Wednesday Giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from Red Hot Pottery, a lovely handmade pottery shop in Arizona. They’re offering this adorable vase with a mama and baby bird on the rim. How sweet is that? (And perfect for Mother’s Day!) I’d want to fill it with peonies. (I also adore the lovebirds vase, which would make a great wedding present.)

For a chance to win, please visit Red Hot Pottery and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck. xo

Update: EMC is our lucky winner. Thanks for playing.

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  4. wow– this was a blast!! So wonderful to read all the lovely comments and compliments!!

    thank you!!

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  6. How gorgeous! I love the simplistic design.

  7. Oh I just love it! So many uses I can think of! AND mothers day is just around the corner…..

  8. I want to fill it with white lilacs to my beautiful mother! / Anna

  9. Angela Z. says...

    am i too late for bird cuteness?

  10. I tried to take up pottery and now mother is in love too, though her schedule doesn’t allow for classes, so she’s more of an admirer instead. This is so great and I definitely appreciate its simple beauty. Reminds me of my mom and me :)

  11. Oh Oh OHHHH I loveeee this!
    It is so cute! It would look so beautiful filled with flowers or a plant!

  12. angela says...

    this is so lovely

    angela_jeon at yahoo dot com

  13. This is the sweetest vase, so adorable.

  14. What a beautiful vase – it would make a lovely present for anybody, not just mothers.

    Chryselle @ Frangipani Decor

  15. naazia says...

    gorgeous! fingers crossed.

    husainn (at)

  16. beautiful — I love it!

  17. ithink i´m too late – but thise vase is just adorable!!!!

  18. Ack, am I too late?! Love, love, love the vase. She makes beautiful things!

    Thank you for another generous giveaway!

  19. so sweet! would love this for my new buds blooming in the yard!

  20. Love it so much! Very cute.

  21. That is so lovely! And thanks for introducing me to Red Hot Pottery!

  22. Oooh, I love this so much! I’ve got the perfect spot for it. Fingers crossed…

  23. oh how sweet! I love it.

    and so would my mom!

  24. Lovely!

  25. I love it!

  26. I love, I want! I have been collecting bird themed nick nacks for my home and this would fit in perfectly!

  27. That is too cute!

  28. Oh so lovely!

  29. What a lovely mothers day gift this would make! Although I want to get my mom the ice cream bowls, because they are the perfect colors to match her kitchen…

  30. Katie says...

    So lovely- perfect for spring flowers and so much more!

  31. What a gorgeous vase! Oh please, yes! :)

  32. Such a cute vase!

  33. i love the simplicity of this!

  34. Stacie V says...

    What a great gift idea. So perfect and simple! My fingers are crossed!

  35. Oh so lovely!

  36. cute and elegant!

  37. this is adorable and is begging for some beautiful spring flowers or freshly sharpened pencils!

  38. What great work! I love the detailing on her pieces.. pretty and charming. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Oh so cute, I would fit it with tulips!

  40. Ooooh! All of Christine’s vases are so beautiful! I want them all.

  41. it can hold so many treasures!

  42. it can hold so many treasures!

  43. wow this is super cute!

  44. that’s perfect:) such a lovely vase

  45. LOVE THIS!

  46. Such a pretty vase.

  47. I always need more vases!

  48. simply perfect. I might need to send this to my own mom.

  49. this is TOO sweet!

  50. i loooovvvee her work, i really love the set of blue birds, her shapes are so delicate and perfect! AMAZING!

  51. dc says...

    Hope it’s not to late because I love it!

  52. This is beautiful! I am 6 months preggo so these little things make me extremely sentimental at the moment :)

  53. This is absolutely perfect! I would looooove to win this vase. I love everything in her shop. I may just have to buy the set of 5 blue birds if I don’t win this. Fingers crossed

  54. so beautiful!

  55. Oh wow, it’s so pretty. I love her stuff, especially the mugs! They remind me of embroidered fabric.

  56. Oh my gosh soo cute!!

  57. My flower-obsessed mom would LOVE this!

  58. I really love it! Adorable!


  59. What a lovely Mother’s Day gift.

  60. This is so CUTE!

  61. the vase is so pretty and i’m loving so many other things in the shop too – aren’t the heart-shaped bowls adorable?

  62. lovely !

  63. Such a stunning little piece of art.

  64. super cute. would really cheer up my apartment.

  65. adorable!