1. i like these site. i was looking for someting like these
    interesting job keep on the good job

  2. What a statement! I’ve seen something similar in an eco-conscious reno to a 120-year old house in Toronto. The owners made a green wall that was larger and deeper (approximately 5ftx3ft) that not only functioned as an air filter that cleaned the air without batteries or a power supply, but also as a visibile remark about their eco-conscious position on home renovation and integration.

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  4. Love this! Will definitely check it out.

  5. great vertical garden – way beautiful

  6. Flora Grubb is the most fabulous nursery/shop. Went there for the first time last year and will most definitely be back as often as possible. I thought this celebration of succulents was genius! And about the only thing I can’t seem to kill. Heh.

  7. Great idea, how to bring a part of nature into our homes. If you live in a big city and you are for green you should have something like this. Hard to imagine but it can work. This vertical garden is not only a decorative accessory for your house or flat, it put a bit life and freshness into it. It doesn’t need much space and looks amazing. Thank you for this inspiring idea.

    Best regards,

  8. Just checked this out–interesting! Her shop is not too far from the high school where I teach, and more interestingly, is in the most underserved neighborhood in San Francisco. I’ll have to check it out.

  9. Oh is that her real name! Brilliant!

  10. ha! ive so been to the one in san fran :) my sis took me there for coffee. i took like a million pictures of it cause i was so in love with it! it was rad for sure.

  11. in my dream home i will have a large vertical garden wall.

  12. How cute is this!! Wonder how long it would last though…


  13. LOVE! reminds me of the SmogShoppe in LA :)

  14. Flora Grubb is an oasis away from home for me. Grab a coffee and sit in the garden. She is brillant!

  15. i love it, but how does it work?

  16. beautiful

  17. i WANT this. i’ve been inspired. i will create this, or something similar so that it is my own unique creation :)

  18. Very rad! My friend recently made a 2 foot x 2 foot version and it looks incredible!

  19. lovely! been a big fan of flora grubb for years now. a shop called candystore collective in sf has a vertical garden on the outside of their storefront, it looks wild, unexpected and beautiful.

  20. Very cool… How do you keep them from drying out so fast though?

  21. I’ve been lusting after a vertical garden for a while now but this one is one of my favorites. A kit would definitely make the whole thing much easier.


  22. Oh, I love vertical gardens! Thanks for sharing!

  23. A florist named Flora is rad.

  24. succulents are my favorite. i LOVE this!

  25. YES! YES! YES! Love her designs. She’s inspired a lot of the design for my wedding.

  26. I am so glad to be seeing GREEN again!!!

  27. Gorgeous! And doable for apartment dwellers like me! Is that her real name?! How fantastic is that!

  28. I love this idea. Yay for green things! I may have to start out with a smaller version though. Don’t know if I have the space or the money yet for such amazingness. Thanks for posting about this.

  29. Im thinking the wall art is very cool!

  30. How very brilliant Flora Grubb is, that garden is lovely (or rad, which ever) great post!

  31. So gorgeous. I would love to have one of these hanging somewhere!

  32. Rad for sure. Makes me excited that we’re heading into Springtime.

  33. Joanna — Get out! I didn’t go to TASIS, but Franklin, the teeny American college nearby. We always saw the TASIS kids about though and I wish I’d known about it and made my way to Lugano sooner! I have a feeling your brother and I would get along swimmingly. What a neat thing to do. I went to an all-girls Catholic boarding school in California in fact—an entirely different experience I assure you : ) Small world. Hope you had the chance to visit him in Switzerland!
    XO Katie

  34. Simply Gorg!

  35. Right after RAD you can say Awesome. Flora Grubb definitely is.

  36. There is a cafe in Hong Kong got such lovely garden wall as well

  37. obsessed with this concept!

  38. C says...

    Unbelievable! Makes me more eager to finally see Anthropologie’s plant wall in London!

  39. Those are totally rad!

  40. Fantastic! I’ve been a bit obsessed with living walls ever since I saw the amazing huge one which was installed in London’s Anthropology shop. I wonder if it would be that hard to re-create a mini one at home?

  41. Wonderful beyond. I love it and am ready for luscious greenery.

    Art by Karena

  42. definitely RAD! hope you’re soaking up the sun pool-side in california! xx, jane

  43. Hey you can do this at your house if you buy the woolly pockets.
    Check them out, they now have them at sprout home.

  44. Seriously, she is all kinds of awesome and her shop is total bliss. Love that place.

  45. Definitely rad! My workplace (which is a university) just installed a “living wall” which is a three-storey-high wall full of living plants that help filter the air.


  46. Very rad.

  47. Nice!! Way better than having big plants in a small apartment. :)

  48. I’m a huge fan of this. Have you seen that hotel in the UK, which has an entire exterior wall styled like that?

    So cool.

  49. Oh my goodness!! This is one of the best way to have greens in a small space – I would totally have something like this! So clever and unique!!!

  50. Wow so rad! How fun!

  51. RAD!!! Love them. I remember reading about Flora in Domino magazine back in the day. What a talent. XO

  52. Wow! That is so awesome– I’ve never seen anything like it before!

  53. definitely merits a “rad”! :)

  54. ohhh, i’m such a fan of succulents! they make me happy.

  55. LOVE THIS!! I´m going to check her site out now. Thanks for sharing. xo