1. I just love that little guy! What sweetness! xoxo

  2. So nice to finally meet you in person at the park the other day. This is such a sweet image.

  3. (enter lisp here) “Never mess with a Sicilian when death is on the line!” One of the best Wallace Shawn lines ever. But excuse me, Toby is way cuter:)

  4. aww, what a sweet picture! you two both look very content :)

  5. You look so beautiful Joanna! More pictures of Toby are always appreciated

  6. this photo is so sweet. you look so calm and happy. congratulations. he is so beautiful.

  7. Loving the picture! xxoo :)

  8. He is beautiful, peaceful and sweet. :)

  9. beyond adorable. isn’t it funny how new baby boys look like little old men? i love it! it doesn’t last long!

  10. thank you for these incredibly lovely comments!!! you guys are really sweet. toby is very flattered :)

  11. Amy says...

    Oh Joanna, he is just the most adorable baby. I’m so happy for you :)

  12. Toby is a rockstar.

  13. Anonymous says...

    He is so cute and you look fab – nursery pics please. x

  14. JW says...

    That’s precious!

  15. we used to call Henry a milk drunk. He looked super woozy. As for Toby, it’s absolutely inconthevable that he looks like Wallace Shawn.

  16. He is SO cute! Makes my heart melt :)

  17. Absolutely priceless!

  18. Did someone order up a batch of precious?

  19. i’m with anonymous; there’s no way to overdo it when it comes to baby pictures! especially when you’ve got one as precious as toby. is he aware of his hundreds of fans? what a gem.

  20. get out of here with this cuteness! I love it! and you look beautiful yourself Joanna!

  21. jessica says...

    He is so precious. I only recently discovered your blog and you are by far my favorite daily visit in my blogreel. I just had a baby boy 6 months ago, too, isn’t it the most wonderful thing in the world?

  22. Oh my goodness, he gets cuter every picture. Enjoy this time!! xoxo

  23. lenaida says...

    haha showing this picture one day at his wedding will be sooo funny. he´ll hate it ;)

  24. Oh my goodness, that is so cute!

  25. he is precious. so happy for you both.

  26. Oh my goodness, this photo is beyond precious. You both look beautiful! Mommy & Baby…there’s no combination like it ♥

    I’ve given you an Award on my blog!

    * http://donandamanda.blogspot.com *

  27. he is perfect! i love when babies look like little old people – it’s so funny and darling all at the same time!

  28. Anonymous says...

    I just cried. I miss my girls so much it hurts. Hold on to that little man. He is the most precious gift you will ever receive.

  29. You too look SO adorable. Congrats once again. Toby is a precious little doll.

  30. you guys look so comfortable with each other… so cute!! by the way, great pick of guest bloggers. getting lots of inspiration. Thank you!

  31. ok that is hilarious! he looks so cute and you look so peaceful. hope you are enjoying this special time with the little man.

  32. I want to say i miss this stage… and I do but i don’t.

    He is such a little man too precious

  33. this picture is absolutely priceless… toby is too cute!

  34. awww! “adorable and hilarious” is a perfect description of this photo:) Love it!

  35. sweet picture. I love your look of contented happiness

  36. what a wonderful photo! you both look so peaceful! i hope you’re enjoying your babymoon and that breastfeeding is going good. remember it just gets easier and easier (the breastfeeding part.. not the being a mom part)!

  37. Anonymous says...

    haha he totally does! that’s hilarious and so adorable :)

  38. Wallace Shawn! I totally see it! Now I will have Princess Bride quotes stuck in my head all day. “No more rhymes now, I mean it! Anybody want a peanut?!” hehe

  39. Melt. My. Heart.

  40. Enjoy these moments. Even you don’t get to sleep, it’s all worth it. A baby is like a little treasure. The best things in life are free. Life is the BEST. Life itself. Listen to what your pediatrician has to say, every baby is different and his needs are met only with the aid of a pediatrician of your trust. This is an advice that someone had given me before the birth of my baby. “Listen only to your pediatrician, not even your mother”. It kind of surprised me back then but that woman was right when she told me so. Of course we should always listen to the experience of others but a mother’s instinct is absolutely irreplaceable.

    Wishing you all the best and when you have some free time, I will be happy if you could visit my blog.

    ps: I have 2 blogs as my main blog is about a very particular art form, mosaics.

    x, :)

  41. So cute…….

  42. Such a precious photo. You both look so content.
    XO Piper

  43. beautiful joanna. oh how i miss those moments!! enjoy every one.

  44. Oh, Jo! He looks like a little Charlie Brown character with that sweet, satisfied expression on his face! What an absolute doll. I HAVE to get off my little present for you…stay tuned, missy;)


  45. Absolutely adorable! Enjoy all the special moments. My little guy turns two today. Love all the fun and amazing milestones this age brings, but certainly miss the baby days.

  46. Haha, so cute ^_^ I love that little newborn baby old man look!

  47. what a sweet photo! and oh my he really does look like wallace shawn here! how adorable!

  48. love it!! he totally has that “milk drunk” look on his face. what a cutie…and, of course, you look gorgeous.

  49. aren’t all of their newborn expressions just adorable. nora makes her fair share of “old man” faces!

  50. Great picture and what a handsome little dude.

  51. so sweet!
    and I love that he looks like Wallace Shawn! perfect!

  52. hahahah he does!!! But god he is too cute for words!

  53. What a charming doppelganger! So much personality squeezed into that tiny face. Congratulations!

  54. Gorgeous photo Joanna. I hope you three are having an amazing time. xx

  55. Love love love this pic. So cute.

  56. C. says...

    Hahaha so true! Cute.

  57. Holy cow how beautiful!!!!

  58. *squealing*

  59. You nailed it: adorable and hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

  60. He is just so precious….. My name is Tobi ( the girl version) too so I have to say I love his name!! Enjoy every moment with your precious gift!!!

  61. You both look so serene and content…so precious! xoxo

  62. look at that sweet face… full and happy!!

  63. Oh my, he really does look like him! So funny yet so stinkin’ cute (:

    Enjoy these early days – they really do grow too fast. As cliche as that is!

  64. Anonymous says...

    Totally, totally gorgeous. He is so cute and you look serene and beautiful.

  65. Really very cute!! Awesome capture!!

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  66. Well, I don’t know, Joanna. I’ve seen Wallace burped…& Toby is so much cuter. (But I know he’ll grow up to be as nice as WS.)


  67. So cute!
    Great photo!

  68. Inconceivable! Hahahhahahaha, that is just too funny and your little guy is so adorable:B

  69. Gorgeous picture, you both look so adorably cute!
    You have such an inspiring blog, thanks for sharing!
    If I have a baby one day I hope to be such strong and pretty mom with such a beautiful baby :)

  70. Oh what a gorgeous little man you have. Love your blog to pieces, thank you so much for being such an inspiring woman, we need more of you pretties!

  71. Aw, these posts melt my heart! Thanks so much for sharing.

  72. That’s so cute! I remember when my son was a tiny baby. Take lots of photos!!!

  73. Great picture!!!! :)
    So happy for you.

  74. Wowsers, he is just the most cutest little thing. Massive congratulations and to echo what a lot of other readers have said, I don’t think you can overdo it with the family photos.

    Clazzerati xx

  75. Yuppiieee…Family photo…Such a sweet one…He is adorable:)
    Kisses and have a great day:)

  76. what a beautiful boy! you must be such a proud mommy

    Great pic!

  77. I really enjoy your baby pictures. He really looks like wallace shawn. hilarious!

  78. He is so sweet! You are so amazing to share such personal stuff! Your son is beyond adorable and you look great!

  79. Aww, Joanna, its very sweet of you to share your pictures with us. Toby is totally gorgeous.

  80. absolutely precious.

  81. my goodness he’s an angel.

  82. oh he is just the sweetest thing!

  83. Forget the baby- you are gorgeous! Such a beautiful person inside and out.

  84. He is such a little treasure! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  85. Lol, he looks like a little OLD man! Awh, super cute! Strange how you can tell a baby’s personality so early on..looks like a little thinker! x

  86. Babies who look like distinguished old men are the cutest! xo

  87. He’s really cute! Congratulations!

  88. Hilarious!

    Wonder who I look like when I’m being burped?

  89. Your baby is unbelievably cute!

  90. That is hilarious. One day, I hope my baby looks like Wallace Shawn.

  91. OMG…he really does too! But, in a cuter more babyish way of course! Cute pic. :)

  92. Just gorgeous, he has the cutest expression! Thanks for sharing,

    Janette – My Sweet Prints

  93. I have to say, that he is the Sweetest little baby. You are Blessed. Jamie

  94. so precious! congratulations! hope you are enjoying every minute!

  95. This is an amazing photo you look absolutely beautiful and that little face soo cute

  96. He is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. LOL I hate to say it but he really does look like Wallace Shawn right there!

  98. Such a beautiful photo! I love the Shawn comparison–hilarious. You look really lovely, Joanna.

  99. Oh my goodness, Joanna. He is absolutely perfect. I can’t wait to meet the little guy sometime in the next couple months. We really would love to have you all over for dinner this fall.

    Hugs and kisses all around.

  100. He is so incredibly adorable! You must be treasuring every moment with him.

  101. He is completely and absolutely edible.

  102. what a sweetheart. and hah, that is so true! (mm, i agree with stephanie, i want to watch the princess bride now…)


  103. Haha, he totally does. : )

  104. … but WAY cuter!!! (than Wallace Shawn)

  105. Right now, you are the luckiest person in the world and you know it. Thank you for sharing this.

  106. My new grandson, Sam was born May 15th. I stayed over and did a night shift. What an experience. I posted about it….grandma’s point of view. I call it becoming grand. In becoming a grand-mother. Congratulations, it is just so great!

  107. JoAnn Ellero says...

    Inconceivable!!! (haha) You are both darling!

  108. The look of serenity on your face is wonderful. And yes, your little man does very much resemble Mr. Shawn in this photo!

  109. Lisa says...

    What a beautiful photograph!! He is adorable.

  110. Wallace Shawn, cuter than he’s ever been. And you, of course, are lovely as usual.

  111. I cannot wait to see more wonderful family photos as he grows. too, too cute.


  112. this is so sweet. he is soooo tiny!

  113. Haha, love this expression and his cute cheek.

    I was a cute baby myself. ;)

  114. So special! He is just a little doll!

    Congrats Mommy!

  115. Wow..he’s adorable, and you look so happy!
    Julie xo

  116. Oh my gosh, he totally does look like Wallace Shawn. Haha… now I want to watch The Princess Bride. Wonderful picture, by the way! :-)

  117. Anonymous says...

    Oh man, he is beyond cute. I hope you realize that you pretty much can’t overdo it on baby pictures. Glad it’s going great.