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  2. My fiance is 9 months pregnant and would totally agree… I will be forwarding it to her and cheer her up with this post – thanks!
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  3. I love it! Reminds me of the henna lipstick I got from Marrakech, which is surprisingly pink.

  4. Love that idea of dressing up clothes with lipstick – will look up recommendations. Nice blog, thanks.

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  6. Don’t worry about the yellow teeth aspect, I have the least white teeth on the planet (too scared to try whitener!!) and my teeth look fine in this lipstick. I went to Sephora and tried on a bunch, they all made me look yellow teeth, or too thick. This one is a gloss stick, applied with a brush, it has an earth undertone, which helps when trying to disguise less than perfect teeth :) Good Luck!

  7. It’s such a great, pick-me-up shade! I wish I could wear it too, but it just doesn’t work on me.

  8. I love bubble gum pink and this shade looks FAB on the gal here….Buyer beware: if one is not beautifully sunkissed with the perfect shade of glossy black hair…with crisp white shirt, might try a little more subtle tone. ( i know that’s not the idea of NEON PINK but you want those lips to be kissed still, right?) I love NARS roman holiday or the new laura mercier new lilac glace lipgloss…

  9. total hotness – I love it! How does she not look totally 80s?

  10. Yes that is lovely lippy! :)

  11. MAC has a great pink called ‘snob’, and it’s matte which makes less gobbery glossy that isn’t the right look for a bold pink.. I splash it on every once in a while when I’m feeling especially girly. Although, the girl in the photo is wearing it exceptionally well..


    Good luck!


  12. wow – and that girl wears it really well!

  13. Awww thanks :) This lipstick is actually from Linda Mason Elements in Soho :) Here is the website:

    Don’t worry about the yellow teeth aspect, I have the least white teeth on the planet (too scared to try whitener!!) and my teeth look fine in this lipstick. I went to Sephora and tried on a bunch, they all made me look yellow teeth, or too thick. This one is a gloss stick, applied with a brush, it has an earth undertone, which helps when trying to disguise less than perfect teeth :) Good Luck!

  14. A terrific spring and summer time shade of lipstick. I love it, looks great!

  15. I feel like the new Viva Glam Lady Gaga lipstick that is launching this month at MAC Cosmetics is very similar to that colour. Plus 100% of the proceeds goes to the MAC Aids Fund.

  16. Love it! I too am preggers and wear plain white button down shirts pretty often, so I dress it up with red lipstick! You’ll have to show us a picture of your neon pink! Good luck!

    Happy Weekend!!

  17. you’ve inspired me. i’m getting this lipstick or something close to it!

  18. this color looks like snob by mac or ysl #24.

    i have to wear all black to work so different colored lipsticks are my favorite.

    i always go back to mac’s impassioned though. it’s matte and i love matte lipsticks.

  19. Mo says...

    Wow. I like it! Especially with the black and white attire.

  20. p.s. the one at the Body Shop has good blue undertones–yellow teeth be gone!

  21. oh my gosh! I’m wearing that SAME color lipstick today! But I found it at the Body Shop–it’s really moisturizing and can be subtle or really bright depending on application…love it. I think it’s just the right thing for the gloomy weather we’ve had lately.

  22. Yeah, I’ve been wearing long sleeved black shirts all week as well. I dress up with scarves instead of the lipstick. And though I won’t be able to see my toes for much longer if my belly keeps growing that rapidly, I will keep putting on red nail varnish.

  23. Love this colour lipstick! It’s very similar to a MAC one I have – Angel A57 (frost). You should definately try it :-)

  24. I love it! Lipstick always brightens everyones face! How cheerful

  25. Glenda (GLSD) says...

    cute. i always feel that if i add a lil bronzer and lip gloss i feel good and not blah… a lil color goes a long way :D have a great weekend Joanna.

  26. That IS really fun!! I’m venturing into the bright red territory. : )

  27. Ooh I kind of like the neon pink but I don’t know if I can pull it off!

  28. Um, I think I had that exact shade in Jr. High.

  29. Yay Heart Charlie! Love her blog and she’s so nice. Asians can really pull of hot colors like that.

  30. That’s so funny…I posted about lipstick today, too! Katy Perry was a guest judge on American Idol last week and wore a bright pink lipstick with rosy cheeks. She is one of those rare people that I think can pull off any look, but I absolutely loved it. I’m too chicken to try something like that so I’ll just admire it from afar!

  31. Mickey says...

    NOOoooooo! I fell prey to neon pink lipstick when I was pregnant and trying to “brighten up” my look – I think sometimes it’s easy to lose perspective – just make sure you have a good friend to tell you straight up if it works or NOT – and perhaps opt for a BRIGHTER scarf and a MELLOWER lip color!

  32. It looks like a gold-leafed oyster! How fun!

  33. yes. yes, yes, yes. that lipstick is H-O-T-T. get thee to a sephora stat.

    congrats on the pregnancy! i’m a first-time visitor here–when are you due?

    hope you’re having a nice friday. :)

    with love from pittsburgh,

  34. I always try to do the lipstick thing, but my boyfriend always says ” your lips are already a pretty color”. I think he just doesn’t like heading to work with a hint of my lipstick on him :)

  35. pretty color!!! im trying to get into wearingcolor on my lips i usually go neutral…

  36. I’m LOVING all the peachy, pink-y lip colors right now!

    I’ve got a hot pink lipstick that you have inspired me to start rockin’ again!



  37. Very chic! I love colored lipsticks!

  38. Confession: I used to looove that shade when I was a teen! I still do, too.

  39. Love the lipstick. I wish I could pull off something like that.

  40. She’s so cute!

  41. Yeah – that lipstick is great! I know that Mac makes one really similar, so you could start there!

  42. I’ve been getting brave with lipstick lately too! Pop colors on lips are just so fun, and like you said, they look great with black and white combos. You’ve probably got it down, but just in case you want to play at Sephora (which is just so fun!!), I love my NARS pink lipstick in SCHIAP! Have fun finding that perfect pink :)

  43. Ooh, I love that color!! Maybe I’ll be bold enough one day to try it :)

  44. I miss Sephora so much! I’m going to France in April and will definitely be stocking up on eyeshadow that I most certainly do not need!

  45. i am majorly into lipstick and especially pink lipstick this season. try the dita von teese bright pink (even tho i think shes stupid but the shade is right) or the sephora brand of lipstick – so moisturizing!

  46. very nice! please share some pictures if you end up getting it. :)

  47. Pretty in Pink!!

    Have a wonderful weekend ~~

    xoxo Laura

  48. Good choice! happy friday!smiles.

  49. NARS makes an amazing Cotton Candy pink lipstick that looks super similar to the one in the picture. It’s super flattering and super fun! Definitely worth trying it out!

  50. ooh, thank you lou! and interesting about the yellow teeth, eeks! i will have to watch out for that.

  51. Rouge Dior Replenishing Lipcolor is at sephora and I have the “pink preview” color that looks exactly like the color in that photo, if that is the one you are looking for.

  52. LOVE it! I’ve worn a similar shade before but it resulted in strange looks from my friends & family along with a few “um, okay what’s up with that lipstick?”

    *SIGH* if they only understood STYLE!

    I hope your experience with it is fabulous Jo!!

  53. I was just going to say the thing about yellow teeth. That being said already, go for it. But I usually depend on the kindness of makeup artiste friends for samples OR track down something at the drugstore. L’Oreal & Revlon have some good new stuff. There’s even a coupon for L’Oreal lately. Just thinking. If you cannot stand it & want to go for it, I have a Shiseido bright pink called Doll (oy). Again, it was a gift…

    You’ll look cute. Stay warm. The two feet+ of snow has just started down here in DC.


    Susan & GG

  54. ooh pretty! love love and it’s not “too much” …perfect

  55. I LOVE that color lipstick. If you find something similar, PLEASE LET US KNOW. I have tried many times unsuccessfuly to find a similar hue. It never ends up pink enough.

  56. It looks really cute, but I find that pink lipstick makes my teeth look more yellow, no? Or maybe I should just get my teeth whitened. ha.

  57. Anonymous says...

    Me Likey….it reminds me of summer and how much I miss it.