Toby is Here!

My loves! As you may have guessed from the radio silence, I went into labor on Monday night, and, on Tuesday at lunchtime, we welcomed Tobias Paul Goddard-Williams into the world! He weighed 5 pounds 15 ounces and has blue eyes and brown hair. He is tiny and wrinkly and just the sweetest thing in the world. We are beside ourselves and completely in love.

I’ll be taking the next month off to dote on the little man, and some guest posters will be here (I’ll pop in now and again with baby photos!). Then I’ll be back on July 1st and am looking forward to sharing more baby photos, the birth story, and regular posts, too, of course. Thank you so much. xo

Sending a huge kiss to you…and the whole world!!!

Love, Joanna, Alex, and (now) Toby

Update: Our birth story.

  1. Welcome to the world, Toby!

    So great to have you here!!

    You picked really sweet parents!!!

    Savor every delicious moment, Joanna & Alex, loving that boy up! So happy for you all.


  2. Oh my goodness! Toby is soooo gorgeous! Congratulations! xo

  3. Congratulations!

  4. He is just adorable!! Congratulations!!

  5. Congrats!! He is beauty. Enjoy those precious first few weeks.

  6. Congratulations! Toby is BEAUTIFUL! God bless your lovely family.

  7. cograts!! what a handsome little man! so so happy for you.


  8. Congrats! He’s so sweet and I love the name Toby!

  9. Jo, enjoy every single moment! He is beautiful.


  10. Wow, you’ve got a lot of people following you, it will be exciting to hear everything when you get back. How sweet indeed. Congratulations!

  11. congratulations joanna and alex – and welcome to the world little toby! he is gorgeous!

  12. bk says...

    Congratulations a hundred times over!!! through this blog you have shown yourself to be such a loving, sweet, honest and caring individual which means that baby is going to have the best mother he can possibly have. he is absolutely precious and looks like you too!!! so excited for you!!!

  13. Congrats to you both! He looks like a lovely little boy :)

  14. Ohhh Joanna he is adorbale….Enjoy your first moments with the little cutie and Congrats to you and Alex…He is beautiful!

  15. Fireworks and hoorays from Sweden. Welcome to the world Tobias. We are so happy to have you, beautiful boy.

  16. Congratulations! He’s beautiful!

  17. Violet/Saying a Prayer says...

    Congratulations to you and Alex, on the arrival of baby Tobias..God Bless !!

  18. Congratulations!!!! He’s a handsome little guy!

  19. you have 876 comments already but i don’t care! i still want to tell you congrats + he is absolutely adorable! thanks for sharing :)

  20. OJ says...

    congratulations to you.. we just had our baby 2.5wks ago and it’s bliss..will miss your blogs but enjoy your time with Toby.. cute name!

  21. Congratulations! He is simply beautiful.

  22. He is BEEEEEAUTIFUL!!!! Congrats congrats congrats! xoxoxo

  23. such a pretty tiny boy and sweet …. congratulation have a sweet heart :D delightful

  24. I’m so happy for your little family :) Kisses to sweet Toby.

  25. Congratulations! He is absolutely precious! xo

  26. congrats! he’s adorable!!

  27. Congratulations. What a tiny, adorable baby! All the best to your growing family!

  28. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Congratulations!

  29. congrats from an avid reader!! toby is adorable!

  30. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. best news. Enjoy every moment and hunker down little family – you never have this time again.

  31. Beautiful boy with a beautiful name! Many congratulations and blessings to Toby and his happy family!

  32. Anonymous says...

    He is the mOST divine little man – pure joy. Enjoy every moment and take as many pics as you humanly can – I regret not taking more of Mr now 9! Congrats to you all and sleep well if you can!

  33. beautiful! He looks like you. Enjoy every moment. Congratulations

  34. Congrats, he is precious! I will miss your blogging greatly!!

  35. aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations darling! xx

  36. Not much I can add, but congratulations!

  37. So adorable! Congratulations and enjoy ever second of doting!

  38. what an absolutely beautiiful!! babyb boy. so amazing, all the best wishes! xoxoxo!

  39. Congratulations! Wishing all of you health and happiness always!

  40. congrats to the new parents! Toby is quite the cutie!

  41. Anonymous says...

    wow-so beautiful! Congratulations! The world is better with your new little one in it!

  42. Katie K says...

    Congratulations to you and Alex! And welcome Toby!

  43. that is definitely one of the cutest newborns I’ve seen. Congratulations, and enjoy your leave!!

  44. enjoy your month with your new baby boy! he’s darling. huge congrats!

  45. dark_chocolate says...

    He’s so small!! But wow, gorgeous! Congrats!

  46. Oh what an adorable little guy, Toby, I love his name, come back soon will miss you Joanna!

    Art by Karena

  47. Congratulations!!! He is beautiful

  48. Melissa says...

    Congratulations, he’s beautiful!!
    Enjoy the time off! Can’t wait to see more pictures.

  49. congratulations! love love love his name.


  50. Congratulations! He looks so sweet.

  51. he is so cute! you and i were both due about the same time, so it was fun to follow along with your pregnancy as it paralleled mine. and then…i went into labor on sunday and had our little ruby on monday! welcome to the wonderful world of being a mommy. it is a miracle!

  52. Congratulations, Joanna & Alex! Wishing you all the best. xoxo

  53. Such a beautiful little boy- and such a gorgeous loving family you will make :) Congratulations!

  54. He is so adorable! Congratulations! Enjoy every second with your little bundle…

    p.s. love love love his name :)

  55. congratulations, he is so so so beautiful.

  56. Congrats, Joanna! I just knew you had your baby when I didn’t see any posts! Your blog is my favorite! Have a wonderful month with your cute little baby! xoxo

  57. Congratulations! Best wishes for all of you ~ jenny

  58. He is PERFECT! Seriously, the most darling little new born! I love everything about him! You are lucky people! I had a feeling you went into labor and I’m so glad everyone is doing well! Congratulations to you and Alex, new mommy and daddy! :)

  59. Congrats all the way from Denmark!

  60. Look at that sweet little face! Congratulations to you and Alex!

  61. congratulations! such a pretty baby, and such a good name.

  62. Kimberly says...

    Joanna, I read your blog daily – which I am positive you do not know :) – and treasure all the little tidbits of pretty you disperse amongst the world. I am so happy for you, your son is absolutely charming. All the best! Enjoy your time together, see you July 1st.

  63. yay! congratulations !

  64. Yay! I wondered myself if that was it. Congratulations–he’s perfect.

  65. Soo beautiful! Congrats!

  66. Toby is beautiful. Congratulatons. You are blessed. Enjoy this time. Lots of snuggles.

  67. Congrats! Yay babies!

  68. Summer says...

    I’ve been unofficially following your blog for some time, and I just wanted to send you my warmest congratulations! Yall are the cutest family!!!

  69. eeeek, such a wee little one. Enjoy every minute. May the days be filled with joy and the nights with peace.

  70. What a beautiful baby boy!
    Congratulations to you both.
    Much love from Canada!

  71. Congratulations!! How wonderful – he is completely delightful and gorgeous. Fantastic news xx

  72. How wonderful! It must have been so hard to stop kissing him for long enough to take these photos. All the best to your expanding family!

  73. Congratulations! He looks lovely!

  74. Congratulations! He is beautiful.

  75. Oh my gosh, he’s gorgeous, Joanna!!! Congratulations to you and Alex! Love the name, love the pictures….hope you’re getting lots of rest and feeling great. Enjoy your month off!

  76. ooooooh! he’s a sweet tiny little bundle of loviness!!! Congratulations to you and Alex and a big “Welcome to Planet Earth” to Tobias!!
    enjoy your leave and best wishes for settling in with your new babe.


  78. He is absolute perfection. Enjoy every ounce of him. This is a special time for all three of you.

  79. Congrats! He’s beautiful. Take good care of yourself! :)

  80. Congratulations, you guys!! He looks so awesome! can’t wait for some seriously rad baby posts :)

  81. what a cutie…good work!

  82. I knew it! Congratulations!!!

    So adorable, so happy to know you’re all happy and bright.

    Enjoy your family.

  83. Congratulations Joanna and Alex!
    Toby is simply precious. Enjoy every little cry, wiggle, coo and sweet smile this little angle brings to your new, extraordinary life! He really is a gorgeous baby! I love his name – very strong, yet soft at the same time :)
    You forget how teeny, tiny they are. Your adorable photos are making me think it is time for baby #2 for me!

    All the best to you and your new little family.


  84. he is spectacular. congratulations!!!!

  85. Oh, look at him look at you!! That is the sweetest thing in the world. Congrats to all of you!

  86. Congratulations!! He is adorable!

  87. Congratulations! What a beautiful family!

  88. Anonymous says...

    What a baby! From one Joanna to another: CONGRATULATIONS!

  89. How fantastically wonderful! He looks like you two :)


  90. Congrats!! What a cute little munchkin. <3

  91. Congratulations! He’s adorable!

  92. Congrats, Jo! So exciting.

  93. kb says...

    Congratulations! He is beautiful!

    Enjoy every minute! And might I recommend the swaddle me? It’s a total lifesaver the first few months!

  94. Congratulations!! This is such amazing news. Toby is beautiful! Enjoy the month off with your wonderful family :)

  95. Hurrah! Figured the baby had arrived when I didn’t see any wonderful posts. Congratulations!

  96. ahh he’s gorgeous, congratulations. My little boy joseph was 5lb 15 at birth too so he’s in good company! enjoy xx

  97. congratulations! he’s perfect. xoxo

  98. baby toby looks adorable!!! congratulations!! :)

  99. Congrats, Joanna and Alex! Welcome, Toby!

  100. Welcome to LOVE.

  101. Congratulations on the beautiful baby boy. I’m very happy for you guys.

    Have fun, mom and dad! ;) :)

  102. Cindy says...

    Congrats to you all! xox

  103. jb says...

    oh my goodness! he’s adorable! congratulations to you all.

  104. oh yay and giant congratulations! enjoy this precious time with your new little love :)

  105. Well Done!! What an inquisitive yet knowing look in that second photo – amazing.

    Enjoy your time together.

  106. congratulations, jo and alex! and happy birthday, toby!

  107. Beautiful Joanna! Congrats to you and your family :)


  108. Omgod, Joanna & Alex!! Congratulations. He’s adorable and so sweet. I’m sure you guys are elated and could barely drag yourself to the computer to post this because you’re so busy just adoring and loving on him!!! I can’t wait to hear more from you, hope you’re recuperating well and resting easy, Jo! :)

  109. Congratulations!! He is just beautiful!

  110. Eve says...

    Aww. Congratulations!

  111. What an adorable family the three of you will make!
    XO Piper

  112. Oh my gosh..he’s so tiny! Congrats! I cant wait to see more pics when you return :)


  113. Wow! Congrats! He’s gorgeous!

  114. oh my goodness, that NOSE!!! So cute. Congrats!

  115. He is so beautiful! So happy he’s here!

  116. Welcome to the world Toby!! Congratulations to you both. Enjoy your time with your new babe and get some rest while you can!

  117. You did it! He’s perfect. Congratulations

  118. Yay, I’m so excited for you!!! He is adorable, and what a great name.

  119. What a little peanut!! congratulations to you both!!

  120. congratulations! What a cutie!

  121. Congratulations and welcome, Toby! He is adorable. Mazel Tov!

  122. Congratulations! He’s so darling; just perfect! Have fun being a new Mommy! Jennifer:)

  123. Laura says...

    he is beautiful. congrats to you both x

  124. welcome to earth baby toby!

  125. congratulations!! he is absolutely adorable! :)

  126. Congratulations!! He is beautiful :D

  127. Congratulations!!! =)

  128. He is adorable! Congratulations!