A Little Love Note.

Have you told bedtime stories lately? Pregnancy has made me super sleepy, and I’ve been conking out really early. So a little tradition has started, where Alex will put me to bed. After I brush my teeth, he’ll say, “Ready for bed, baby?” and then come into the bedroom, lie down next to me (and my maternity pillow) and tell me funny stories about his childhood, early days in New York or old friends. I don’t know how he comes up with them all (every single night!), but it’s so cozy falling asleep listening to his deep voice and trying to stay awake to hear the ending. I love you, Alex.

(Photo by Max Wanger)

  1. love.

  2. So sweet, Jo:) I have goose bumps. There are many tough things about pregnancy, but sleepy stories are certainly not one of them. You have a good guy there!

  3. So sweet. Just think, it won’t be too much longer until he’s telling bedtime stories to your little one! :)

  4. Aaaw you are so genuine and true, it’s beautiful! I love reading your blog, you inspire me!

  5. That is precious. :) What a good man.

  6. That is just the sweetest thing ever … sigh.

  7. The love between you both is something else. Love your love xx

  8. Real love is the sweetest thing ever. My love does the same thing, but without the pregnancy-thing ;) – when I’m feeling sick he tells me bedtime stories. I love it.

    Seems like you have a gem on your hands (and he as well) never let go! :)

    Have lots of fun with your pregnancy – both of you. And after the pregnancy you can tell bedtime stories to your little baby.


  9. Hi…I love your blog…and this picture looks absolutely stunning….Every bride should be captures in a special moment like this….

  10. You guys make me jealous!

  11. So sweet! I want an Alex!!

  12. Oh so sweet! You are awesome couple:)

  13. awesome! ditto what everyone else is saying! just too too stinkin sweet! :)

  14. So very sweet Joanna! I remember Alexi used to rush home from work in hopes of seeing me while I was still awake – many nights I passed out around 6pm when I was pregnant.

  15. Oh gosh, that’s so heartwarming! Love!

  16. Pretty soon you’ll be doing the same for your little one…mine is very much in the “tell me a story” phase…and it must include Ballerina Lila and Prince Charming…who are very good friends of course :)

  17. This made me smile out loud:)

  18. this is so sweet. Your relationship is an inspiration (and hope) to looking forward to being able to share these precious moments! again, so freaking sweet!

  19. This is one of the sweetest posts I’ve ever read!! What a wonderful way to fall asleep!

  20. Oh my gosh… SO cute.

  21. so completely precious.

  22. Angie says...

    How lovely to have someone so sweet in your life! I want one! Honestly I’ve been dreaming of a sweet man who will tell me bedtime stories…

  23. That sounds absolutely lovely. Remember when you were a kid and you’d cuddle up to your mom or dad’s chest because you were sleepy, maybe at a family gathering or something, and you’d fall asleep lulled by the vibrating sound of their voice?

    It’s one of the best things about being a kid, but the best part is, you can still do it as an adult!

    Have you been reading to your belly? I am just 4 months along but I started reading out loud to the halfpence, the first book I bought for him/her is “This Is London.”

    I rarely comment but I’ve been following your pregnancy in my Google Reader and it’s been so much fun, especially as someone expecting. Thanks for sharing :-)

  24. This was a really great post. Very sweet to read. xxo

  25. Wow, that is sooo sweet. Congratulations on a finding a good catch/dad/husband!

  26. I’d say how sweet this is, but it sounds like you’ve heard that more than a hundred times already. It’s really wonderful how you take care of one another. My dear Barry reads to me when I’m having trouble falling asleep. The content doesn’t matter (he can read articles from his mountain bike magazines for all I care). I, like you, am comforted by the sound of his deep voice next to me in bed.

  27. This is so sweet! My husband and I started the same tradition when I was pregnant. Two years later we still carry on… :)

  28. Awww can you imagine your baby is also listening to his voice and stories?? How incredibly sweet is that? You will be wonderful mommy and daddy!!!

  29. you paint such a beautiful picture of love. in both his actions and your words. brought joyful tears to my eyes, you all are going to be such tender and loving parents!

  30. That is so sweet!! I’m going to have to remember to tell The Fiance that when we start to have children! What a great guy! :)


  31. Smile, my husband tells me stories to help me fall asleep.. From McDonalds to Afghanistan, we’ve been everywhere. We are the lucky ones to have men that adore us so much, lovely photo.

  32. Alex is the man. My wife is going through the same thing in her pregnancy.She is asleep by 8pm.I gave her flowers the other day. Corey.

  33. Love this post so much I put it on my tumblr! I’m glad you have a sweetie to tuck you in! xox

  34. I love the picture of Leslie looking so happy in the background!

  35. Hi Joanna I’m a new reader,and I love your blog so much i read a year’s worth of post! Oh Wow that is so incredibly sweet! Imagine how it would be when both of you guys can read to your baby!

  36. aww. :] My fiance used to tell my belly a joke every nite while I was pregnant.. maybe that’s why my child is so funny. :]

  37. So cute!! You picked a good one, I’d say:)

  38. you guys are downright adorable.

    kiwi reads me pablo neruda poems when i have trouble falling asleep.

  39. oh i love bedtime stories. what a sweet tradition. you 2 will have so much fun reading to your little ones… Sometimes we read stories from hans christian andersen fairytales or children books i drag home frm the school library.

  40. Honestly I came home from school today in the worst mood and crying and this just cheered me up immensely.

  41. Incredibly romantic!
    My hubby must make up his stories, my ribs never stop aching.

  42. Ahh, make my heart swell! What a darling little insight into your life that you just shared. Sweet dreams.

  43. This is the BEST ever! EVER! You have a man of my dreams! My favorite thing is bedtime stories! Perfect post!

  44. So sweet! You guys are going to be such good parents!

  45. The sweetest thing!

  46. Aww I like to do this too. Inspired a post of my own! Thank you!

  47. that might be the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard! I always loved when my dad read my brother and I bedtime stories… so great that Alex is practicing on you before the baby arrives! :)

  48. That is so sweet. You are an amazing lady :)

  49. how sweetenjoy that before baby arrives!!!

  50. This is love. Touching to read. You are blessed.

  51. what a phenomenal hubby you have! i can only imagine how great he’ll be with your son. and that wedding photo….so gorgeous!

  52. How adorable. And to echo everyone else, what great parents you will both be!

  53. i really, really love hearing about a couple with such a beautiful love :) too much is written about breakups and hearing the fairytale is so refreshing! :)

  54. thanks for these cute comments :) amber, i LOVE the maternity pillow. i borrowed it from a friend and it has been a life-saver. it makes sleeping SO much more comfortable.

  55. This made me tear up a little bit! Y’all are super cute. xoxo.

  56. How did you two get so lucky to find each other?!? Your little man is going to be a very lucky baby too!

  57. So sweet. It sounds like a such an exciting time.

  58. that is so sweet. i love the picture! you are one lucky lady, last night my bf and i fell asleep watching LIFE. have you seen it on Discovery? it’s amazing!

  59. does Alex have friends like him? (single, of course)

  60. that is just the absolute sweetest thing i’ve ever heard!! you two are so fortunate to have one another…and one on the way :) couldn’t be happier for you!

  61. That’s so sweet! Alex is going to be a great Daddy, reading to the baby at night when he’s older. And you’re going to be a great Mommy too!

  62. This is the sweetest thing I’ve read! The baby will be off to a great start with parents who care so much for each other. And how I remember that pregnancy tiredness when all you want to do is sleep!

  63. So, sweet. Just think of the stories he will tell your little one when tucking him into bed.

    On a random side note, do you love you maternity pillow? I’m 20 weeks along with my 2nd baby and never used a maternity pillow in my 1st pregnancy (just woke up sore and needing to change positions a lot). I’m wondering if it’s worth the money to get one this time around. Would you say it makes a big difference???

  64. I love hearing my husband tell stories, especially to our kids. I’m sure Alex will be a great bedtime story teller when you have little ones (hopefully you won’t fall asleep during them like me!!). Does he talk to your belly a lot?

  65. Alice says...

    This is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard! My boyfriend makes up little stories for me when I’m sick but yours is so much better!

  66. When we worked opposite schedules, my fiance would tuck me in every night. It was a great time to recap the day and settle down for bed. Alex sounds ready for fatherhood!

  67. That is just about the sweetest thing!! Alex is obviously a lovely husband, and I think we can all see what an amazing dad he will be!! Thanks for sharing this moment with us, teary smiles all around!!

  68. That is just about the sweetest thing!!! Alex is obviously a lovely husband, and I think we can all see what an amazing dad he will make!! Thanks for sharing this little moment with us, teary smiles all around!

  69. Awww, that is just so sweet! He’s going to make an amazing dad, your story is absolutely proof of that!

  70. That is darling ~ thanks so much for sharing. Hearing things like this just makes me smile. =)
    XO Piper

  71. Lovely, just lovely. Sometimes I think no one in the world could be as happily married as I, or love their spouse as deeply as I, then I read things like this and I know I am not the only one. I’d love to hear one of his stories. Are you writing them down later?

  72. I love hearing about how you keep the sweetness and romance in your marriage–those little traditions make even the most difficult days worth it! Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  73. What a lovely little note. He’s a lucky man to have you and you’re a lucky gal to have him. Ohhh and your future little baby—the luckiest indeed! XO Katie

  74. Oh that is so sweet it gave me butterflies! How lovely!

  75. If only everyone was as lucky as you two…

  76. omg… this is so dreamy… how lucky you are darling! enjoy your pregnancy..


  77. This sure made me smile!

  78. That’s so touching, you sound like a lucky woman!

  79. such a nice love not. it’s the little things in life that matter. nice picture of both of you! i hope i’ll have such nice pictures too.

  80. Hi Jo

    Please could you tell me where I could pick up a husband like Alex?

    K x

  81. Too cute! That is such a sweet tradition, Joanna! My dad used to do that with me when I was younger, and it’s definitely a tradition I’d like to carry on with my children. Once your baby comes along, it would be so sweet if Alex did this!

  82. that´s so sweet! I´m sure you both will be excellent parents and show your child how to love and be loved!

  83. K says...

    Good Lord,
    You are making me tear up!

  84. Mo says...

    Aw, that is so cute. My fiance tucks me into bed most nights. He doesn’t tell me old stories because he can’t come up with it on the spot, but we do have conversations that help me drift off and I love it.

  85. that is so adorable, it makes my heart sing.

  86. Jo says...

    this made me tear up a little. you two will be awesome parents :)

  87. too adorable for words.

  88. That is as sweet as anyone could get!

  89. Anonymous says...

    sweetest post ever joanna!

  90. This is such an adorable story! Thanks for sharing- this made my day!

  91. Anonymous says...

    That maternity pillow looks so comfy! I want one! (Right now I use a pillow under my head and hug another one. :)

  92. That is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard! Your little baby is so lucky to be surrounded with such love! xo

  93. this makes my heart burst!

  94. this is such a cute love note.

    i hope my husband is that supportive when we are married with a child on the way :)

  95. Aww~ So sweet! I almost got teary eyed! Sounds like something out of a movie! ;) Ash

  96. That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. Lucky Girl!

  97. that is the most beautiful thing ever! I feel a little bit teary even! You are both so cute.

  98. This is so freaking cute.

  99. So so sweet. That positively melts my heart :)

  100. That is the loveliest thing I have heard! Thank your lucky stars, Jo!

  101. that is SO cute. i always ask simon to tell me stories when we’re lying in bed and he never gets further than “there was once a boy who met a girl” …

    kudos to alex! it must be the story-teller/writer in him. needless to say, i’m jealous :)
    p.s. love that photo.

  102. That is too cute! What a sweetie!

  103. Your husband is so sweet!

  104. some men are seriously wonderful.
    you are blessed.

  105. That is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. When I got the flu this past winter, all I wanted was for my husband to read to me. It was so comforting.

  106. this is the sweetest little story. :) you sound so happy!

  107. Talk about true love. That is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard. Best wishes to you dear & congratulations on finding such a wonderful man!

  108. That’s really very sweet. I love hearing about my boyfriend’s childhood and life-before-me, I want to know him so much it pulls my heartstrings.

  109. this brought tears to my eyes. i can’t wait to hear about the bedtime stories he’ll be telling your little boy in no time at all! x

  110. My boyfriend works til midnight on Sunday nights, so when he comes home I’m beyond ready for bed (but I always wait up for him) and he tucks me in like a little kid.

  111. that is the cutest. wait another month or two and then he can rub your feet while telling the sweet stories :)

  112. aww thats so sweet :)

  113. Oh wow. You guys will make great parents. Really, truly. :)

  114. such a cute tradition. i often make mu hubby tell me goodnight stories. it’s the best.

  115. How sweet and comforting. Sounds like he will be such a great father!

  116. maggie says...

    aw, he is going to be a great dad!

  117. What a sweetheart!

  118. Could that be any cuter? Finding out stories you don’t already know about your hubs is one of the sweet surprises in marriage. At least, I always feel that way. Lovely!

  119. ph says...

    That is amazing :) So sweet :)

  120. Sweet as pie! I know how you are feeling. I feel big as a house. My husband brings me coffee and breakfast every morning. It just helps me get out of bed and start my day with a little smile :)

  121. That is so sweet, and such a beautiful love note. You two are going to be such great parents!!