Belly Shots

This weekend, Alex and I took a few belly shots at a picnic with friends. At 8.5 months, I’m feeling ready to POP! We’re so excited, and Alex has been my hero during this whole pregnancy–cooking pastas and burgers for dinner, massaging my lower back every night, telling me I look beautiful on those days when I’m swollen and bloated and highly doubting it, practicing guitar so he can teach the baby, and being incredibly understanding every step (and bump) of the way. Most baby books bizarrely treat dads like they’re babies themselves (giving them only the most basic tips and comparing everything to baseball, groan), but Alex has been such an insightful, gentle, funny, loving partner. A huge, huge thank you, Alexei, and a hat tip to all you dads and dads-to-be out there! xoxo

(Thanks for taking the photos, Abbey:)

  1. you are one of the most BEAUTIFUL couples, i’m sure of it. your baby is going to be breathtaking, and so very loved!

  2. aww so cute!!! your husband sounds like a good hubby and a good father he will be.

  3. These are so sweet. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but that little baby is just so lucky to have both of you as parents.

  4. so stinking cute.
    i think i need another one.
    except then i would just be mad that i wasn’t that cute…

  5. what darling belly shots Jo…you and Alex (my son’s name btw :-) look so happy and ready to meet your son! Such an exciting time!!

  6. you look great jo – you’re one of those gorgeous pregnant ladies ! jealous!!

    wishing you, alex, and baby an easy and healthy birth…

  7. That is sooo sweet!! These pictures too :)
    So glad you’ve found such an amazing man to be your baby’s papa :) Alex sounds like the biggest sweetheart :)

  8. Apart from your lovely belly you look so sweet and petite – pregnancy suits you! Oh the anticipation! I’m excited for you :)

  9. You look about ready to pop too Jo! Can’t wait to hear when you finally have your baby.

    And Jo, you look beautiful in these pics :o) x

  10. Seriously, Jo? You’ve NEVER looked more beautiful.

    So happy for you guys + major judos to your sweet hubby!


  11. this makes me beam with smiles for you both. what a wonderful couple you guys are to look up to!
    thank you for that.
    xoxo Anna

  12. So Heart warming! You too are lovely!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  13. these were taken in battery park — at the big field right off chambers and west street xo

  14. We walked along Hudson RIver and Battery Park both times we got to know we were pregnant. Good memories from the location of the pic:)

  15. Beautiful photos! Were they taken in Brooklyn Bridge Park?

  16. What a wonderful post! You’re reminding me to keep a journal of all the wonderful things my husband has done for me during this pregnancy, #1 being the times he brings home Macaroni and Cheese (pre made) from Whole Foods with burnt cheese. It’s such an eye opening experience to have such a supportive husband…he makes the journey all the more enjoyable!

  17. Tanara says...

    You two look so happy. How great it is to have parents like you.

  18. I can’t believe we all get to “meet” your baby soon! Best of luck to you both on the final stretch. You look absolutely lovely, and your baby is the luckiest little guy in the world.

  19. Anonymous says...

    I had exactly the same belly like you when I was expecting my baby boy! Enjoy it, this will be the most wonderful time of your life!

  20. I love these belly shots! you and alex just look so happy and you are going to make fantastic parents!!

  21. such fun photos! it’s so nice to hear about a father to-be who is so sweet and supportive. it’s much tougher when you feel like you’re trying to keep everything together while 8.5 months pregnant.

    can’t wait to see how your little family grows in love with your addition!

  22. aw, kiera, you’re so cute :) thanks for all these sweet comments!!

  23. aw you looks so beautiful! sounds like you have a wonderful, supportive husband!

  24. These are wonderful. You can really see and feel the love. Congrats to you both. xo.

  25. these photos are incredible, you two are so cute! You’re so beautiful and glowing.

  26. you guys are so silly and cute! you look beautiful, by the way

  27. You’re HUGE! your belly, that is. My whole body ballooons!

    I’m totally anxiety ridden as to what I’ll do when you have the baby and may not be posting so often.

    sigh, wish i was joking.

    but I can’t WAIT for you~!

  28. you look amazing!

  29. Even though you might feel bloated you look GREAT! I’m so glad that Alex is being a great guy for you…you picked a good one!

  30. This is so sweet! Your pictures are beautiful! You look amazing! You are so lucky to have such an understanding and beloved fella! You will both be amazing parents!

  31. This is so sweet, and you look so stunning Joanna! I’ve never seen a pregnant woman look so happy and glowy. Can’t wait for your big day — soon!

  32. What a beautiful bump and a beautiful momma to be! Congratulations!! I’m so excited for you and Alex for all that you’ll experience in the coming months.

  33. Oh my God, you’re giving me heart squeezes! so lovely x

  34. OMG you guys are just too cute! Love that! ;)
    XO Piper

  35. you look absolutely lovely and glowing. poor dads get a bad rap. my hubby is a wonderful dad, and was endlessly supportive during my pregnancy. so glad you’re having such a great experience with alex!

    countdown is on. you’ll meet your baby boy soon!


  36. gorgeous!! just gorgeous!!

  37. emily, i actually have just been wearing one pair of regular low-rise jeans (very low-rise) that are a size larger than my normal jeans. they’ve well worked for me, and i agree, i couldn’t find any affordable maternity jeans that i liked!

  38. Ah! That little cup of joy is lucky to have two great parents. You’re so close!!!

  39. you look lovely as always!! happy to know you’ve got a good man! sweet post.

  40. Anonymous says...

    you are so so sos beautiful !!! ciao Luca (Legnano Milano Italy)

  41. How cute are you? So exciting!

    Wow, only a few weeks left. I highly recommend going to the grocery store, library, any store really, walking/driving/taking the subway, without the kiddo. You will never appreciate how easy those things are again. Of course, you get to go to all those places with an adorable baby boy! Good luck and have fun!

  42. you both look great, soon you will be three everywhere!! nice belly pics and i see that nothing better than the barefooted feet in the park!!!

  43. you look beautiful! and i love what you said about your husband. I will have to remember to thank mine so well. I’ve appreciated so much the way you’ve celebrated your pregnancy – it’s refreshing and encouraging. And whereohwhere did you get good maternity jeans? All the ones I’ve found are either horrible or $200.

  44. Such great photos! Perfect for the baby book. And hooray Alex for being such a sweetie!

  45. Glenda says...

    Wow… you look great! All baby that’s for sure! thanks for sharing your journey and bundle of joy with all of us. Can’t wait to see pictures of him and hear his name. So excited for you Joanna and Alex. Best of luck as the delivery date is approaching! XX

  46. You, my dear, are a vision. Alex looks very sweet with you, too. So happy for you both! Not long now!

  47. Isn’t that so interesting how these books basically put dads in their own carseats? Let me tell you, Eric is so hands on when it comes to the kids, it’s beyond great. Being parents is TRULY a partnership. I get the vibe that you and Alex are going to be equally excited and nurturing of your new baby.

  48. You are the freaking cutest couple ever! Your son is going to be a very lucky little boy to have you two as parents. I’m so excited for all three of you!

  49. maggie says...


  50. What a wonderful post. I love your blog.. you have a great energy about you :)
    Ps. You do look beautiful!

  51. chessa, yay! congratulations!!! hope you’re feeling good.

  52. You look amazing! I can’t believe that you are almost ready to pop! I feel like it was just yesterday you shared the exciting news!

  53. hooray for baby bumps! I completely understand how you feel since I’m 34 weeks this week and feel like I’m about to explode! you look amazing though and of course so happy. :)
    btw, I agree with you about the books for dads. My husband deserves a medal and it sounds like Alex does too!

    btw, I’m in love with your new header! look fantastic. x

  54. You are both adorable!

  55. you look fantastic! i am very excited for you both. this is such a happy time. enjoy it.

  56. Ahhhhhhhh stop it stop it you’re making me want a baby! I AM NOT READY TO REPRODUCE! Seriously, though, you two look so happy–I can tell you’ll be wonderful parents! And you’re lucky to have such a wonderful husband, I can only hope that I do, too, eventually. :)

  57. Gorgeous! Alex sounds like a sweetheart!

  58. You are the cutest pregnat couple ever! I hope you be great on these last pregnancy weeks =)

    I loved all the pictures :)


  59. such a sweet post. you look FABULOUS.

  60. You look great Joanna! Enjoy what’s left of your pregnancy, and then your little boy.

  61. You look really good for being so far along! For what it’s worth, you don’t look swollen or bloated at all!

    I love that you’ve got a good man standing beside you :) Makes life so much easier, doesn’t it?

  62. Anonymous says...

    Congratulations! You look so well-loved :) Thanks for sharing your journey.

  63. What sweet photos! I’m very excited for you two and I’m envious over how lovely you look so close to your due date! I looked like Rosie O’Donnell by that point!

  64. This post makes me smile from ear to ear! Beautiful! How blessed is this baby already?! :)

  65. The top photo is my favorite. What a sweet papa/hubbby!

  66. you are officially the cutest mom ever. such a great shot with you and alex!

  67. Aw, I love these sweet shots of you, Alex, and baby bump! Thanks for sharing them Joanna :)

  68. redfrizzz says...

    you ARE beautiful!!! Big floppy hat tip to Alex for being such an excellent partner. You two will be fantastic parents to that lucky bump!

  69. Jools says...

    Nice pictures!
    And you’re right: partners can be such great help, tenderness and loveliness with their pregnant other half! Mine is just perfect in that role! We are blessed!!

    Take care of you three!

  70. You look SO beautiful. This may be for sure the best time of your life.^^

  71. I am so happy for you guys!! You look amazing, love the mommy glow. Sending all my best from Denver to you, Alex and the new baby who is almost here!! Whoohoo xoxo

  72. You both look amazing and so very happy!!! What lovely pics

  73. you look so beautiful!! what a great hubby you have!

  74. HOW exciting!! so close yet it must seem like an eternity! best of luck in the home stretch – and way to go alex!
    xx, jane

  75. You look amazing! Good luck…and remember my offer to be your online nanny!

  76. Joanna! What wonderful photos!! I love them..can you give us just a little hint on the name? :)

  77. this is so sweet. you’ll be so happy to look back and have all these photos! you look great for being 8.5 months along. woohoo!

  78. You two are so adorable!! And you look so fantastic!!! Like you just put a ball under your shirt, I seriously hope I look half as good when I am pregnant!!
    Can’t wait to meet your little munchkin!!

  79. WOW these photos make your belly look significantly larger than the bike ones just a couple weeks ago! i think my hubby will make a wonderful doting father, but he might get tired of my massage pleas :)

  80. Such a nice tribute to the dads and glad you feel so supported through the process. Can’t wait to hear more from you…you’re so close! Wow.

  81. Anonymous says...

    You look so pretty Joanna!
    Can’t wait to see the baby’s little face :)

  82. melanie, hang in there! when your bump is small, you almost feel fatter because it just feels like a beer belly :) but when your belly grows more, you’ll love it! :) i’m sure you look beautiful!

  83. You look amazing!! Your so tiny everywhere else still! Baby boy will be here so soon!



  84. I have loved all your baby updates and this just made my afternoon that bit happier in between all the wedding planning (it’s this Saturday)

    It’s all going on at the moment!

    I hope you have a wonderful birth and can’t wait to see a picture of you little one x

  85. Youlook fabulous , I’m almost 4 month but I feel so fat , I hat that feeling

  86. ooooh! getting close and you look great!!!
    how exciting!

  87. Fun photos! You look gorgeous. x

  88. wow, so cute you two! all the best wishes!

  89. belly to belly shots are the best!

  90. these are adorable! No doubt that the new baby is going to have a loving, adoring family!

  91. thanks for these incredibly sweet comments!!! beka, we have finally decided on a name but are keeping it secret until the little man arrives. my dad swears that you have to meet the baby and see what he looks like before assigning the name for sure, so we will see!

  92. what cute photos!! that first one is too funny :) and at 8.5 months, you still look adorably fabulous!

  93. haha, dancing branflake, officially barefoot and pregnant! :)

  94. You both look wonderful and so happy! If Alex is good at the pregnancy part, you know he’ll be good at the Daddy part!

  95. You two are so cute! I can’t wait to see pictures of the baby as well.

    There should be a more helpful baby book for dads. No reason for them to be in the dark! Especially with so many helpful and thoughtful dads around.

  96. these are so fun. i love the happiness on both of your faces! baby boy is going to be able to look back and tell how excited his parents were. :) have you guys decided on a name?

  97. You look fantastic! Great photos (and yay for dads-to-be!).

  98. Awww love your belly shots!!!

  99. I just love baby bump photos with Daddy’s in them too. I always see such awe in their eyes. That joy is so precious!
    Enjoy your last couple of weeks.

  100. Oh gosh so beautiful. Belly shots are the best – and baby is going to love looking at them one day too!


  101. What wonderful pics! Must be a great feeling to know that the baby is just around the corner:) And your hubby sounds like a great guy.

  102. You two are just the cutest! S excited for you! xo

  103. How sweet is that? You look adorable!

  104. aww i love that first picture. so excited for you both. thanks so much for sharing this special time with us. much love! <3

  105. 8.5 months ALREADY?? You look gorgeous and you’re going to be a marvelous maman.

    Plein de bisous de Paris!

  106. wow. the belly is huge now. great pics. you must be excited and scared both at a time – I wish you the best!

  107. Jo says...

    I love the first one!

    I completely agree with you about the way dads-to-be are pigeonholed in the process of pregnancy (and birth, and beyond!) Let’s all get over the 1950s, deal?

  108. You look adorable (as usual) and what a lovely and loving post. It seems that you will both make great parents.

  109. these pictures are so adorable! and what you say about alex is so sweet! you both will be amazing parents. :)

  110. man oh man. cuuuute as a button!

  111. Gorgeous – you look wonderful. Gx

  112. You look so beautiful! I love how in every picture you can see the excitement in both of your faces!

  113. awwww super sweet! you’re looking fabulous even at 8.5 months… kudos!!!

  114. I’m so disappointed I didn’t get to meet you and that wonderfully huge bump while I was in New York!

  115. Congrats from Argentina!!!
    I read your blog every day!


  116. The pictures are so adorable, you both look so happy!

    Have a wonderful week.


  117. Just gorgeous, Jo. You both look great. Everyone will be so excited for you when the baby comes!

  118. oh my goodness… LOVE!

  119. Joanna,You did for sure! Hahaha..I love that:)

  120. aww so wonderful & cute!! You are so glowing!! Best wishes Jo!!! =)

  121. haha, diana, we were comparing bellies. i think i officially won :)

  122. Aw JOANNA! You look so cute and adorable and perfect! You and Alex are going to make such great parents. You sound like you have a very sweet relationship. That’s one lucky baby boy! Good luck with the last two weeks– HOW EXCITING!

  123. You look absolutely beautiful and glowing :) I love the first photo!!! You both are so cute!
    He sounds like such a great dad to be….Every child should have so excited and happy parents! Lucky baby :)

  124. Great photos! You two must be SO ready to finally meet the baby!