’s so beautiful! congrats! ps. are you using cloth diapers??

  56. oh so, so precious!! thanks for sharing a photo :)

  57. Ooohhh! What a cutie. ♥ I feel like having another baby. =D

  58. What an angel! My favorite part? His tiny little ears! Eek! Too cute!

  59. You have the most adorable baby. Ever. Period.

  60. Ahhh so cute. Now I want another baby of my own!!

  61. He is so lovely and adorable. Congratulations again!

  62. Aww, he is gorgeous! Congratulations.

  63. I love it. Thanks for the smile today.

  64. oh my goodness, soo stinkin’ cute!!!

  65. OOOHHHMMMMYYYYGGGOOODDD!!!! look how little and cute he is!!! :D

  66. So cute:)

    I wish I could have some tummy time, of course if I laid down I’d probably fall asleep too.

  67. this is the cutest picture EVER.

  68. It seriously doesn’t get any cuter than that! What a precious little guy!

  69. He is so tiny and cute and perfect! Thanks for posting updates! Congrats!!

  70. so cute, really sweet… 15 seconds watching and we find peace… :)

  71. Oh, how sweet! I love the name Toby too. That was on our list. [And, from one mom to another: my child hated tummy time. His head was big and he didn’t know what to do with it. I’ve talked to many parents whose kids were the same. Apparently, they figure out things like–their bellies and crawling–without it. ;-)]

  72. This makes me smile. He is precious!

  73. Joanna, he gets more adorable every day!! :)

  74. Ahhh! I think I would just sit all day at stare at that little cutey pie if I were you. Wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else!

  75. m says...

    sooo cute!

  76. Possibly the cutest thing I have every seen! Completely adorable :)

  77. Oh that is just too cute : )

  78. This is the kind of picture that makes me want a baby NOW!! Too cute.

    Have an enjoyable weekend!


  79. Anonymous says...

    Aww…I need another one too! Lol!

  80. Oh my goodness. So cute!

  81. jb says...


  82. he makes my heart all melty!

  83. He is just so darn cute…it only gets better from here!

  84. Way too cute to handle, it makes me heart hurt.

  85. Swooooooon.

  86. seriously? the cutest!

  87. awwww! little buddy!

  88. wow oh wow oh wow.

    babies are the best, aren’t they?

  89. My head just exploded due to sweetness overload. This is beyond precious!

  90. oh god. He’s beyond cute.
    All the best.

  91. so lovely and cute! Congratulations Jo!
    Greetings from Portugal!

  92. Beautiful, Joanna. And he’s already changing!

  93. Man! Adorable :) What a joy for you both.

  94. Oh my goodness, this is beyond precious!

  95. This just made me went aww.

  96. awww! Its hard to believe they’re ever this small!

  97. Oof that is the most gorgeous thing I’ve seen all day! Possibly all week!

  98. Remember as much as you can now–he will never be this tiny again.

  99. oooh… that cozy little position. i could just scoop up that little butterbean. isn’t baby time just the best?!

  100. Oh my goodness!! *.*

  101. PRECIOUS!! Joanna I bet you spend your hours just staring at him.

    Greetings from a Mexican Mommy living in Europe

  102. absolutely adorable!!

  103. What a little peanut. He makes that look so relaxing! Beautiful Babe!

  104. So cute Joanna! He looks like a little dream. Hope he’s sleeping well:)

  105. lbs says...

    I was hoping there would be a little treat today! So sweet, love that little pose. hope things are going well for you all.

  106. Sooo precious! I think he’s grown already! :)

  107. He just melts my heart. So tiny and perfect.

  108. What a sweet little fellow!

  109. so cute….babies sleep everywhere and in positions u can not even imagine.:-)

  110. Oh. My. Gawd. Sweetest baby EVER!! xo

  111. Oh my goodness he could not be cuter! I want a baby STAT!

  112. What a little peanut! I’m so happy for you!

  113. Oh my goodness. So sweet & adorable! He is one handsome little guy!

    I cannot wait to do the same with my baby.

  114. oh my goodness!! my ovaries are aching… :)