Stuffed animals

When we were little, I had a teddy bear, and my sister had a lamb, but my brother carried around a torn piece of a woman’s blue nightie. He liked the feel of the silk, and he’d ask my mom to put it in the freezer to make it extra cold. Its name was “Baby Munchkin.” Children can be so awesome and weird. Did you have a favorite stuffed animal?

(Adorable photo series by Our Labor of Love)

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  4. …I have a sock worm named herbert, he is 14 years old, faded teal, with wiggly blue eyes and filled with rice…and still one of my favorite treasures!

    my boyfriend has what was once a blanket, good old bank-bank. Bank comes out to cover weary eyes, and cure hangovers.

  5. That’s adorable! Your brother’s munchkin is hilarious! Did you ever tease him when you were kids?

  6. The little girl with the big furry animal is my little girl and her beloved “Beast”.

  7. My brother had two identical blankets that looked like bunnies. One was intact; the other was so loved that the head eventually fell off, but that didn’t deter my brother’s love. He simply referred to the intact one as “Bunny with a Head” and the decapitated one as “Bunny with a Tail”.

  8. i had/still have somewhere a stuffed animal called a Jammie Pie who I named Tuck and my younger brother always carried around a small pillow and called it Cabbage. I guess us girls are a bit more picky than boys!

  9. that made me laugh out loud! i wonder, does your brother like wearing silk nighties now?

  10. I still have my “baby and blankie” and, as a kid, I used to put them in the freezer, too! They bring lots of comfort.

  11. I loved my glow worm and my “My Pet Monster” dolls when I was younger.

    P.S. That little girl’s piggy buns are so cute! Too bad hair like that looks ridiculous on me :)

  12. i still have my blonde haired rag dolly, called Duck. Who know’s what I was thinking!

  13. I love reading about all these precious stuffed animals and blankets… and I LOVE that most of the commenters still have their animal/blankie and cherish it, if not still sleep with it. :)

    I also still have the stuffed dog and bear I dragged along after me for all of my growing up years. Bear and Fraidy. A big white bear and a little brown dog.
    Fraidy got his name because I was terrified of the dark and pretended that I wasn’t but Fraidy was. So I would comfort him, and he would comfort me.
    Both of them have weird stains and rips all over them, but I love them and wouldn’t part with them for anything.

    And since we’re on this topic…my favorite book growing up was “Dogger” by Shirley Hughes…it is a precious story about a little boy and his stuffed dog.

  14. Wow, there are some wild stories here; so interesting how we are and where we find comfort.
    There are so many Baby Munchkin (the real one) stories…; Joanna mentioned one, above.
    My most challenging was when we left Baby Munchkin behind, asleep in a booth in a Lake District pub after lunch one Easter. We drove the four hours back to London and realized halfway what had happened.
    When we got home, I called and explained that that small blue rag they had likely thrown away was very much more VIP than it seemed…
    Two days later, a brown envelope arrived at home with its precious content, and was cause for our great rejoicing.
    I thought it wonderful that the pub people were so supportive.
    Yr lvng fthr xx

  15. A bear named PT (for Pink Teddy haha). I lost PT for a month when I was 5 years old and cried myself to sleep every night until we thankfully found it. When I went to school, I used to put PT in my chair bag (a little bag that slips over the back of your chair to hold your books during class in Australia) for moral support, even when I became too old for it :)

  16. A stuffed dog with these really long ears that my mom had to sew back on like a hundred times. Loved him.

  17. When I was very young my mom and dad divorced and soon after it was easter, my dad, still had the keys to the house and he put an easter basket for my brother and I on the table. In mine there was a purple bunny rabbit that I could never sleep without. His name was Hoppity Bill. =D I still have him.

  18. Well, I had two twin teddy bears. I don’t know how I old I actually was when I got them, but I remember sleeping in my crib with one on each ear for protection (from…?). Both were named Bobo. Creative! I slept with them all through high school & my 1st two apartments- & took them with me when i moved down here to Texas. As I got older, I favored one over the other and would put him in front & hold them both against my heart. It HAD to be that one in front- because- *cringe* – he was the cuter one. I also had a CRAY-ZEE looking mini beanbag sheep(?)dog that my Dad gave me before he died. He was the 3rd addition, & would sleep 3rd in line against me. I still have them all. I do NOT still sleep with one on each ear (my husband would be creeped out – so would I, maybe).
    Sibling: My sister had a Blankie with no name. Her “Blankie”, we called it. We left it in a Washington, DC hotel on one of our trips with our uncle. I don’t recall if we turned around & went looking for it, though I doubt we did with this uncle. My sister wailed for HOURS till she fell asleep in the car. She couldn’t give up the ghost for months, & years later, she’d ask where it went. We still talk about how sad it was that her Blankie got left!
    I love kids. They are so weird.

  19. What a cute post!! I had an alligator.. He was so adorable with these heavy eyelids like he just smoked a roofie. I still have him of course :)


  20. I had a blue blankie that I slept with for many years until it was a little piece of fabric.

    My son Sean has a little puppy (I think it was a beanie baby originally given to him as a gift when he was born) and he used to suck on it’s paw until he punctured it and the beans started to come out. We performed “surgery” on the puppy to remove all the beans and the paw so he would stop sucking on it (it was getting really gross!) and so now this former stuffed puppy is without one paw, no beans inside and very ragged.

    Kids are cute and strange but it’s all good! :-)

  21. i had a blankie, it wasn’t silk and it wasn’t 100% cotton either, i loved the feel when it was cold too, but never thought of putting it in the freezer, thats a very smart idea! i like having a blanket rather then having a stuffed animal!


  22. I had about 27 and after reading the velvetine rabbit I swore they had feelings. So I slept with every single one of them piled next to me so I wouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Secretly though, my favorite was a panda named otto. My three year old is quite fond of her cow named madeline and her pig named casper, and her mouse named pj sparkles. (all named by her)

  23. I had this doll I named cream-corn. I think my mom makes a casserole with the same name…but still.

  24. oh my Lord, I had a pillowcase called my feelie & i made my mom put it in the freezer before bed. it had to be super cold for me to sleep. your brother & i are most likely brilliant people.

  25. so excited to see this! my daughter is the one with the spoon. these were shot where i work. love our labor of love! happy weekend:)

  26. Laughing, laughing. You just gave me an idea for a new piece.

    I, too, had a blankie that went missing. On a trip it went missing (temporarily). I mean the whole family went on a trip. The slip, let’s be clear, did not have a passport.)

    There’s a bunch of old b&w & Polaroids of me with my mother’s black silk slip tossed around my neck like a scarf. I used to get worked up & defensive when people said, “I’ll bet you were a real character…when you were little.” Now I just nod my head because of that (series) of photographs. Embarrassingly enough, I am told that I styled & supervised the photo shoot. Did this slip have a name? Oh yes, they had me calling it “Maggie” – as in The Cat. On the Tin Roof. And no, I didn’t know what that really meant. But I was delighted that it involved a feline.

    It’s hilarious about your brother. At least it was blue! With a cute name. Ahem.

    Have a fun party…

  27. that made me laugh, thank you.

    mine was old yeller. a yellow receiving blanket my grandma made for me. apparently when i was little i made her take the lace off the edges bc it itched my face.

    sadly, at 25, i still have old yeller, however he is not so yellow and in quite a few pieces. but i still love him.

  28. I had a Winnie the Pooh that I took with me everywhere. When my mom washed him I would stand next to the washer and cry. Then, when she took him out of the washing machine and hung him on the clothes line to dry, I would stand under him and cry some more. I really loved that bear!

  29. I had a teddy and a panda (-still have them and love them :))

  30. Haha, what a sweet story =) I had a little lamb and a fat mouse. They are still going strong after 40 years…

  31. My sister and I had nang nangs, which were white burping blankets. I remember my sister and I carrying them everywhere we went. Unfortuantely my nang nang started to shred and eventually dissapeared to nothing, but my sister (who is almost 17) still has a good piece of hers. Oh memories!

  32. I have your brother seriously beat on the weird scale. I carried around a rabbit pelt that my parents let me buy when we were camping in Colorado, one year. I couldn’t sleep without it, and years later, they’d buy me new ones every time we took road trips to the mountains. I still sleep with one. Isn’t that so creepy? I keep it under my pillow so no one knows. I have also never told anyone about this. Only my family and my husband know of this dirty little secret :)

  33. It’s not a stuffed animal, but I still have my Holly Hobby which is totally beat up and falling apart. I took her with me everywhere I went since I was 3 years old. I slept with her, drool on her and told her all of my secrets. I don’t even know how many times I had to have the surgery on her. She’s my best friend…

  34. I had a panda bear named Panda. Original, I know. But it was as big as I was and so soft!

  35. dawn says...

    my mom made me a raggedy ann doll that i ended up giving to my daughter. we finally put her to rest last year (she got too raggedy), but i made a new doll for my daughter that she sleeps with every night :)

  36. I had a bear with a red plaid bowtie named Dudley and a blanket my mom crocheted named Blanket. My husband had a black cat named Jack. Now, my daughter has Dudley and Blanket and my son has Jack. It’s so great to give our toys new life, and sometimes when my daughter isn’t looking, I steal Dudley and cuddle him up!

  37. Yes, I had a raggedy ann doll that I shlepped everywhere with me.

    My mum decided to put it in the washing machine one day. I can still picture me stood outside by the drainpipe. I was crying whilst she stood reassuring me that Raggedy was not going to get lost in the drainage system.

    Kids. But at least I didn’t stick her in the fridge?!? LOL

  38. This is a great post and I love reading all the comments too, so cute.

    I had one doll since I was a baby that was my favourite. I named him Freddy, and we wore a blue jumpsuit type thing and had wool for hair, plastic face and hands. He’s not much to look at but I loved him. I loved chewing on his hands, and there was a “good” hand (easy to chew), and the “bad” hand (tough on the teeth).
    The good hand was eventually decimated.

  39. I have had a blanket (blankie) that my mom bought me when I was 1, from a garage sale (haha)! It was attached to me from that time on, I brought it EVERYWHERE. I still have it, and slept with it for so long because it is just so soft and comfy! Now it is so torn up that I can’t use it without fearing it will just fall to pieces, so it is safely in my closet.
    Haha the story about your brother made me laugh! :)

  40. I had a unicorn named “Unicornie” ha, ha! I still have him, and he’s my magical little guy. :)

  41. I am both proud and embarassed to admit I still have a blanket named Best Diapoos… it was once silky like the nightie… now, it’s just cherished!

  42. Not a stuffed animal I remember, but there was a Ronald McDonald ventriloquist doll. Loved that doll until I saw “Polterqeist.” Then I tossed him in the closet where he sulked for years to come.

  43. My brother in law had one and really liked the “cold on parts”.

  44. Karen says...

    I love that story!
    My husband had a blankie when he was little that he trailed around with him until it wore down to a thread. Then he developed the strange habit of winding the thread around two of his fingers- he still does this today- but only if he can find thread with the exact right texture…

  45. I still have a Pink and White duck, that i am waiting to pass down to my children. It was such comfort to me when I was little, and that i can wait to see what it does to our (furture) children.

  46. aww, that story of your brother is too cute!

    i had a stuffed lamb called ‘lamb chops.’ isn’t that the most depressing name for an adorable yellow lamb?

  47. This is one of my favorite posts you’ve done. Yes! I had (have) a stuffed animal. His name is Gordon. He is a baby gorilla.

    …And he still lives right next door to my bed :)

  48. I love stuffed toys. We chose ours babies first one when he was 4 days old – half tiny blanket/half bear. It’s lovely!


  49. I had a “blanky” my grandmother made for me with satin trim that I rubbed while sucking my thumb…until I was SEVEN. Then I got Silly Putty stuck in it and it couldn’t be salvaged. The horror. I remember being devastated!! Though, the pre-braces gap in my teeth thanked me personally. Sigh.

  50. I had a very colorful bear :) This is such a cute post!

  51. a few days before christmas (age 5) i was shopping at marshall’s with my mom. i wandered and found a 3 foot long stuffed leopard that i named freddie (my height at the time) she wouldnt let me get him. i caused such a scene through the night and into the morning that the next morning my dad gave in, drove to the marshall with me so i could identify freddie and then purchased him for me. we were so early that my we got there before it opened and waited in the car. i must have been a nightmare.
    freddie still sits on my bed – over twenty years later.

  52. yes, this really ugly stuffed dog – super bright colors, huge…named it fruitloops (like the cereal). I had to sleep with it on my neck to keep me safe from vampires (stupid parents letting me watch salem’s lot when I was like 3) still have it though you can’t really touch it since it has holes all over it.

  53. I had a stuffed pink ginham rabbit pillow whose name was (surprise) Rabbie. Despite the fact that he is undeniably pink, and quite girly, Rabbie was decidedly a male bunny (to me).

    I am making some little stuffed monsters for my nephews right now. The first one is finished, and you can see him here:

    Thanks for such a reminiscent post!

  54. very lovely photos!! compliments!

  55. I still have my two favorite stuffed animals: “Whitey” (yeah, really…), a little white teddy bear & “Le Mutt”, a floppy dog. I’m 30 years old, but when I go home to visit I still sleep with them. :) Shhh…

  56. Way.too.cute. It’s weird, I don’t recall dragging around a blankie or stuffed animal with me when I was little, but I was OBSESSED with my My Child doll. Ob.sessed.

  57. awesome story! i don’t have any stories to compare but my daughter loves to hold her silk pillow when we cuddle before bed – – and it HAS to be cold – she will rub her cold water bottle around it to make it cold. interesting.

  58. I think it’s just okay to still keep a stuffed toy even if you’re 70 or 80 years old. I’d love to complete my Care Bears when I reach that age. :-)

  59. Hahaha that’s awesome. I think my favorite part is that it had a name. I still have a favorite stuffed animal, even though I’m in my 20’s…is that okay? He is a tiger cub named Sam. Or Sammy. Sammy Ferocious Tiger.

  60. Such adorable photos! I had a Cabbage Patch doll named Emma when I was little. My doctor even put casts on her legs, so she could be like me after I had surgery! :)

  61. haha! hilarious (and definitely weird) story about your brother. i can’t recall having a favorite stuffed animal… huh. my brother however had a huge stuffed dog – pongo from 101 dalmatians.

  62. wow, lynn, that’s so impressively erudite!

  63. mgawloski, we lost Baby Munchkin in a move, too, and my brother was so distraught! my mom had to take him to a department store’s lingerie section, and he walked around with his eyes closed touching all the slips until he found the perfect one. :)

  64. I had a pink bunny that I named F Lee Bunny after a Tim Conway skit on the Carol Burnett show. I still have it, it’s sitting on my dresser waiting to be re stuffed.

  65. I had 2 blankets when I was little, given to me at the hospital and I still have them to this day. They are my blankies and whenever I am feeling a little sad I find them tucked away in my apartment and give them a good snuggle. I’ll never be too old for my oldest friends!

  66. I just remember playing Matchbox with my 2 older brothers. Since I’m the youngest and the only girl, I have more toys than those two but I can’t remember if I were able to name my stuffed animals :-)

  67. I had a pink blanket that I named Bankie…I wouldn’t go anywhere without it. During a move, it was left behind, I think my mother did that on purpose.

  68. I had a teddy bear named “Rosie Bear” that I got from my great uncle. I’m sure other kids did this, but I used to put diapers on her from some reason and changed her diaper. And, I don’t know why, but she always had bandages on her.

  69. i couldn’t fall asleep without my little, cute, soft doll called “minchen” (pronounced in “mean” and “chen” as it is in “kitchen” ;)
    she was made out of rose-coloured fabric and had a stitched face..just like little girls like it.
    i still have her in one of those many boxes in the basement..
    thanks for making me remember things like that.. :)

  70. That’s crazy — my brother carried around old nighties as well! He also loved the feel of the silk. The fact that he couldn’t fall asleep without his lingerie is a hilarious little piece of information to use against him these days :)

  71. I had a blankie I named “Fuzzy”. It was one of the soft blankets with the silky lining on the edges? Apparently I pulled at it to the point where it had fuzzballs all over, and I would pick the fuzzes off of it til I fell asleep. :)

    My mom still has it. Eventually I wore a hole in it so big I could (and would!) wear it as a cape. hahaha

  72. I still sleep with my stuffed panda, Perry, and I had 2 blankets that I carried everywhere. They are still at my parents’ house but are both just a jumble of knots from being loved on so much. I called them “B’loon Blankie” because the fabric has colored balloons on it.

  73. When I was born I was given a stuffed dog with a bell sewn into his left ear, earning him the name “Jingle.” My parents were able to tell when I was awake because I would shake Jingle to make the bell ring. Fifteen years later, I still have him! (:

  74. Haha! Your brother cracks me up! I didn’t really have a favourite stuffed animal but my little Strawberry Shortcake dolls were extra special to me :)

  75. He, he, he, my mother bribed me to go to swimming lessons with a stuffed monkey toy when I was just 4 years old . . . I’ve had a love affair with chimps and gorillas ever since. :0)

  76. I had this weird creature that I called Bubsy. It had little red arms and legs, a black nose and a little whisker area, like a dog, but the rest of it was just pieces of cream-coloured yarn coming straight out all over. It would get matted down when I slept with it, but when I gave it a good shake, it would fluff right back up again!

  77. maggie says...

    a teddy bear named Matty after my favorite cousin.

  78. My boyfriends family always tells the story about how when he was 3 he had a silk blanket and when they took a trip, they forgot it. He refused to go into the McDonald’s they stopped at without it. So instead of a blanket, they gave him a pair of his moms silk panties to carry in.

    Oh the joy of the hilarious teasing I give him about this!