1. wow great i have read many articles about this topic and everytime i learn something new i dont think it will ever stop always new info , Thanks for all of your hard work!

  2. Those are some bom-bastic cupakes! You’re making me hungry! ;)

  3. It is so nice with your upbeat blog! And the cakes – total bliss

  4. Oh my God, they are perfect! They look like from a cartoon, like something unreal! I would love to make them but I bet they won’t look such pretty and cute like yours.

  5. I have tasted nearly every one of these cupcakes made by the very talented Ming and can say that they are ALL delicious! Every recipe is worth a try… and a taste!

  6. Anonymous says...

    Oooo! Two friends have birthdays this weekend. I’m totally going to give one of these recipes a try. Thanks for sharing! Perfect timing.

  7. brilliant! I love how the site’s set up and the way the cupcakes (which all look amazing!) are photographed.

  8. oh, jo jo, in the US, butter comes in packages of four sticks, so often recipes will call for a stick of butter or a half-stick of butter. one stick of butter equals 8 tablespoons. xo

  9. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!! i love making upcakes and this has provided me with all sorts of new inspiration, yay!

  10. I want to die and go to heaven just so I can eat those cupcakes.

  11. wow i love the raspberry one!
    the colours are great and reminds me of science project cupcakes i used to make!

  12. yum! those look scrumptious!!! especially the coconut rum ones with cream cheese frosting. definitely need to try that recipe (and others). thanks for sharing!

  13. Is it the cupcakes or the photos? These look especially out of this world.

  14. love this. thanks for sharing.

  15. JoJo says...

    I can’t wait to start baking….but what WEIGHT is “a stick of butter?” We don’t use that phrase here in Australia.

  16. Ro says...

    Oh, peanut butter and choco!!!

  17. Oh no! There’s no way I’m going to resist these…and I have a class reunion coming up in 6 weeks. I’ll be double-spanxing it for sure.

  18. This makes my stomach growl!I guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend: baking!

  19. thank you for posting this! i am going to be making one of these recipes this weekend! best cupcake resource ever :)

  20. she’s also a very good knitter! go ming!

  21. i’m gonna need to make that raspberry one asap

  22. wow! that has to be the awesomest web-site i have come across in a while. i bookmarked for my next cupcake endeavor!

  23. Oh my! That raspberry cupcake looks divine!!

  24. Love the cupcake site.. and the cookies.. and the savories.

  25. My strong will loses the battle against cupcakes like these. I guess quitting sweets is not happening.

  26. Harvard *ARCHITECTURE* grad; that’s why those cupcakes are so sculptural. I mean, just LOOK at those flying buttresses of buttercream!

    Seriously, the union of two unrelated fields has never been so brilliantly realized since Sean of the Dead came out and the zombie flick melded with English good manners. Good stuff.

  27. Those are so beautifully done and I bet very tasty!

  28. Rebecca says...

    So creative and beautifully presented. Will need to try a few, at least.

  29. Ah thanks for the heads up! These look delicoius.

  30. omg! those look amazingly yummy, this will not help in my mission to loose the baby weight but it may be worth it to try out at least one recipe. thanks for sharing. hope you and baby are feeling well…

  31. These look amazing! I wonder how the Flourless Beet Chocolate Cupcake tastes…may have to try it. I couldn’t help but share your post here:


  32. mmmmm!they all look so yummy!here in Italy we do not usually do cupcakes and all butter creams you have in the USA but I’m a huge fan of all American sweets, such as cupcakes, pancakes and muffin!they’re all so delicious!

  33. oh wow. yum. brilliant. i’m hungry. i want.

    haha, my husband and i were talking the other night at dinner how i still have this weird obsession with sweets. he was saying he went through the stage and grew out of it by 3rd grade, but for some reason i’ve never grown out of it and that’s all i want to eat. take note, this was after he tried to hide onions in my burrito and i was being so silly about not eating it any more. our poor future children. . . haha!

  34. Mmmm! I want to try cupcake 23!

  35. so cool. i am drooling.

  36. um wow. yum yum yum this is amazing

  37. OOh! Love the pics, heading to the site now!

  38. Thanks for sharing! A batch of cup cake number 15’s coming up! :)

  39. wow, i’m totally inspired by ming! thanks for helping fuel the creative fires, joanna.

  40. oh wow, this is one daaaangerous website!

  41. that’s the coolest recipe site!

  42. Wow, I love this! Thank you!

  43. Thanks so much for this link! I want to teach myself how to do cupcakes because you’re all still writing and talking about them but they don’t have them in here..and I so want to taste them! The whole site looks so delicious!

  44. That is fantastic! Added to my blogroll – thanks Jo!

  45. That chocolate guinness one looks divine!

  46. Wow…Port wine and cherry chocolate cupcakes with mascarpone frosting…yum!!

  47. Steve says...

    Joanna, I always depend on you for great finds. Well done!

  48. omgosh hello. these are so incredibly delicious looking! thanks for the lead. xx

  49. i’m sunk. this website will be my downfall. (particularly those choco/p.b. cuppies.) oh my!

  50. well this is just a cruel joke to post at 11:35 a.m.

    now i have to skip lunch and eat baked goods.

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  52. O yum!!!!! I really want a cupcake right now!!!

  53. Stop it, you’re making me drool!

  54. the berry one is so cute!

  55. why am i looking at cupcake sites when i can’t eat sugar for several months? but yes,i am making a list of all the ones i will make when i’m allowed to eat the batter and the final product:)

  56. oh me oh my! my mouth is watering! delicious!

  57. Oooh, that’s so awesome!! Always looking for yummy new recipes!! :)

  58. I’m in the middle of a sugar crash just from perusing this site:)

  59. i’m sitting here at work, counting the seconds to noon, so i can run to the breakroom and eat my lunch…and you post THIS!

    not nice.


  60. this is so great. i just saw an episode of ‘throwdown’ last night on food network where bobby flay challenged another brilliant harvard grad/baker/pastry shop proprietress to a sticky bun throwdown. those brilliant harvard kids and their baking skills! :)

  61. I love Guinness and I love to bake, must go to website…

  62. Wow, the recipes are so creative! And the photos are gorgeous. I wonder if I could pull off cupcake 12…

  63. MMMM these look DELICIOUS! ahh the banana ones look SO GOOOOD xxx

  64. Anonymous says...

    I love the pictures of all the cupcakes!

  65. never have I wanted to bite my monitor so much.

  66. I think I’ll be trying all of them!!!

    I also liked the look of the savoury scones with blue cheese :D

  67. If I liked to bake I’d be all over these!

  68. I just went to the corner store to get ingredients to make cookies, but they were out of eggs and had no chocolate bars. Now I come back home and find this post. Argh! :)

  69. Cupcakes with Guiness?? Awesome!! Those pictures look yummy!!! =)

  70. I’m craving all those recipes now!! :)

  71. maggie says...


  72. Anonymous says...

    I will be making some of those soon – yum!!!!!!

  73. I desperately want about a dozen of that raspberry cupcake!! How good does that look?!

  74. I’m sorry did you say Guinness beer? Did you say Guinness beer and baked goods? Where does Ming live??

  75. the creativity in each cake is so “rad” ;) makin’ me hungry! clever Harvard grad!

  76. MM the coffee choco cupcakes look SO good! and the blueberry cupcakes! (i’m so hungry, i haven’t eaten breakfast yet.)