1. Anonymous says...
  2. I hope you have a nice day! Very good article, well written and very thought out. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

  3. Oh how I love all kinds of berries, can’t wait for the summer so we can have them fresh. My favourites are cranberries, definitely.

  4. My favorite!!


  5. mmm, looks like my go-to breakfast! (with hemp granola and yogurt)

  6. Mmmm. I can’t wait till blueberry season.

  7. Love!

  8. SammyJ says...

    mmmm… nothing’s better than berry season!

  9. fresh and simple. sometimes the most uncomplicated things bring the greatest pleasure.

    kiwi and i finished off our meal last night with big juicy strawberries and aged balsamic vinegar. it was perfect.

    p.s. love love love the new header. it’s darling.

  10. perfect start to summer. your new banner is adorable! love love love

  11. lovely!
    yumm i feel like raspberries too, lots of love.x

  12. YUM. i love blackberries. and i really like your new banner!

  13. This photo makes my morning cereal seem even more dry and unappetising. I know what I’ll be getting at the grocery store to eat after dinner tonight!

    PS I love your new blog banner. It’s just beautiful. :)

  14. these do look tasty! I’d put em in a smoothie :)

    by the way, I am IN LOVE WITH your new header. it is so adorable! love that the balloon is the ‘O’

  15. Hey Joanna,
    Love the new pic and header-oh yeah and I love your blog ;)


  16. these look so good! i could go for a blueberry muffin right about now :) i love your new header by the way — very creative!

  17. ohhh how i love berries! and my favourite are blueberry muffins and blueberry muffins!

  18. Such a simple shot and it is so so pretty!

  19. These look amazing! I want to eat them right now. I can’t believe summer is right around the corner!

  20. Got to ove brain/health food that is additionally pretty and yummy.

  21. love love the new header. so cute.

  22. mmm I love berries. Sometimes I think I could live off of only fresh fruit! I love to put it all in one bowl together: bananas, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, grapes…

  23. ms says...

    the porter seems infinitely useful! but they’re all quite lovely.

  24. oh my goodness, these look divine. absolutely mouth wateringly scrumptious. i bet our fingers would be pure blue bliss after these! YUM! and the little dish they are in are so cute!

  25. Anonymous says...

    miss jo, are you a mind reader? Last night, as a friend and I were chit-chatting on the stoop a neighbor passed us by only to tell us that he was returning from an evening of blackberry-pickin’ by the levy here in Louisiana…
    It’s high time for berry picking! I haven’t done that since I was a little one.
    To conclude, as usual…GREAT post! :)

  26. blueberries & blackberries,
    what a pair!
    Give me the happy sillies!

  27. On a side note, that new header looks fabulous! I’m currently working on a new one for the blog I write for. Great inspiration!

  28. Berries equals summer! Yay!!

  29. Love the new banner!

    I can’t wait to go berry-picking this summer.

  30. hey, nice header!

    (huh. i think that’s one of the few phrases that works for both soccer AND blogging.)

  31. yes ,delicious but it seems have a bit acidity … by shot the berries was fresh and yum looking : )

  32. love the new banner!

  33. those look great, love the new header!

  34. Mmmmmm. I have been eating so many berries during my pregnancy. I think my baby is turning into a blueberry. I love following your baby news and am super excited for you and your hubby.

    I love your new header and description. So wonderful and perfect. Have a beautiful day!

    xoxo Heather

  35. So any cravings this pregnancy or lately? Would be a fun post. I have been wanting nothing but tacos and strawberries lately! Lorna Doones are pretty tasty too :)

  36. Yummy berries! And I must aggree with Katie from the Neo-Traditionalist…LOVE the new header!

  37. May we please discuss how amazing the new header is??? My goodness Joanna, my jaw DROPPED. So lovely! Oh and berrries, d-e-l-i-s-h.

    XX katie

  38. Yes! I love it and the new header. You guys are too cute.

  39. LOVE the new header! And thanks for the link – I definitely want to pick berries this year and make my own jam too!

  40. yes they do look delicious! berries are my favorite.

    also, YAY for a new header. it looks really great.

  41. your new header is beyond fantastic!!!

  42. Kiley, from Austin says...

    Oooooo love the font, coloring, and design of your new header – so splendid!

  43. berrries. I love picking them. I hope to get to do that this summer.

  44. love your new header!! clever balloon placement :) oh berry picking this summer- the ripe sweet smell mixed with weeds cooking in the sun- sticky weed and lake water; now that is something to look forward to! (and of course painting blood all over yourself with berry juice; I don’t think mom still falls for it….)

  45. yum yummy!

    p.s. lovin’ the new header – so darling :)

  46. My new favourite
    snack….Strawberries dipped in honey. So good. Three cheers for berries!!

  47. OK. I have nothing better to say than “scrumdillyumptious”. Xx

  48. My parents grow blueberries on their farm and I am so excited for them to be ripe!

  49. That picture is scrumptious! And I’m in love with your header.

  50. Yummm! Why that was my smoothie mix just this morning! (Plus a banana and some water.) So good.

  51. Beautiful new banner, Joanna! Love berries! Some of my favorite childhood memories involving raspberry picking in a giant field!

  52. How cute is that banner photo with the “O” as the balloon!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Mmm berries! This pic is so clear I feel like I can almost taste the blueberries bursting in my mouth…yum! I’m loving your new header! So pretty :)

  54. Those look so good!

    And I love your new masthead – it looks faboulous!

  55. Berries are my favorite thing about the warm weather. Beautiful new header!

  56. These look AMAZING. I love any kind of berry; they bring back memories of picking in my grandparents’ raspberry fields on the farm!
    And loving the new header!
    xxoo Josie

  57. I love the new header for your blog! So cute!

    It’s rainy here in Colorado, so those fresh berries are making me long for summer days!

  58. I am so excited for berry season! It’s a magical time of year.

  59. Gorgeous new header, Jo!! Love it!

  60. Yum! Oh, makes me long for summer!

  61. yum. i had blackberry, starberries and granola for breakfast. so refreshing!

  62. Love the new header!! So cute :)
    (And yum…those berries look so delicious!!)

  63. i can’t wait for strawberries to be in season, british strawberries are the best!

  64. I’ve been a berry addict as of late. Very delicious. I even experimented with a blueberry pomegranate yogurt from Yoplait and it made my day.

  65. Well, good morning, pretty new banner!

  66. i used to pick raspberries with my grandma every summer on her farm. i miss those days.

  67. o yum. cannot wait for berry season!

    ps nice banner. :)

  68. Love the image I can taste the berries! Joanna come and see my latest!

    Art by Karena

  69. warm weather fruits are the best – berries, peaches, watermelon. yum.
    i like your new banner too, looks great!

  70. I’ve been craving some good berries lately! I’ll have to go get some soon. I found a great recipe for this wild berry frozen yogurt – I’ll have to find it and post about it soon!


  71. so pretty! i used to love berry picking with my mom every summer. i need to check the guide and find someplace around st. louis!

  72. mmm! I’ve been buying all kinds of berries from the farmer’s market lately.

  73. Mmm they look so good. I wish we had them in campus cafeterias.

  74. Blueberries down in South Florida are almost $6.50 a pint right now! I noticed they just hit the shelves yesterday- but buyer beware ladies, the packaging stated they were from a farm in Hammonton, NJ aka the blueberry capital of the world & where most come from. Almost my entire family lives there so I gave them a call from the grocery store before purchasing- #1 they had never heard of the farm, and more importantly,#2- No farms are picking up there right now! None! So don’t buy them thinking they’re fresh, for at least a month from now.

  75. Love the new header!! An those berries look delicious….

  76. oh heavens… i could really use those this morning!

  77. The new header is fabulous! Love it!

  78. Delish, great with greek yoghurt!

    Love the new header!! Too cute :)

  79. They LOOK delicious, but sometimes they LIE!

    I often buy beautiful blueberries, only to discover that they’re so SOUR INSIDE!

    Ohhh you really can’t judge anything by appearance these days..

  80. i have berries, soymilk and a banana mixed together for breakfast every morning. These look lovely. xx

  81. If you’re craving berries, here’s a wonderful little sweet snack- Fill a bowl with blackberries, blueberries, sliced bananas & strawberries, and top it with a little heavy cream. It’s like fruit cereal :) My Mom used to make it for me for breakfast when I was little. It’s also a nice little dessert for guests.

  82. I didn’t have breakfast morning so these look delicious! I love berries! Berry picking is one of my favorite things to do when I go to Conneticut!!

    Cute new banner!!!

  83. yes, nothing better than berry picking + blueberry-stained fingers :)

  84. maggie says...


  85. absolutely scrumptious!