Guest Post: Summer Camping Trip

An inspiration board for a summer camping trip. Left to right, top to bottom: 1. Vintage postcard; 2. A Field Guide to Weeds book; 3. address book; 4. botanical chart card; 5. Billykirk overnight bag; 6. Roger Miller album; 7. Cole Haan boots; 8. field sketches by William Berry; 9. striped bathing suit; 10. vintage Minolta camera.

— By Anna from Rifle Paper Co.

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  3. Great list. And that weed book looks like a must.

  4. As ever, what AWESOME inspiration from Rifle. Cheers.

  5. I loooove camping :) But we do not be afraid of bears here in Switzerland, so thats a good thing :)

  6. I want to wear that swimsuit by a campfire while listening to Roger Miller on record. LOVE IT.

  7. Everything in this makes me want to go camping by a lake.

    And I want that camera!

  8. i do not look that good on a camping trip.

  9. I’m inspired to go camping with my kid… great camping combo you’ve put up there:)

  10. Love the boots and the vintage postcard! And really, what perfect timing! I just officially made plans to go camping in the Sequoias in July, so this is certainly a treat. I am even more inspired!

  11. That gorgeous swimsuit almost makes me want to camp. HA!

  12. The boots, the bag, and the camera. They shall all be mine.

  13. Perfect picks! Wish I was there..

  14. So cute – it just screams “summer” and Jasper, Canada (yay!) that’s up in my neck of the woods. Love it.

  15. Love Anna’s boards! I’m not a huge camper, but she makes me almost want to plan a trip:) Love the Billykirk bag too.

  16. You have me dreaming of a camping trip- something I never thought possible! :)

  17. ROGER MILLER! oh thank you….smiles.

  18. I just came back from the country side…why does one always forget how lovely and peaceful it is? Nothing beats a night’s sleep in a silent place without cars and to wake up to birds singing. It’s all that one need to feel fully energized and inspired anew.

  19. I am not a Camping Person, but I did enjoy your inspiration board :)

  20. Perfect. I love posts like these! Super inspiring.

    Hope your Monday is going great.
    – amanda

  21. I LOVE the Jasper postcard. I was there for a wedding two weeks ago and the couple got married on top of the Columbia Ice Field. The Ice Field is incredible and the wedding was very cold but beautiful!

  22. This is MOST definitely camping for a city girl. It’s really not that pretty! And I love to camp!

  23. Of course that perfect striped bikini is from Anthropologie. Of course.

  24. I’m so NOT a camping girl…but this almost makes me want to try again!
    XO Piper

  25. i might just be in order to plan a camping trip…this weekend!

  26. Love these pictures! We camp every year in Sonoma…and LOVE it. It is so nice to wake up to crisp, bright skies…to spend the entire day relaxing, enjoying, exploring- and then to sit down together for a nice ‘home-cooked’ meal (especially when just purchased at a local fruit stand or farmers market!)…and most of all, to just BE together- in nature:).

  27. I’m taking a Summer camping road trip with my dog & husband to Colorado, and this makes me really excited to get there.

  28. I just want to leap into this board and take a trip too cute!

  29. good looking! i’m going to pandora roger miller :)

  30. i LOVE vintage postcards! and one from canada at that! yay!

    great post…i’m so looking forward to camping this summer!!!

  31. Great overnight bag. And a killer book title.

  32. oh I really like the botanical prints, that’s a must-have. whenever I’m camping or on a hike, I’m always impressed with the people I’m with knowing the names of plants, trees etc. Birds too!

  33. *sigh* I miss camping. I used to go all the time, but it’s been YEARS since I last went. My husband and I have talked about going for AGES but just can’t seem to get around to actually doing it.

  34. That overnight bag is perfect:) Im in such a mood for camping…Just image the sound of birds singing…ahhh:)
    Kisses and have a great day:)

  35. maggie says...

    i heart the bag!!

  36. Consider me officially inspired:)

  37. I have never in my life been camping. Those boots are reason enough to change all that!

  38. hi anna!

    my love affair with all things paper makes the vintage postcard, field sketches and your always charming botanical notecard my personal favorites. i also adore your bear illustrations – they are terrific and always make me smile :)

    thank you for this inspiring post…

    sylvie of silver lining

  39. Love the Field Guide to Weeds. Weeds are just plants in unwanted places…

  40. Cute camping guide :)

  41. Great post! Lovin that overnight bag!

  42. I love this! That overnight bag is perfect.