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  18. This picture is very cute! Great new desktop background to make me smile! :-D

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  20. Aw, this makes me happy! That family is adorable.

  21. Anonymous says...

    wow what a clever idea :D
    it would have been hilarious if there was a milkman or something with a spotted shirt and the little boy had a spotted with vertical lines shirt XD

  22. Google Reader just offered me this post as a recommendation based on my other feeds… and I have to say that it quickly put a smile on my grumpy Monday morning face. The perfect title for a very cute picture. Thank you. :-)

  23. Hey ! this is a pic taken in Deauville, my hometown in France! how incredible ! (I can totally recognise this beach where I use to spend hours and hours) and nice thought too ;)

  24. Anonymous says...

    Great image!

  25. Awesome. Just awesome.

  26. Very cute! This made me laugh!

  27. How sweet! It’s like Abbey’s holiday card!

  28. am i always in awe of your stumbling across such gorgeous pictures. =)

  29. I love this!!! Great caption too :-)

  30. Oh that’s fantastic, and my degree is BSc(Molecular Biology and GENETICS) !!

    I’ll be sharing it around our lab for sure.

  31. Anonymous says...

    Braids like these are gorgeous!!!!!!! What long hair!

  32. Ah. Sweet & cheeky.

  33. haha oh wow, i love this!

  34. Horizontal plus vertical equals a grid. Where did you find this picture? it’s funny and well just too cute!

    A Mexican Chica living in Europe

  35. too clever!! love it

  36. that is adorable!! (and probably very true)

  37. ha ha this is too adorable!

  38. so clever and cute. almost makes me want to have a baby. *almost* definitely makes me crave summer. :)

  39. Aw this photo makes me so happy!

    P.S. Your baby bump is as cute as can be, Jo.


  40. such a great photo!

  41. hehe this made me smile… love it!

  42. love it

  43. Thats an adorable picture :)

  44. omg! that is darling!

  45. this is adorable!

  46. This would make such a great poster! Love it.

  47. if only i could have seen this picture before taking a year’s worth of third year genetics in university… it would have saved me a lot of agony when studying for the exams!

  48. haha funny and oh so true!! No matter how hard I try… I’m definitely turning into my mother! Good thing she is fabulous with a huge heart. But I’m turning into a neutral obsessed woman. What’s up with that??


  49. So funny and cute!

  50. that’s so cute :-)

  51. I love the kid’s swimsuit bottom. Adorable.

  52. Cutest damn thing I’ve seen in a while. This photo makes me feel like it’s Friday.

  53. Hahahaha. Even my mom laughed at this.

  54. This made me say “aww” out loud!

  55. genius post title, you clever, clever girl! ;)

  56. Pictures really are worth a thousand words. I’d call this “cross breed” :)

  57. haha that’s hilarious! really good! very sweet picture too.

  58. spot on.

  59. so funny & so cute… love the idea of recreating this for a baby announcement. Thanks for sharing!

  60. Yep, that picture sums it up! :)

  61. this just made my liffee(:

  62. this is just so adorable. visual perfection.

  63. What a great picture!

  64. Anonymous says...

    oh my gosh. that is adorable!

  65. That totally made me laugh :) great way to start the day!

  66. HA! Thanks for making me smile this morning!

  67. haha love it!!

  68. and the most interesting is that the new pattern is not just a simple mix. It takes the horizontal fat stripes from the dad and the vertical thin stripes from the mom and turns it into fat vertical stripes and thin horizontal ones…

    Just like nature…

  69. Ohh too cute. Your baby will wear gingham shirts alllll the time.

  70. Clever girl.

  71. Haha… I saw the title of this post and was expecting to see a Punnett square. This picture is way cuter though!!

  72. This photo made me laugh!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Caroline of Red Glasses

  73. Cutest photo I have seen all week. ♥

  74. Must admit it took two or three looks before I got the stripes- into-grid thing. I’m a little slow. Must be my genetic makeup.;o)

  75. This just made my day. Thank you!

  76. brilliant!

  77. That’s the best!

  78. adorable! Love the stripes… makes me yearn for spring a bit…

  79. That is so adorable and way simpler than high school science class

  80. Okay that took me a second! Very sweet image! Marija

  81. HAHHAAa I love this so much! It also reallllllllly terrifies me! LOL!

  82. Anonymous says...

    This is so cute!

  83. love! this is so adorable.

  84. It’s all in the graphic!
    great visual communication Joanna~

  85. HAHA! This is too cute!

  86. oh this is completely adorable!

  87. That photo it just too cute! Isn’t that little crosshatch shirt on their kid adorable?

  88. the picture is so cute!! :)