1. As a retailer for Pashminas (Cashmere and Silk cashmere) scarves, I am always confused on what prints will be popular this season. Hope to get some inspiration and ideas from your readers. I got so many Animal print Pashminas and now some people say Animal prints are a passe. Florals and Tie Dyes are in the fashion….
    who decides what is in fashion… atleast I am interested in what will be in fashion in next 3 months :-))…. Please comment and help me and in return I will help you all (ateast that’s the hope)..

    Anu C

  2. What a way to mix seasons. It helps that her scarf is beautiful too. She simply looks fresh and gorgeous for spring.

  3. I love the spring scarf, I love that girl’s idea and I love the girl as well. I will buy a scarf for my girlfriend, I hope she looks so good as this girl

  4. I love these kind of scarves, have many of them in different colours. The red lipstick looks gorgeous with the flowers on the scarf and with her blond hair, lovely photo!

  5. s. says...

    gorgeous coat & scarf, gorgeous-er girl.

  6. That particular combo is very popular here in Holland. Dutch girls aren’t often spotted in in bulky, knit scarves, I’ve noticed. I’m American, so I rotate. haha

  7. love it! little bit of spring in the winter is always great.

  8. oh gosh i want that scarf!

  9. love the combo! and LOVE her red lipstick. i may just go and buy some.

  10. love it!!! i just bought a beeeaaautiful russian wool floral shawl from the ft greene flea this weekend for $5- i’ve been on the hunt for months- and now i can’t stop wearing it. xx

  11. fringy scarves are one of my favorites! hers is very beautiful.

  12. I’ve been doing this since January (picture here, although I am not as model-looking as this girl)! It really helps in winter.

  13. I have soooo many scarves, but always buy more if I see a beauty like this one!

  14. Beautiful! A pop of color is sure to brighten any dreary day.

  15. Oh yes, I adore the pairing as well. :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  16. mmm especially with that lipstick.

  17. I think red is my new favorite color! xoxo

  18. This is just the idea I had for GG the Cat this a.m. She’s wearing a shorter, similar version – a Russian folk scarf. (Yes, she is…I’ll hold her up to the Web camera if I must:)


    PS: I’m not kidding. She’s wearing a scarf for visitors to tea.

  19. so so pretty. i love the transition!

  20. I discovered your blog yesterday and may I say I couldn’t be happier. it’s amazing.

    Love the scarf, got myself a floral one from Zara in pinkish tone.

  21. Her lips totally add to the effect. And her hair blowing with the scarf.

  22. love the lips/scarf/hair…so pretty!

  23. I have that same scarf from Urban Outfitters. This photo definitely makes me want to dig all my floral scarves out.

  24. oooo yummy! I think I need one.

  25. so beautiful, I love it! and her lipstick is awesome! Is it Spring yet?! ;)

  26. Love that floral print, and gypsy fringe!

  27. Love the red lipstick too! I’m so ready for frilly, girly, floraly Spring!

  28. Love it, love it, love it. Perfect apparel for the first day of March in New York City. Thanks for the inspiration, Joanna darling.


  29. mmm. me too. can’t wait for spring!

  30. Love the winter gypsy style! :)

  31. Love that scarf. Adore the lip color! What a gorgeous lady :)

  32. Very pretty, I love that scarf as well! I must be addicted to scarves..just cant get enough of them!

  33. yes, they have pretty scarves at anthropologie and jcrew–such a welcome pop of spring.

  34. I’m banking this in The Bumpkin noggin, for a bit of spring, when the winter blues get me down.

  35. I love it!
    Her floral scarf is gorgeous. xxx

  36. Ooh, and pretty red lips too. Did you take this photograph? love it!

  37. I love unexpected pops of color, especially when it’s cold and dreary outside.

  38. maggie says...


  39. Anonymous says...

    And I love her red lipstick!