Belly Shots

Last night, my brother and I went for a bike ride, and I roped him into taking a few belly shots. I’m just over 33 weeks (about 7 1/2 months), and I’m so excited to see our baby boy’s teeny face in less than two months! I’m so curious about what he’ll look like (and if he’ll still resemble a Dr. Seuss character). I have to admit, though, I’m getting a little nervous about the actual birth. I alternate between being super calm and being slightly panicky. It makes me feel better that so many mothers have done it before. When I walk around New York, I catch myself staring at strangers and thinking, “You were born, and you were born, and you were born.”

Anyway, thank you, as always, for following along! It’s such a pleasure to share everything with you. xo

P.S. Past belly shots.

(Big thanks to Nick for taking the photos)

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  3. You’re a sweetie.

  4. so so lovely belly !! :)
    I’m Su from So Happy Kids blog, have a look if you have time, you may loke/love the things I speak about.
    And If you love SoHK, my tiny little 3rd baby ;), it could be really kind if you say a little word about it on your blog …
    have a nice day and enjoy your pregnancy, time flies so quickly … xx

  5. Anonymous says...

    I remember going home with my first, seeing people walking, and thinking the same thing you did. I suddenly had a lot of respect for all those moms.

  6. so cute! i just had to chime in to say that when i was preggers, i thought the very same thing when passing strangers on the street and on the subway, i used to like to try to picture everyone as a baby.

    you’ll do great! congratulations!

  7. So cute! Adorable! ;) :o)

  8. hope i look as gorgeous as you when im pregnant!! So cute.

  9. Don’t be scared of the birth Jo – both mine were great and most are. You’re in very good hands these days, births are managed so well. I’m very excited for you, you’re about to experience the most incredible love. I couldn’t sleep all night after my first, I was so happy. Good luck! Rachaelxx

  10. Can you get any cuter?! The belly is adorable and I think it’s amazing you’re biking about at 7.5 mths.

    When I was pregnant with my first I kept anaylsing the circumference of babys heads, feeling especially impressed if the mothers were petite. I also used to analyse the expressions on new mothers’ faces, and would always be pleasantly surprised to see them smiling and happy and walking about. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking beforehand..

    Very excited for you both!

  11. You’re beautiful!!! Can’t wait to see him too! I just found out today that I am having a boy as well, come September and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a good time. I can’t imagine giving birth either, but you know it just happens!

  12. Joanna, you are so beautiful! You are looking so tiny and your little baby bump is darling! I love your wire basket! You are just glowing and radiating with pure happiness!

  13. “You were born, and you were born, and you were born.”

    I’m not even pregnant yet and I run that same scenario in my head too!

  14. You are just the cutest pregnant lady! So happy for you. xo

  15. Suzanne says...

    I was nervous about giving birth, but I found that as the date got closer the less nervous I became. Really, I’ve had worse visits to the dentist, it was a piece of cake. Drugs also help. :)

  16. You look so pretty Joanna!

  17. You look fantastic and are truly inspiring to women everywhere! Best wishes from Sweden!

  18. oh my gosh you are TOO cute

  19. my helmet is in the bushes behind me, along with my bike lock, water bottle, and jacket. no worries there!

  20. Anonymous says...

    biking this late is great! but where is your HELMET??

  21. You are just a tiny prego lady! I hope I will look that good one day being prego.

  22. Jo, you look so beautiful, pregnancy definitely suits you.
    I can’t believe you are still in jeans! Please tell me they are maternity jeans!

    I hope I look as wonderful as you do at 33 wks (currently 16!)

    Gill x

  23. you look so happy – and what a cute bump :-) It is the most amazing adventure you are at the beginning at :-)

  24. You are so tiny!

    Pregnancy looks good on you

    dont worry about the birth just catch upi on your sleep now because once baby is gone sleep becomes a distant memory LOL I should know mine are 10 mths and I forgot what sleep is the dark circles under my eyes are ridiculous

  25. Glenda says...

    You look great and your hair is so long! You will do just fine. Just listen to the coach :) and try to stay calm and relaxed. That will help you a lot! For my first I was petrified. I did just fine.

  26. You look simply lovely, Joanna! The BIG day isn’t too far away!

    Any names picked out yet?

  27. wow…so beautiful! Your brother did great!and you look happy

  28. You are definitely THE most adorable mom-to-be out there. You make pregnancy look easy and so cute. Loving the red shoes, the bike…and the belly! Your little guy is one lucky dude.

  29. What great pictures! Just stumbled on your blog and I’m 6 and a half months. With some nice weather in Portland, OR (my hometown) this weekend, I am looking forward to a bike ride. Thanks again!

  30. thanks for these lovely comments and pep talks! so many great words of wisdom!! xo

  31. You look great! I love following along knowing that we’re due at just the same time! I recently had the same birth freak-out. Even changed my doctors and wrote about it here: After writing that, every other mom I know emailed/called/reached out to me to let me know it happened to them, too.

    And I remind myself that everyone was born, too. And another comfort: if Britney Spears could do it, so can I. Weird, maybe, but it helps. :)

  32. You are so lovely and positively glowing!! Your little guy is going to be such a proud little fella when he grows up, sees these pics and realizes that he’s the reason his mommy is smiling so brightly!!
    Two months…? How exciting!! :)

  33. You look amazing! The first thought that came into my head was “full of life”! Ha ha! That is exactly what you are, now isn’t it? And don’t worry too much, babies are very smart, he will tell you what he needs, all you have to do is listen. This picture also makes me wish I was in NYC riding my bike to a glass of wine at Taralucci i Vino in the East Village.

  34. you look fabulous! no reason to worry!
    your body will do all the right things to make your baby boy arrive on schedule and healthfully. it is pretty phenomenal what our bodies are made to do and how natural it all comes.
    good luck with everything and trust yourself to get yourself through it:)

  35. Joana says...

    Joanna, it’s my first comment in your blog! And, i want to tell you that you are so beautiful!

    You are a happy smile!



  36. You look great!!

  37. elena says...

    I gave birth. The labor is actually hard, you know, but you have to keep thinking that it’s going to end soon, and then it’s gone! and the reward is the most incredibly beautiful thing on earth, so it’s definitely worth while.

  38. I said it before, I’ll say it again. Pregnancy suits you! You’re glowing…great bike too :)

  39. Lovely! You look amazing :) cheerios to motherhood!

  40. Oh Joanna. I love the “you were born. you were born” … i get that sentiment so much and I’ve never been pregnant. It’s incredible to think that we were all living inside someone else for part of our lives. it blows. my. mind.

  41. Gorgeous Joanna.

    You know that you have the power to grow this perfect human being inside you for nine months (while riding a bike around NYC, at that!). Trust that you have the power to bring him into the world — because you absolutely do.

    I’ve had two babies and I still marvel that I am capable of pregnancy of childbirth! What a marvelous, glorious, magical, mystery. As women we are so lucky to be able to experience the miracle of bringing life into the world.

    Still, I know how scary it is to be where you are now, wondering how it will go, and that is SO OK ;) I have done the exact same thing, looking at people on the subway and noting that they all had to have been BORN. Motherhood is amazing, the way it gives you perspective.


  42. your blog makes me want to be a “blogger” you are legit blogger mom to be living the fab life in nyc. you are awesome and you have that prego happy glow lady look which makes me smile.



  43. This made my evening. You look so happy. And you’re going to do great!!!

  44. such an exciting time for you!! I remember feeling the same way as I approached that time period in my first pregnancy. Cherish each and every moment and really don’t think about the birth process, just think about seeing your baby and holding him :-)

  45. redfrizzz says...

    you look beautiful.
    Read Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth to ease anxiety about giving birth and fill in facts as to how it all works (and how unbelievable amazing your body is!)

  46. such fun pictures – you are so cute! i’m so excited for you!

  47. Anonymous says...

    ha ha ha! and then you get a kid like mine who says 100xs a day ‘member when i was bor-n’… so you see, your current repetition never really goes away.

    labor? yeah… it’s wild. you will love it and hate it and you will be brave and scared and you will go with it and you will fight it… but it in the end you will have the most beautiful and wonderful being in your arms… and then the parenting begins (and you will love it, hate it, you will be brave… you get the idea)

  48. you look adorable! And you can totally do it. I can’t believe it’s so soon :)

  49. If I were to ever be w/ child, I’d so wanna look like you! Too cute!c

  50. Erin says...

    When I was pregnant I would ride the subway at rush hour and look at all of the hundreds of people and remember that every single one of them was born. You can do it!!!!

  51. Aww so happy for you! You look wonderful.

  52. so darling! i love that you went on a brother, sister bike ride.

  53. You are looking so beautiful and happy! Thank you for sharing!

  54. Anonymous says...

    pregnant AND riding a bike…in the city!!?? is that kosher? be safe!!!!

  55. You look adorable and amazing for seven and a half months!

  56. well, you are stunning! congrats on the little boy. i, too, think about the fact that everyone was once born, and hence, many a birth has been accomplished by many a mom. you’ll be amazing. good luck!

  57. Wow Joanna! You are SO gorgeous – that pregnancy glow & baby bump looks stunning on you.

    These photos make me oh so happy!


  58. You are ALL belly! So lovely!

  59. I love your honesty. Thank God we were all born!

  60. You look so happy and relaxed! Thanks for sharing the pics – this made me smile!