Toby is Here!

My loves! As you may have guessed from the radio silence, I went into labor on Monday night, and, on Tuesday at lunchtime, we welcomed Tobias Paul Goddard-Williams into the world! He weighed 5 pounds 15 ounces and has blue eyes and brown hair. He is tiny and wrinkly and just the sweetest thing in the world. We are beside ourselves and completely in love.

I’ll be taking the next month off to dote on the little man, and some guest posters will be here (I’ll pop in now and again with baby photos!). Then I’ll be back on July 1st and am looking forward to sharing more baby photos, the birth story, and regular posts, too, of course. Thank you so much. xo

Sending a huge kiss to you…and the whole world!!!

Love, Joanna, Alex, and (now) Toby

Update: Our birth story.

  1. oh my gosh he is just adorable!! congratulations!!! i’m so happy for you guys!!! he is a wonderful addition to your lovely family!!

  2. Anonymous says...

    He’s divine! Congratulations to you and Alex, and welcome to this wonderful world little man!!

    Barbara in Hobart, Tasmania.

  3. a big congrats to you and your lovely growing family!

  4. Aw, CONGRATULATIONS. He is wonderful

  5. He is ADORABLE! He looks JUST like you on the firt picture and then JUST like alex on the second picture! That´s awesome! CONGRATULATIONS ON BOTH OF YOU!

  6. congratulations!

  7. oh yeah Congratulations!!!!!
    you must be very excited now! ~;D

  8. He is so tiny and cute!! You and Alex will be the world’s best parents, for sure- congratulations!

  9. Congrats on the new family!
    I found your blog a few months back when I was pregnant with twin boys!
    Mine were born the 31st of March. I can tell you little boys are amazing!
    Enjoy every minute…even the sleepy ones!

  10. Congratulations!!! I love that name (actually, it was on our list for boys names too, but we had a girl)! Enjoy your month off, I hope you will ease into the rythm of your newborn family soon. A big hug for the little guy (and mommy and daddy too, but they come in second, you will get used to it soon, lol)

  11. congrats, guys! he’s the cutest. enjoy!

  12. This is the most beautiful thing in the world …congratulations !
    Big hugs from Paris

  13. Congratulations! He’s an adorable bundle! All the best for you three!

  14. Anonymous says...

    5/25/10, that sounds like a lucky date:) Congratulations Joanna!

  15. Congrats! He is absolutely gorgeous!
    Can’t wait to hear all about him :]

  16. he is the most adorable thing ever!!! congrats!

  17. Anonymous says...

    auguri di “BUONA VITA” !!!

  18. Hello Joanna,

    Your son is beautiful! I just wanted to let you know that I really liked the format you used for a recent post entitled “Have a goofy weekend” I used the same format on a recent post on my blog. Hope you don’t mind! At the bottom of my post entitled “Happy Memorial Day” I linked back to your blog with credit given to you. You can check it out at http://www.superherosandstilettos. I enjoy reading your blog every day. Have fun with your little one!

  19. Congratulations Jo and Alex!

    Beautiful photos of Toby! Your son is gorgeous!

  20. Anonymous says...

    What a sweet little boy you two have brought into the world – that top shot of sleeping Toby is to melt over!
    Congrats to the new little family!
    judith b.

  21. huge congratulations – how awesome is that?! he’s a knock out. have a great break and big fun. julesx

  22. Congratulations Joanna! As you can tell, all of us here are thrilled for you and Alex. Hope you have a wonderful June with Toby.

  23. Oh my! He is darling. So sweet and reminds me so much of my Oliver who was 5 pounds 13 oz. Congratulations to you!!!!

  24. I am so happy for you guys!


  25. congrats! what a beautiful little boy! xoxo

  26. Congrats, enjoy your precious time with him!

  27. Congratulations!!! What a sweet little face and sweet little name: Cute when he’s young and cool when he’s getting older.

    Best of luck for your young little family. I know you will enjoy every second of it.


  28. Anonymous says...

    congratulations to you both! he’s such a gorgeous baby! =D

  29. Yay! He’s here!!! He’s darling – so precious! Congrats – enjoy – we will miss you! <3

  30. FELICIDADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is cute, cute….. take your time for the 1st month… will be waiting for you.
    All the best!

  31. congrats congrats congrats!!
    enjoy your break!

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  33. The most beautiful thing that can happen in a person’s life..congratulations Jo and Alex with you beautiful baby boy! Enjoy, and the good thing is it will only get more special every day you spend with him! irene xoxo

  34. Toby is just spectacular! Enjoy every day and each precious moment with him. Congratulations to you both!

  35. Congratulations!! He is beautiful. I have been reading your super blog forever and never commented, but am completely compelled to by this super news!! You are such a clever mama x

  36. Anonymous says...


  37. Congrats! Boys are the best *has two boys*. Take care and enjoy your family…we’ll miss you this June. :)

  38. OMG! He is adorable. Congratulations :)

  39. Congratulations! He is a beautiful baby!

    P.S. I love the name, especially the hyphenated last name! :)

  40. congrats! he is a seriously beautiful baby- such perfect skin! so excited for you two!

  41. He is lovely! Congratulation!

  42. Wow. Congrats!

  43. Congratulations! He’s absolutely gorgeous!

  44. Congratulations to you both and welcome to the world baby Toby :)

  45. congrats! he is too cute! :) keep the pictures coming! :)

  46. Congratulations!
    Super baby!
    He’s just lovely!

  47. Congrats! He’s beautiful! And I’m jealous because this is my second baby due BEFORE you and I’m still waiting and waiting! xx

  48. I’m so happy for you! What a darling little boy.

  49. Anonymous says...

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    ps great blog!

  50. What an absolutely adorable babyboy… Cute name to! My congrats to you both, lucky parents, and all the love, happiness & health in the world!

  51. he’s the cutest little thing ever! wish you guys all the best!

  52. Anonymous says...

    What a beautiful boy!
    Congrats Goddard-Williams family!

  53. Anonymous says...

    ‘m so happy for you)
    he’s really the sweetest thing!)


  54. Congratulations! You deserve all the happiness and love!

  55. Congrats, he’s beautiful!! I’ve still got 4 more months until my kiddo get here, this gives me hope there’s light at the end of the pregnancy tunnel. Enjoy him.

  56. Congratulations! He’s just lovely. Can’t wait to hear about it all.

  57. Anonymous says...

    Congratulations to you both!! He looks so sweet!

  58. Congratulations! May it be the loveliest month together without giving your blog another thought :-) Enjoy this special newborn time.

  59. Jeanny says...

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. does he smell as cute as he looks? congrats, little family <3

  60. Anonymous says...

    Congratulations!! He’s a gorgeous boy!

  61. Wowee! Congratulations! So happy for you and happy you have shared this incredible journey with us all. x

  62. He is totally adorable – you must be thrilled to bits! Welcome to the world of motherhood!
    I have been following your blog for some time and love it. I have a very sweet gift from England for your baby – can I send it to you please?

  63. Anonymous says...

    So sweet! Congratulations and greetings from Germany!

  64. So sweet, and he looks just like you! Congratulations!

  65. I believe he looks just like his adorable Grandpa, wrinkles, middle name and all. Much love and best wishes to you, Nicole

  66. Anonymous says...

    Oh my! Congratulations!!! HE is adorable:)

  67. My goodness! how sweet! I LOVE TOBY! congrats! yeah! welcome to motherhood! welcome Toby!

  68. Wonderful. He’s so cute and I love his name.

  69. Foteini P. says...

    Congratulations! :):)
    He is soooo adorable!!
    May he always be healthy and happy!!
    May he find true love and be able to love back!!

  70. He is beautiful!
    Have lots of fun with your little man!

  71. Congratulations to you guys!!! He is so sweet :) Enjoy your special time with him!!!

  72. i LOVE the name, congratulations! i’ll be anxious to hear more (:

  73. Anonymous says...

    Wonderful news… You three make an adorable family!!!Congratulations!!!

  74. Congratulations!! Oh he is beautiful. *hugs*

    Enjoy your time with your family!
    Much love,

  75. oh he is so handsome! congratulations!!!!!! enjoy your time off.

  76. Oh my God, Jo, HIS LITTLE FACE! He looks just like YOU! I get all teary-eyed with babies, it’s uncanny.

    Congratulations, I’m so happy for you! What an amazing family!


  77. So many Congratulations to you Joanna & Alex! He is absolutely handsome and sweet. Perfect size too. :)
    Love the name as well!
    Congratulations again!

  78. Congratulations, Joanna and Alex! He looks so much like the both of you! :-)

  79. I just wanted to add my congratulations. He looks so sweet, calm and serene.

    Many blessings on this precious time and life long adventure.



  80. Congratulations, Joanna and Alex! Such a sweet looking little guy. Kudos to you for taking such a relatively short break, too. We shall miss you but wish you all the best!
    – jaime in Waterloo, ON

  81. Welcome to the world, Toby!

    Congrats to the whole family.

  82. So completely elated for you! He’s the cutest. Blessings on this new chapter in your lives….

  83. He’s quite possibly the cutest baby ever!!! Congratulations to you and Alex :)

  84. aaw, sweet little honey bunny. Congratulations, it actually made me emotional when I read this. It’s amazing what effect blogs can have into the hearts and minds of people, what a personal connection we can get with the digital age.

    He’s beautiful, and you are inspiring!



  85. he is so cute!!! and you have 964 comments about him! wow. looking forward to more pictures and hearing all about him.

  86. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG he is beautifulllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    kisses form Spain!

  87. oh, so precious!
    you have no idea the fun you have in store!
    now i want another one…

  88. Congratulations Joanna and Alex! He is precious. :)

  89. Baby! Congratulations and enjoy your time off.

  90. I just screamed out loud. So adorable. And I love the name. Congratulations!

  91. Congratulations!! Motherhood is the most luxurious thing in life. Enjoy!!

  92. he is adorable! congratulations!

  93. heartfelt congratulations :) he could not be cuter! enjoy your time with your new little one!

  94. Wow, you can already see his little old man face. What a love. Congratulations to both of you and your fresh, new little family.

  95. Congratulations Joanna! He is beautiful!! :)

  96. Oh, congratulations! He’s just beautiful. May you have a blissful first month of motherhood!

  97. …Absolutely handsome baby!! Congratulations for us…. You have to enjoy this time…it pass too fast. …Welcome baby ;-)

  98. Congratulations!!! much love to your growing family

  99. Congratulations joanna and alex!!! He’s absolutely beautiful!!!

  100. Congratulations – an adorable little bundle of joy!!

  101. What a beautiful baby!!! Congrats!!! :D

  102. congratulations! he looks adorable ;-)

  103. Welcome little Tobias! How adorable is he?!??! Congratulations my dear, the adventure has begun! xx

  104. Congratulations–he’s absolutely beautiful!

  105. Welcome, little Toby! You are just perfect!

    Thank you for sharing these pictures with us. You must be over the moon! Congratulations to you and Alex! xx

  106. Anonymous says...

    Oh Joanna, he’s absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! X

  107. How exciting! He is perfect!

  108. How exiting!!!Congratulations!!!!
    He is so beautiful!!!
    Happiness and love to your new little family!!! XXXX

  109. He’s absolutely adorable and I love the name! It’s perfect. Congratulations and have fun with the little one. We’ll miss you!

  110. oh goodness! much too adorable, really beautiful. Congratulations!

  111. Awwwww
    I was in the hospital all weekend too, visiting my best friend and new mom to her little boy :)
    Toby’s 5 lbs! Tiny!!!!!!
    So cute!
    Have a wonderful month just breathing him all in

  112. Congratulations!
    He is adorable!

  113. Yay! I’m so happy for you three! He is beautiful! Congratulations!! Enjoy these first days of new parenthood… they are magical!

  114. Congratulations!
    Welcome to the world sweet little boy! / Anna

  115. Maiz says...

    I can’t imagine you’ll read all of these comments, but I couldn’t resist! Hooray!!! I think he looks just like you. How totally wonderful. You’re going to love being parents… it will blow your mind! Enjoy the bubble of love that surrounds a new family. All the best, Maiz

  116. It’s been said 927 times before (at the very least), but congratulations!!!! He is beautiful, I will miss you dearly on your month off, but am happy you will be spending it with Toby and Alex <3

    I must admit, I’m nervous about hearing the birth story!

  117. He is so adorable. Congrats and welcome to the wonderful world of parenting!

  118. Claire says...

    Congratulations!!!!!!! I’m so thrilled for you, I’ve been waiting for this post haha. He’s so beautiful, I love the name, and you’re going to make great parents!
    Have fun :)

  119. A world of LOVE to you, the hubs and little Toby! He is absolute perfection! Congratulations!!! XOOX

  120. Congratulations! He’s amazing and beautiful. :)!!!!

  121. Congratulations!
    Before it happens, no one can tell you.

    After it happens, no one needs to.

  122. Congratulations! He’s perfect. And I love his name.
    God bless your precious little family!

  123. I know you’ve heard this a million times, but he is beautiful!

  124. Congrats! I can’t wait to see more posts when you get back about the little guy!

  125. Oh my goodness! He is 100 Percent adorable! Looks like you (and your bro, Joanna!) Enjoy this precious time. Hugs and smooches! xo

  126. Anonymous says...

    My, he’s so so gorgeous! All my best wishes for this lovely family. xoxoxo from Argentina.


  127. Toby is such a gorgeous baby! Congratulations to you and Alex.

  128. Anonymous says...

    Congratulations to you and Alex! He’s absolutely beautiful.

  129. Congrats…he is so darn cute! Enjoy every moment, I can’t tell you how quick it goes!

  130. OMG how wonderful!!!!!! Congratulations. He is sooooo cute. Enjoy your first days of being a mummy! :) Look forward to seeing more!

  131. I knew it!!
    Congratulations :0)
    he is so tiny and absolutely precious have fun

  132. congrats jo, enjoy enjoy!

  133. oh he’s beautiful! i’m so happy for you, and i hope you enjoy being a mother! i’ll miss your lovely and inspiration posts, but congratulations joanna!

  134. Anonymous says...

    Congratulations to you both! And thank you for all your fabulous posts–yours is my one must-hit blog :)

  135. Anonymous says...

    What a beautiful, beautiful baby. How wonderful for both of you!!!