1. He’s beautiful! And it does fly by. Enjoy every moment…even the pukey/poopy ones.

    On a totally separate note (and totally understand if you’re not responding to comments), but your rug looks suspiciously like the Moroccan rug we had from Pottery Barn. Is it? And have you had major shedding issues? We finally had to pitch it, sadly…

  2. what a beautiful darlig:) congrats!!

  3. the best part is fattening them up so you can chomp on their chubby everything. love that newborn alien stare! 10 days new, lovely!

  4. oh my goodness! he is just such a precious little guy. again, congratulations to you and alex. best wishes to you and your family.

  5. omg.. he is sooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet.. can’t believe it passed so wuickly and you’re holding him in your arms right now..

    god bless him..


  6. English Rach says...

    Heart. Just. Melted


  7. ❤ Toutes mes félicitations pour la naissance de Toby ❤

  8. He is sooooo cute, this reminds me the I am at the half way point I will only have 20 weeks left until I get to meet my little one, :) Hope you are having a lovely time

  9. sweetest little thing! i bet you both are overflowing with love and joy and happiness right now! <3

  10. He is the cutest thing ever . Great name! Was it a family name?

  11. Anonymous says...

    He looks so much like your husband. Congratulations!

  12. Toby is awesome! Lots of love to you and your family of three from sunny Australia.

  13. give me a break! he’s the cutest thing ever!! congrats joanna:)

  14. Joanna,
    Congratulations, he is beautiful. I know you must be in love.
    Get ready to have so much fun.
    Little boys are so very special.
    Wishing you three all the very best and much rest!

  15. So handsome and sweet! Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!! :)

  16. Aaack I cannot believe how tiny – and over the moon cute – he is!!!

  17. So tiny! So cute! You posted a while back about babies squirming in rompers (or something like that). Now, every time I see baby clothes I think about that and how I haven’t cared for an infant in so long. I miss that. The smiles, that baby smell, and squirming around. Sigh.

  18. oh my golly. he is the cutest!

  19. Toby is just so precious and sweet. Congrats to you both!

  20. So darn cute! That’s my favorite way to hold babies too, balancing them on my legs. You could just stare at them for hours.

  21. he;s precious!! Congratulations!!

  22. What a sweet face.

  23. He reminds me of the Geico Gecko!! He even looks British! What a sweet little guy.

  24. Just so sweet and so full of curiosity – you are so lucky!

  25. Ohhh that face indeed! Adorable!!!

  26. He is SO cute! Our little guy is 9 weeks old and when I see these newborn pictures, it kinda makes me sad that he’s gotten so big! The only thing that makes it better is that the growth means he’s HEALTHY! :)

    Congratulations! He is really adorable!

  27. He is the cutest little guy! I’m sure he has made your life! Congrats and enjoy making the memories!!

  28. Oh he is just too cute, Joanna!

  29. Anonymous says...

    Oh my goodness! His face has so much personality for a baby so new! Absolutely stunning.

  30. So cute. (Even just friend’s kids, they seem to grow up so fast, I couldn’t imagine being the mom and watching them grow up even faster!)

  31. he is so beautiful!! and looks curious already :) congratulations!

  32. I’m happy for you, he’s sooo cute *-*

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  34. Awww I love his cute little expression!
    they do grow up so fast.

  35. so cute. SO SO So Cute!

  36. Jo, he’s gorgeous!!!

  37. tiny baby burrito! how cute! you are so blessed. xx

  38. Awww, so adorable!! He has such a precious face!! :)

  39. he’s so handsome!

  40. Oh he is SO adorable! :)

  41. adorable! congrats on such a lovely looking little man! all the best to you three! :)

  42. oh do they ever! congratulations on motherhood hope you, hubby, and the baby are getting plenty of sleep and figuring things out…if you need any tips and tricks…swing on by…i have a few.

    lovely! lovely!

  43. Oh he’s a cute tiny little bug! Just takes your breath away :)

  44. Hey Jo, congratulations again! He is very brave and strong. And yes, they grow up very fast, hahaha :) Enjoy being a momma!

  45. He is ridiculously cute! And he looks so snug in his little wrap. :)

  46. Gasp! 10 days already? I feel like you just announced your pregnancy. How lucky that Alex gets to celebrate his first Father’s Day with such a handsome little bugger.

  47. Anonymous says...

    aww… I think my uterus just skipped a beat. hehe love that Friends episode.

  48. When I saw his picture, I literally exclaimed, “Oh my God!”… too cute for words!!! Big congratulations to you and Alex!

  49. Good lord, he’s a doll! How excited is your family about him? I can just imagine the amount of lovin’ this little man gets on a daily basis. xo

  50. Wow–he’s just beautiful, Joanna! I can see why you’re over the moon.

  51. What a cutie :) Congratulations! I bet your loving being a mommy xo

  52. What a cutie!
    I have a friend named Toby and I call him Tobes haha!

  53. So precious! :)

  54. he is just so dang adorable!! thanks for sharing another pic with us, I love it! and cherish every moment with him… I don’t have kids of my own, but I can only imagine how time flies.

    happy weekend!


  55. JulyanneScarlett says...


  56. He’s so precious!

  57. Anonymous says...

    OMG! He is sooooooooooooooo adorable! Some babies have lots of wrinkles and aren’t the cutest things in the world but he is. I love his name too! Congrats again Joanna and Alex! You will both be awesome parents!

  58. He is just so cute!

  59. Anonymous says...

    Oh, he looks like a cute little alien :) “Phone home”, haha :)
    And I like the name Toby!

    Congratulations again to you and Alex!


  60. so tiny! I think he already shows a lot of resemblance to Alex.

  61. so sweet! Have a lovely break!

    Laura in Ludwigsburg, Germany

  62. Ooooooh my gosh Jo, he is so cute I don’t know what to say! I mean this in a completely non-stalker way, but I really want to give him a little cuddle!

    Hope you’re all doing wonderfully

    Miss B xx


  63. oh my goodness he is sooo cute!!!!

  64. He is beautiful! I love how wrapped up he is :)

  65. his the cutest peanut!!!


  66. Oh Joanna! Toby is sooo adorable.. Precious! Congrats again.

    xx Love & Aloha

  67. He is seriously perfect.

  68. He is adorable!

  69. Oh he’s so gorgeous. Just beautiful x

  70. Aww! He has your nose, Jo!!

  71. He is soooo lovely. What a sweet picture.

  72. He looks like Alex in that picture! He looks like he is about to say something profound! I love him! I want another one! xoxo

  73. this makes me want another little bebe. SO cute, he is.

  74. Ten days! Wow!! Toby is sooooo precious!!!

  75. So cute! Oh my goodness he couldn’t be anymore precious!

  76. oooooo he is SO tiny and adorable! it reminds me of my little one… when was that little! congrats Jo! xo

  77. Awwww he is just SO adorable, I love his facial expression!

  78. he’s so sweet!! Congrats again Jo and Alex!

  79. He’s precious! Happy birthday, Little Man!!

  80. he is absolutely adorable! They do grow fast – enjoy every second!

  81. ooo. he’s like a little biscuit. The first time my friend held my newborn son, she said “Oh Calvin, you morsel! You mousecake!” There’s nothing quite like a brand new baby.

  82. oh my gosh, he is the cutest little baby!

  83. Babies are amazing. He’s so small and so cute.

  84. hihi, such a cutie :)

  85. What a precious peanut! So happy for you!!

    -Sarah Rene

  86. So cute!!! CONGRATS! xo

  87. What a sweet little guy! Congratulations!

  88. Anonymous says...

    OHHHHHHH. Mine are 3 years an 3 months. It does go so fast. Kids are the greatest gift ever!

  89. i love him. he is so presh. thanks for sharing. ♥

  90. What a handsome baby. He is the cutest little thing. Congrats.

  91. Sweeeet. I thought you were taking a break, honey…

  92. he is so teensy! beyond precious.

  93. He is such a cutie…Ahhh those beautiful eyes:)
    Lucky Mommy:)
    Kisses, sweetie

  94. 10 days already!!! sigh…
    he’s so gorgeous.

  95. are you kidding me with the cuteness? Mine is 24 now and I can remember that look like it was yesterday.

  96. Oh my gosh he is BEYOND PRECIOUS!! What a face!!

  97. He’s like, “Moooom, I can only take so much starring and pictures! It’s only been 10 days!” (;

  98. I happen to love a triangle mouth.

    He’s just lovely!

  99. Completely adorable! Congrats!!! Joanna!

  100. Oh he is so beautiful. Congrats!

  101. Oh my goodness, look at that little man! He’s very sweet; you must be in heaven!

  102. he’s so so cute! :)

  103. he is just the loveliest little thing and looks so much like you guys! ( from your pictures at least) Hope the first week has been going well.

  104. He’s so tiny!

  105. Sooo adorable! Congratulations to both you and Alex, Joanna!

  106. aw, cute thang

  107. adorable! x1000!

  108. He is PERFECT! Congrats!

  109. I can’t get over how cute he is! Congrats! I hope you all are settling in well.

  110. Congrats, Joanna! He’s a tiny little cup of cuteness.

  111. oh my, he is so adorable. congrats!!

  112. He is precious, Joanna! Congratulations!!! :)

  113. What an absolutely beautiful son you have :)

  114. So, so lovely :)

  115. Oh my goodness, he is gorgeous. That face! That little burrito!

  116. Awwwwwww! I’m a fan of baby cheeks. He’s got some cute ones! :)

  117. Such a doll!! Congrats…
    Yes, it goes by in a flash – enjoy!!

  118. He’s so tiny and fragile!

  119. he’s sooooooooooooooooooo adorable. congrats.