Wednesday Giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from Simone Richmond, a wonderful jewelry designer from Vancouver. She’s offering her cumulus cloud necklace, which would be look adorable with a white T-shirt, a pretty braid, and a daydream. :)

For a chance to win, please visit Simone’s shop, and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck!

Update: Ashley Elizabeth is our lucky winner. Thanks for playing. xo

  1. Clouds are beautiful!

  2. Looks beautiful…

  3. Anonymous says...

    sweet,sweet,sweet! funny little cloud..reminds me of the a.a.milne illustrations. i like her work very much.

  4. love it! i would love to get the word “nine” engraved on it!

  5. Absolutely adorable! I would love to double this necklace up with a crystal teardrop necklace too.

  6. Juliet says...

    I love it, it’s so sweet! Thanks for offering another great contest! =)

  7. I love this! So simple and sweet.

  8. gorgeous!

  9. Everything is so whimsical :)

  10. What a sweet little necklace!

  11. oh that’s lovely! that makes me want to chop off my hair and ride my bike!

    spring spring spring.

  12. am i too late? hope not!

  13. hope I’m not too late for this giveaway. It’s an adorable charm…

  14. r says...

    I love it! But my daughter would love it even more!

  15. Vancouver is so the new Portland.

  16. love it.

  17. That’s adorable – hope I’m not too late!!

  18. Beautiful! I love the detail in Simone’s work, and the colors like seaglass.

  19. i love it. a great reminder to keep dreaming and walking with our heads in the clouds!

  20. Kristina says...

    Perfect necklace for a day like today (in NYC!) 70 and sunny :) Love her shop!

  21. Am I too late too late? Oh well. It’s uber cute!

  22. carrie sw says...

    so cute! perfect for our seattle weather!

  23. That is amazing! I love clouds!

  24. so simple and delicate. i like her bird necklaces too.

  25. heemmaa says...

    Delicate and Cute!

  26. Yes please!


  27. Oh my goodness…so cute I might have to buy even if I don’t win!

  28. Cute :)

  29. Jen says...

    That is an adorable necklace! I love it!

  30. i’d love to wear this necklace – even on sunny day’s!

  31. What a sweet little necklace!

  32. Laura says...

    How sweet!! This is really dreamy and lovely :) Although I really need to stop daydreaming at school so much, haha x

  33. Very sweet

  34. daydreaming, my favorite.

  35. It would make my head above the clouds! love it!

  36. laying in a field of the softest grass watching the clouds roll by with my honey… love this necklace!

  37. Love the cloud…love the collection!

  38. This would be perfect for our upcoming engagement shoot with Max Wanger!

  39. Adorable!

  40. what a sweet necklace. absolutely adorable!

  41. I love it! So cute.

  42. aaww, that little cloud looks so original and so lovely..

    she has an amazing shop indeed.. i lover her raindrop necklace and aquaenamelled soft quare earrings.. they are awesome..


  43. Mui bonita!

  44. Very cute

  45. i love simones line, and i heart her on etsy.
    please, please choose me for the giveaway. the cloud necklace would be my silver lining :)

  46. Julie says...

    That’s adorable!

  47. It’s lovely!

  48. Beautiful! I’m loving the little bird necklace!

  49. yes please!!!i adores this!!!!!

  50. Julie says...

    I am currently hiking in the Smokey’s right now and feel like I am constatnly in the clouds. This would be a perfect necklace for me to wear as a reminder of my trip! I love it!

  51. That’s lovely. I never win these things – sometimes I wonder why I even bother to comment. I guess there’s a ray of hope in me somewhere.

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  53. Love the daydreaming accessories!

  54. Sasha L says...

    This is so adorable! x x x

  55. Breanne says...

    Rain Rain go away but bring this cloud on over any day!

  56. Pretty! I also like the Raindrop necklace.

  57. That necklace is fantastic! I would love to own it! :)

  58. I love all the dainty jewelry you feature. This is too cute for words! What a fun necklace!!

  59. So simple! So beautiful!

  60. sweet! I’d lvoe to have one!

  61. this is adorable. makes me think of winnie-the-pooh singing ‘i’m just a little black rain cloud’.

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  63. I would love to mix the cloud with the raindrop. Gorgeous!

  64. What incredible jewelry! I love her wavy etched earrings.